Spirit Guides And How They Guide People

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Spirit guides represent a very wide range of Spiritual beings ranging from discarnate human beings who have previously incarnated on Earth, often many times, through to beings who have never before physically incarnated, or indeed might and often do originate from a completely different planet in the Universe. Planetary origin is of no real importance in the inner spheres; all life is ultimately Spirit and an equal aspect of God.

The concept of “appearance” and “speech” is also completely meaningless beyond the physical world of matter. Spirit guides originating from other planets are very often much more advanced in many ways than those originating from Earth whose knowledge is very often no more advanced than the human they are guiding. This is due to the fact that human beings living in the Astral worlds having previously lived on Earth are still very similar indeed in most respects, including levels of true knowledge and wisdom to those still living on Earth, the main difference being that they are discarnate, not inhabiting a physical body, and reside within the Astral worlds rather than the physical world.

Some people believe everyone is allocated a Spirit guide from birth, others believe that in order to enlist the services of a guide a specific request needs to be made. Such requests can be made while meditating from a deeper, expanded state of Consciousness, or when the Mind is completely quiet and focussed. Just before drifting off to sleep or just after waking in the morning before arising can be very good times for communication with Souls and Spirits of the inner realms, due to the receptive state of Consciousness existing at these times.

Genuine guides have chosen of their own freewill to assist a person during the course of a physical life, and often even later after the person they are guiding has made the transition to the Astral worlds after the passing of physical death. During the course of a lifetime a person might well even enjoy the services of a range of different Spirit Guides according to life circumstances and ongoing progress along the path. They also very often specialise in a specific type of assistance, and when a person no longer requires that particular type of assistance, often due to ongoing advancement, the guide might leave and be replaced by a more appropriate guide required for the further advancement.

It is also quite possible to request a Spirit guide to leave and to request a replacement at ones discretion as life circumstances decree. A guide can never interfere with the freewill of the person they are guiding, and therefore the wishes of the person must always be completely respected.

Before proceeding further, a word of caution; there are numerous Spirits in the Astral worlds, in particular those existing within the lower, darkest, Astral worlds who are extremely anxious to establish direct communications with human beings still living in the physical world, often for their own dubious, often dark purposes. These are the type of Spirits often contacted by means of the Ouija board for example. These Spirits will claim to be anything or anyone you would like them to be in order to gain your confidence. Some even make the most outrageous claims to be such Divine beings as Archangels or even God. Unfortunately, Spirits dwelling in the lowest levels of the Astral worlds very often mean no good, sometimes even having the intention to eventually control or even possess a human being for their own purposes.

There are of course many genuine guides dwelling within the inner levels of the Astral worlds who really are only concerned with the genuine well-being Spiritual progress of the person they are guiding, such guides often dwelling in the mid to inner Astral worlds. Unfortunately it is not always an easy matter to determine which Spirits are genuine in their intentions and which are not. Should you make contact with a potential Spirit guide in meditation, in dreams or by pro-actively seeking or requesting a guide, you should always follow your inner-guidance and the voice of your Higher Self who will know the true nature of the Spirit you are in contact with. If your inner voice or intuition says “leave well alone” then you would be well advised do just that without question; never be so tempted by the thought of enjoying your own guide that you allow such temptation to over-rule your inner guidance which always speaks in your very best interests. If you do accept a Spirit guide, be sure to develop a relationship over a long period of time in order to establish mutual trust. If the Spirit guide tries to encourage you to do anything, particularly against your own freewill, then immediately cease all communications with that particular Spirit immediately and permanently.

Genuine guides will never, ever compel you to do anything, especially against your own freewill; they are there to help you according to your needs and evolution, always respecting freewill and only assisting or answering questions if specifically asked to do so. If you have any doubts whatsoever for the need of the assistance of Spirit guide, then do not seek one at all; your intuition, Higher Self or Holy Guardian Angel are your very best guides, and above all can and should be completely trusted at all times.

The main mission of a Spirit guide, as the name suggests, is to literally guide people through life by offering and providing such assistance as Universal laws allow, should the need arise or requested to do so, and providing always such assistance does not compromise the freewill of the person. This assistance will, in addition to progress along the path, include help in resolving life problems, providing advice, answering specific questions, specific help with healing, communication with deceased relatives and much more. Again however, a guide can only assist if such help is proactively requested either consciously or subconsciously, in order to avoid influencing the freewill of the human they are guiding.

It is quite possible to communicate intentionally and directly with guidesalthough this usually takes quite some practice, such communication being by telepathy. For those who have not yet established direct conscious contact with their guide, assistance from the guide can arrive in many and varied forms, including but not limited to “voices” appearing in thoughts, impressions, intuition, within dreams and by way of synchronistic events; events which might seem like a pure coincidence at the time, but which actually have a meaning. People who practice meditation might often find themselves communicating with their guide sooner or later, and once such communication has been established will usually be ongoing.

Synchronicity is a particular common way for a guide to assist and to make their presence felt. If they really want to make a point, they will create a synchronicity in a person’s life, immediately causing the person to take notice. Synchronicities in general are experiences created by the Soul or Higher Self in order to bring greater awareness. A person either alone or with the assistance of their Spirit Guide creates the synchronistic event in a inner realm through the mediation of the Soul, subsequently manifesting into the physical world. If for example you happen to be walking along one day and meet someone apparently by accident, it is usually because your Soul and the Soul of the person you have just met have made the decision in the inner realms to meet each other. There is absolutely no such thing in the Universe as “chance”; the laws of Cause and Effect being ever present within the lives of everyone.

As we will see later in this book, everyone without exception leaves their physical body at night during deep sleep to travel to the Astral worlds. Sometimes these travels only extend as far as the lower Astral worlds corresponding to the areas of the personal psyche, or slightly inner to the level of the group human unconscious; these travels are often remembered later as nonsensical dreams. Sometimes however the Soul during deep sleep travels to the level of the Astral worlds to which they will transition after physical death. There the Soul will learn valuable lessons required for physical life, meet deceased relatives, loved ones and friends and travel the infinite Astral realms in order to gain further valuable experience. Often there are specific tasks or meetings to attend to during these visits. It is a task of the Spirit guide to guide a person during these nightly visits and to generally provide advice and assistance. Most people will not recall these Astral visits or might often simply dismiss them as elaborate or vivid dreams. Be absolutely assured however that everyone does indeed leave their body during deep sleep in order to travel and carry out missions within the Astral realms, often in the presence of, and with the guidance of guides.

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