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I receive numerous messages every week regarding the question of the differences and significance in practical terms between the conscious and Subconscious Mind.

The first thing we should always know beyond any doubt is that the entire Universe and everything within the Universe at all levels, all dimensions and all manifestations is "Mind". Everything, without exception is a manifestation of the supreme Mind of The Source, The First Cause, of "God". This Mind is infinite, conscious, intelligent, Energy, often known simply as "Spirit".

As human beings we are individuations of Spirit, this Infinite Mind of "God" through which "God" experiences and thereby evolves and expands. The entire Universe is in a perpetual state of expansion and evolution. It is important to keep in Mind however that although we are "individuations" of The Source, i.e. individuated Energy configurations within the Universal Energy field, we are also still integral aspects of this Energy field and therefore of God; there is no separatedness in the Universe; everything is one.

In order to understand this better we only need look at quantum physics which is discussed in considerable detail in Our Ultimate Reality for this very reason.

Because the Universe is infinite intelligence of which we are all integral aspects, Quanta of Energy are influenced by the Mind; thought also being pure Energy. Whenever you look at a "possession" such as a house, a car, a television set, they are in fact nothing more or less than an arrangement of Energy, or "Quanta", ultimately created by thought processes of the Mind. If these objects were to be inspected very closely, it would be apparent that they are not solid at all but are rather composed of Quanta of Energy vibrating and moving at extremely high rates in an out of the object being observed.

Nothing can exist permanently unless it is observed because it is Mind that controls and shapes Quanta of Energy, and without that focus of the Mind the Quanta would once again become a "quantum potential" for something else. If for example everyone in the world were to cease observing the world and everything in it, by ceasing to focus on it's perceived existence, then everything would cease to exist. There would be no thought Energy to maintain the illusion of its existence anymore. This is why the Earth and everything it comprises, as well as the entire three-dimensional Universe is referred to in some cultures as "maya", and illusion. The Earth and physical Universe are indeed an illusion and a grand scale, and will one day be realised as such by all mankind once evolving beyond the illusion of the physical Universe.

Quantum physics completely confirms this by recognising that something can only actually come into "existence" when it is observed. Of course existence" is a term relative to the five physical senses; everything that exists now has always existed and always will exist, it is only the illusion of form that changes in response to thought, Mind. When something is observed, Quanta come together to form sub-atomic particles, and in turn atoms, then molecules until finally something manifests in the physical world as a localized space-time event that can be observed by the five physical senses.

This process is the very basis of how each and every person creates their own reality. Every single thought, as Energy, directly and instantly influences the quantum field causing Quanta in the form of Energy to arrange themselves into a localised, observable event, object or other influence.

So where does Subconcsious Mind power come into this?

Well quite simply in order to create our desired reality we must focus our thoughts in order to influence the Quanta of the Universe and bring ourselves into vibrational harmony with our desires. In doing this the hitherto formless substance around us, the Quanta or Spirit from which all things are made takes shape in accordance with our thoughts, and when we come into vibrational harmony with this formless creation it can then manifest into our physical world as a physical manifestation where it can be enjoyed.

Where most people "go wrong" is that they have no control over this creative process. The conscious Mind, our everyday, waking Mind is heavily influenced by the demands of the ego, and seeks to filter and logically analyse everything presented to it through thought or any of the five senses, only allowing thoughts tp persist that are consistent with what it considers to be "logical" and in accordance with the materialistic demands of the ego.

This is why most people are constantly creating unwanted realities; usually without thinking about it or realising it.

The solution therefore is to bypass the filters of the conscious Mind in order to access our extreme Subconscious Mind power.

There are three fundamental aspects to Mind; the conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind and the Super-Conscious Mind. By impressing our desires on the Subconscious Mind, Subconscious Mind power will interact directly with the Superconscious Mind where our thoughts and therefore desires take shape, and then brings us into vibrational harmony with our desires so they can manifest into physical, experiential reality.

We cannot experience anything unless we are in vibrational harmony with that which we are experiencing. Everything we are experiencing at this moment is a direct result of our thoughts and of being in vibrational harmony with that thought experience; and this applies equally to positive, negative or neutral experiences.

Although affirmations can be very powerful, they are often intercepted by the logical, ego driven conscious Mind, analysed and then rejected as being "impractical". For example; we might repeat an affirmation such as "I have a new car". The conscious Mind immediately picks-up on this and says something like "don't be ridiculous, you are still driving that old wreck of a car". And so it will be that you continue to perpetuate the reality of, and be in vibrational harmony with the "old wreck of a car".

Our objectives are clear therefore. We must bypass the filters of the conscious Mind in order to "program" the subconcious Mind with our desires. The Subconscious Mind is sublime; that is to say it never, ever questions anything. The Subconscious Mind will willingly accept anything presented to it, intentionally or otherwise, and bring it into reality. This is why we must be very careful indeed about what we impress upon our Subconscious Mind.

This is particuarly true just before sleep at night and just after awaking in the morning. At these times we are most closely in communication with our subconcious Mind. This knowledge can be extremely powerful in that if we use these "windows of opportunity" to communicate our desires to our Subconscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind will accept them and bring them into our experiential reality.

However, if we take to bed our worries, concerns and fears then the Subconscious Mind, being sublime, will also act upon those thoughts and bring them even more into reality. So if you go to bed at night being worried about debts for example, you will attract more even more debt. It is extremely important therefore to ensure that before you sleep at night, or any other time for that matter, you only keep in Mind those thoughts that are compatible with your desires. If this is done consciously using Subconsciou Mind Power it can be a very powerful way of manifesting your desires.

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