Telepathy Or The Ability Of Thought Transfer

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Telepathy may be defined as the transference of thoughts from the Mind of one person to the Mind of another person, or several other people, usually subconsciously, but in the case of those with high telepathic abilities can also be intentional. Telepathy often occurs spontaneously whereby a person might suddenly receive a “thought” from someone standing nearby, and might even respond to that though verbally much to the surprise of the originator of the thought. This happens much more often than people might realise, but very often such received thoughts are dismissed as a “figment of the imagination” originating in the Mind of the person who “received” the thought.

There are people who can communicate telepathically over great distances and with complete accuracy. Space and time are no barriers to telepathy, as the communication process is taking place upon the Mental Plane beyond the confines of space and time, and is therefore instantaneous, being a projection of Energy in the form of vibration.

Although telepathy is an ability that can be learned, there are people who inherently exhibit a very high level of telepathic ability, as sometimes happens in the case of identical twins for example. It should be noted that when a person passes from this world at the time of physical death, all communication in the inner spheres of life, the Astral and Spirit worlds takes place by means of telepathy, in other words by thought transference in the form of words, images and symbols. In the level of the Astral planes where most people arrive after physical “death”, communication is almost the same as telepathic communication would be on the physical plane, but as a person progresses to the inner planes of life, telepathic communication becomes much more sophisticated and “compressed” so that vast amounts of information can be transferred between two or more beings almost instantly as “packets” of communication. This is a subject for discussion later in this book, but such communication in the inner planes is almost entirely symbolic, a sort of “picture language”, and therefore “language” in the form of words simply does not apply. Likewise, languages spoken in the physical world are not relevant, and are no barrier to communications in the inner spheres of life.

Everyone in the Astral and inner worlds can therefore communicate regardless of the country or even planet from which they originated. Among humans still living on Earth, the physical plane, telepathy can be much more subtle than the transfer of words or even sentences, and people can, and frequently do influence each other at a much more subconscious level. For example when a person is in a good mood, that mood can be transferred to people around him or her, or even at a great distance. Whole crowds of people can influence each other in this way, and it can often be noted that whole families or groups of office workers might be feeling happy or depressed at exactly the same time, or any one of a number of other states of Mind. This is a more subtle but nevertheless important aspect of telepathy, where emotions are being transmitted rather than intentional communications.

So how exactly does telepathy work? There are several laws in operation here conforming in particular to the great Universal Laws of Mentalism and Correspondence. We already know from the principle of Mentalism the entire Universe is mental in nature, being infinite Mind and Consciousness, with everyone being a seamless part of the whole. An infinite possible number of direct lines of communication are therefore possible. It should be noted at this point that as thought transference is a mental process, it takes place between the Minds of two or more people upon the Mental plane. From the Mental plane a thought is then transmitted to the Astral Body through the Mental matrix, and finally to the physical human Mind through the Astral matrix where it is interpreted in the form of native language. Again, these communications are still Energy that is vibrating, transmitted and subsequently received by one or more people who are “in tune” with the same Energy vibrations.

This then is a brief overview of the inner workings of telepathy. Everyone will routinely communicate in this manner upon departing the physical world and entering the Astral and later Spirit worlds. It is also quite likely however that as the human race further evolves, telepathy will become increasingly more common as a means of communication in the physical level of the Earth life system as well.

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