Telepathy Telekinesis And Clairvoyance

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There are many "types" of vibrations, ot it would be more accurate to say that Universal vibrations have an infinite number of characteristics, and it is these characteristics that influence us; often profoundly.

I receive alot of message about such diverse areas as telepathy, telekinesis and clairvoyance, but in reality these are all closely related; by vibration.

Psychic influence is vibration whether deliberate or not, conscious or subconscious. Personal magnetism is vibration on a more personal level. Most importantly The Law of Attraction is vibration. Of course when we talk about "vibration" we mean of Universal Energy.

So all of these things whether telekinesis, telepathy, The Law of Attraction are all characteristics of Universal Energy and further of balance. The Universe always seeks balance and harmony. If it did not do so the Universe would collapse in an instant. The very highest vibration of all, the sustaining vibration, is Unconditional Love, which is a whole subject of its own. Suffice it to say for now that Unconditional Love is very real and very powerful, and not some "Mystical" or "New Age" doctrine, even though, like many things it gets confused.

In the case of The Law of Attraction we attract the same vibrations that we vibrate by means of thought; so if we vibrate a new house it will manifest into our experiential reality as the Universe brings about harmony.

But what of these more "metaphysical" abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis and clairvoyance?

One thing we should note from the outset is that our physical brain has an "interface" which translate Energy produced at a physical level to Energy at the Spiritual level. The intermediary for this is our Energy body and "Chakras" which act as "step up" or "step down" transformers so that the much higher vibrations of the Universe can be stepped down to the physical level where they can be deployed.

One of the most important of the "Chakras" or Energy "centers" is the brow chakra also known as the "third eye".

Over the course of millions of years the brow chakra has become atrophied in "modern man", but is still much larger in more remote cultures and other beings such as "cats" which is why they are considerably more "psychic".

So today we will take a closer look at this important gland in relation to telepathy and in particular clairvoyance.

The pineal gland is a peculiar mass of nervous substance which is embedded in the human brain, in a position near the middle of the skull almost directly above the extreme top of the spinal column. It is shaped like a small cone; and is of a reddish-gray color. It lies in front of the cerebellum, and is attached to the floor of the third ventricle of the brain. It contains a small quantity of peculiar particles of gritty, sand-like substance, which are sometimes called "brain-sand." It derives its scientific name from its shape, which, as I have said, resembles a pine-cone.

Physiologists cannot agree about the function of this strange organ, and generally content themselves with the statement that "its functions are not understood." But occultists know that the pineal gland, with its peculiar arrangement of nerve-cell corpuscles, and its tiny grains of "brain-sand," is the physical telepathic receiving instrument. Students of wireless telegraphy have noticed a startling resemblance between the pineal gland and a part of the receiving instrument employed in the old practice of wireless telegraphy.

The thought vibrations coming in contact with the nervous system of the receiving person, set up a particular vibration in the substance of the pineal gland and thus the first step in the transformation of these vibrations into thought-forms in the mind of the person is under way. The remainder of the process is too technical, both in the physiological as well as in the occult sense, to be discussed in great detail within this newsletter.

And, now then, let us see what results from the sending forth and receiving of these mental and emotional waves of force and energy.

Each person is constantly surrounded with what has been called an "atmosphere" composed of mental and emotional vibrations which are emanated from his personality. This "atmosphere" is also known as the Aura".

The atmosphere or Aura of each person depends upon the general character of the thoughts and feelings of the person in question. Consequently, as no two persons are precisely alike in character, it follows that no two personal atmospheres are exactly alike. Each person has a psychic atmosphere of his or her own.

These atmospheric vibrations do not extend very far from the presence of the person, and, consequently affect only those coming near to him.

In the same way, every group or crowd of persons has its own psychic atmosphere, composed of a blending of the individual psychic atmospheres of the persons composing the crowd, group or assemblage, and representing the general average of the thought and feelings of the crowd. There are no two group atmospheres exactly alike, for the reason that no two groups of persons, large or small, are exactly alike.

Actors know for example that each audience which they face has its own psychic atmosphere, and the actors are affected by it.

Preachers, lawyers, and speakers in general are quite aware of this fact, and freely admit it, though they may not be acquainted with the causes or laws governing this particular "psychic phenomena".

Following the same psychic law, it will be found that every town or large city, or even every small village or section of a larger town, will be found to have its own distinctive psychic atmosphere, which is very perceptible to strangers visiting the place, and which affect those who take up their residence in the same area.

In large cities, it has been noticed that every building has its own peculiar vibrations which arise from the general character of those living there. Different church buildings likewise reflect the character of the general habits of thought and feeling of those worshipping in them. Likewise, certain business streets have pleasant or unpleasant vibrations in their atmosphere, from the same causes which is the reason why some "locations" are very successful for business and some are disastrous and the businesses invariably fail.

The same is true of individual shop units whereby every business that sets of store there will fail, whereby a similar business just down the road will prosper.

Every person recognizes the truth of these statements, though but few are able to account for the facts in a metaphysical manner.

The beginner in the study of psychic phenomena often asks how these things can be, when the thought which has occasioned the vibrations have long since passed away. The explanation is simple, when properly explained. It is something like this: just as heat remains in a room after the stove has ceased to throw out heat-waves, so do the vibrations of thought and feeling persist long after the thought or feeling has died away. Or, if you prefer a more material illustration, we may say that if a package of perfumery has been opened in a room, and then removed, the air will remain charged with the odor for a long time afterwards.

So, you see, the same principle applies in the case of psychic vibrations. The person carries around with him the general atmosphere of his characteristic mental and emotional vibrations. And, in the same way, the house, store, church, street, town, or city, etc., is permeated with the psychic vibrations of those who have frequented them. Nearly every one realizes the different feeling that impresses him when he enters a strange house, apartment, store or church. Each one has its own difference of psychic effect. And, so does each person create his or her psychic effect upon those coming in contact with him or her, or who comes into his or her presence or vicinity.

Another question asked is this:

If people are constantly sending out psychic vibrations, and if such vibrations persist for some time, why are we not overwhelmed with the force of them; and why are they not all so mixed up as to lose all their effect?

In the first place, though we are constantly affected more or less by the multitude of psychic vibrations beating upon us, still the greater part of them do not consciously impress us.

For an example, we have but to consider how few of the sounds or sights of a busy street are impressed upon our consciousness. We hear and see only a few of the things which attract our attention and interest. The rest are lost to us, although our eyes and ears receive them all.

In the same way, we are impressed only by the stronger vibrations which reach us, and then only by those which we have attracted to ourselves, or which prove attractive to us by reason of our own likes and dislikes.

In the second place, the effect of certain thought vibrations is neutralized by the effect of the vibrations of thoughts of an opposite character. Just as a mixture of black and white produces the neutral color of grey, so do two currents of opposing thought vibrations tend to resolve themselves into a neutral vibration which has little or no effect upon those coming in contact with them. You may think of numerous correspondences to this in the world of material things. For instance, a mixture of very hot and very cold water, will produce a neutral lukewarm liquid, neither hot nor cold. In the same way, two things of opposing taste characteristics, when blended, will produce a neutral taste having but little effect upon one.

The principle is universal, and is all about Energy and Vibration, which in turn are aspects of telepathy, telekinesis and clairvoyance.

There is that which we may call an "affinity" between thoughts and feelings of a similar character. Not only do the vibrations of similar thoughts tend to coalesce and combine; but, more than this, each one of us attracts to himself or herself the thought vibrations which are in general accord with corresponding thoughts in our own minds, or feelings in our own nature. Like attracts like. In the same way, the character of our thoughts and feelings act to repel thought or emotional vibrations of an opposite or inharmonious nature.

So again, at all levels we attract thought vibrations in harmony with his or her own; and also repels thought vibrations of an inharmonious nature in accordance with The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction does not only relate to attracting "things", but also people and situations by induction.

These are the general laws and principles governing the phenomena of this phase of telepathic vibrations. There is much more to be said on the subject, of course but these will need to wait for another week or even a complete work on these important subjects.

The most important facts to keep in mind however is that the Law of Attraction is Universal and immutable within the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresence of The Universal principle, or "God" in Whom we live and move and have our Being and Who gave us numerous natural abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis and clairvoyance.

Everything is about Energy and Vibration and how we influence and interact with Energy. The "things", money and health we experience, the people we attract and communicate with at all levels are all about Energy and Vibration, and once we understand this and how Energy is influenced by thought, we know that if we "change our mind, we can change our life.

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