Spells And Magic

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One of the questions that arises time and again are questions about using "magic" or "spells" to obtain desires. A frequent question for example might be; "what spell can I use to make someone love me".

Let me say first that it is not possible to "make" anyone to anything against their will.

The word "Magic" is one of the highest of all Universal principles, originating from the "Magi" in ancient times. True Magic is in fact a sacred science which describes the process of living within, and making use of Universal Laws in the pursuit of perfection.

That clarified, let us take a look at the modern meaning "magic".

The common perception of "magic" is someone chanting a series of words, often known as a "spell", often accompanied by a series of actions, often depicted as waving a "magic wand", in the hope of bringing about a desired effect by some magical, mystical, mysterious means.

Magic is often associated with rituals, often associated with dressing up in various types of regalia, sometimes very exotic, depending on the tradition, or quite often not dressing in anything at all, known in witchcraft circles as "skyclad".

Such use of these concepts of "magic" goes back thousands of years, and stems from the belief that "magical" effects can be produced by using incantations in conjunction with a series of actions, often performed at a certain time such as a full moon, but also under much darker circumstances that we need not go into here, but which is generally termed as "black magic".

There are a vast array of such "magical practices" practiced over the centuries, by a very wide range of traditions, cultures and religions, but all of which are designed to bring about a specific result by some perceived mysterious, "magical" means.

It should be pointed out that stage "magic" is not "magic" it is rather entertainment by the use of skillfully performed illusions.

Now let us take a closer look at what is actually happening during these practices.

Everything we attract into our lives at all levels depends on one factor only; what we impress on our Subconscious Mind" by virtue of our imagination, thoughts, feelings and emotions and gratitude.

Once the Subconscious Mind has been thus impressed, the Subconscious Mind will proceed to use any means necessary, either directly, as in the case of healing and health, or by the intimate connection with the Universal Mind by The Law of Attraction.

So quite simple what these magical practices, be they spells, rituals, actions such as burning candles, imbibing food or drink, or even, as in bygone times, sacrifice does is one fundamental thing; it impresses a specific concept upon the Subconscious Mind.

So; although the practitioner does not usually understand the mechanism of their actions, the underlying process is always exactly the same; to impress a desire on the Subconscious Mind".

The Christian churches do this with a ritual known as the "Eucharist", often associated with the taking of "bread" and "wine", mystically representing the "body" and "blood" of Jesus.

Eucharistic acts are frequently used to impress a concept on the Subconscious Mind, although again, most practitioners see something more religious, superstitious or mystical in the practice.

The Eucharist is actually therefore a magical act.

In relation to the Eucharist of the church, it is better understood in the context of the true meaning of "Lord" or "Soul" both of which are actually metaphors for the Subconscious Mind.

In effect therefore the Eucharist of the Christian church is a metaphor for affirming on the Subconscious Mind that we are all One, nicely summarised thus:

"In that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you" -- John 14:20

And thus, "eating the body and blood of Christ" reinforces this truth in the ritual of the Eucharist.

So there is nothing magic about Magic or spells.

Today we know Magic as the Law of Attraction, where spells, rituals and regalia are replaced by a more direct and knowledgeable act utilising the infinite power of the Subconscious Mind by means of thoughts, feelings, imagination, emotion and gratitude; this is true Magic.

Everything is Magic; every thought, feeling, emotion, visualisation and act of imagination is Magical; you do not need spells.

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