Science Of Being - Lethargy And Motivation

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One of the main reasons why people fail to achieve everything they are capable of, even if they know they are capable of so much more is due to the related conditions of apathy, lethargy and lack of motivation - all of which are due to one fundamental factor - lack of Energy.

Most will have noticed that there are also times when you have seemingly boundless Energy, during which times almost anything seems possible - and indeed is.

So the question we must as ourselves is why this is?

Why is it that sometimes you can feel invincible and capable of anything, yet at others lethargic, fatigued and helpless, where achieving even the most basic tasks seems an effort?

The simple but profoundly important answer is Energy.

Now by Energy we do not mean the type of Energy derived from foods, or by drinking "energy drinks" etc - they are often nothing more than stimulants giving a temporary illusion of energy - we rather mean Universal Life Energy - the Energy behind All in Creation.

As humans we have three fundamental objectives as relates to Energy:

1. To contact Universal Energy

2. To direct Universal Energy

3. To store Universal Energy

Science of Being in Twenty Seven Lessons focuses on Universal Life Energy at great length, and indeed is the basis of the entire book such is the importance.

This is a small sample of what Baron Eugene Fersen says about Energy:

"Even when, through an effort of will power, you are able to overcome that feeling and start to do your work, you begin presently to experience a sense of fatigue which often culminates in actual exhaustion. That is the reason why work is a real ordeal to most people, with the result that they do it not because they like it, but because most often they are compelled by circumstances to do it.

The cause of this attitude toward - work as something necessary but at the same time very unpleasant is the lack of supply of Life Force in the majority of individuals. When you have drained away the very limited amount at your disposal in the Solar Plexus, the reservoir of that Force in your body, you feel that you cannot work any longer. Yet if, before starting any kind of work, you take the trouble to insure a continuous and ever increasing fresh supply of that Power by making the contact with Universal Life Energy in accordance with the methods previously described, you will find that conditions are completely reversed.

Once connected with that Great Power which will flow into you, supplying all the life force you need for the work you have to perform, and even much more than that, the thing that seemed difficult to you before will appear extraordinarily easy and simple, because of the superabundance of energy at your disposal.

The sense of laziness you may have felt before starting to work will be done away with as if by magic; and as for fatigue, you will soon forget the meaning of that word, because -you will realize that -the more you work with the Universal Power to back up every step, the stronger and healthier you will become. That which appeared to you before almost as an ordeal will become a real pleasure to you. Thus not only will your attitude toward your work change, but your entire outlook on life will change and broaden also, bringing you that sense of freedom, of exhilaration and reserve power which invariably comes to him who is "stepping out of the rut."

Science of Being in Twenty Seven Lessons goes on to teach contacting and directing Universal Life Energy, as in the first two points previously mentioned, but there is third and equally important factor to consider - storing Universal Life Energy.

The more Universal Life Energy that can be stored, and the more efficiently it can be stored, the more Energy "reserves" we have access to, and the more Energetic we will feel.

In other words the less lethargic we feel.

The key to achieving this are development of our Chakras - the Energy centres contained within our Energy Body.

It is absolutely crucial, for a wide range of reasons to develop the Chakras so they are functioning optimally.

As the Chakras store Energy they can be likened to a car battery.

If the battery in your car is reaching the end of its life, it will not hold much charge, the result being it may struggle to start the engine, lights may be dimmer and all other components of the car that rely on energy will be slower or even not work at all.

Even if that battery has charged it will not function efficiently for very long because it quickly "loses its charge". Soon it becomes apparent that the only solution is a new battery.

The Chakras of course cannot be replaced, but they can be developed and maintained in optimum condition so that they may hold the maximum Energy which can be deployed and utilised at will.

So the Chakras are crucial to our Well-Being at every level.


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