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In view of the emphasis on the great works and words of the Baron Eugene Fersen, I thought it appropriate to take a closer look at just one aspect of his teachings from Lesson Seventeen of Science of Being in Twenty Seven Lessons - that of the most important subject of Healing.

This is what The Baron Eugene Fersen says in his opening paragraph:

"TWO thousand years ago the ideal of healing was very simply formulated and expressed in the words As a man thinketh, so is he."

It has taken Mankind nearly twenty centuries of bitter toil and struggle upward along the path of Evolution to arrive scientifically at the same conclusion.

Yet today the attention of Medical Science is shifting bodily from the well exploited field of physical research to the comparatively new field of Mind, not because of any blind religious faith in the above principle, but because the facts uncovered by physical investigations prove it beyond dispute to be true".

Later in this lesson he goes on to state the profound truth:

"Physicians are only now beginning to realize the absolute mastery of Mind over Body. Experiments have proved with complete certainty that the physical self of an individual is utterly at the mercy of the mental tyrant who rules it. Like a chameleon which always assumes the colours of its surroundings, so the human body always reflects accurately the mental conditions of which it is the host.

Disease and ill health, therefore, instead of being due exclusively to destructive physical organisms, as was formerly thought, have their source really in the Mind of the individual. Germs themselves are simply the material manifestations of negative influences which originate in Mind. A healthy Body is the accurate expression, the projection within the range of our perception, of clean and harmonious vibrations. A sick Body is the equally accurate expression of the disharmonious thoughts and emotions, such as Fear, Worry, Hatred, Jealousy, Envy, etc., which lodge in our mental spring and pour their pollution into the harmonious stream of vibrations emanating from it."

Now what do these profound words mean in real terms:

Well first of all let us consider the meaning of the simple but powerful truth:

"As a Man Thinketh, So He Is". Of course although this is written in the masculine form, it really means all humans including both genders including animals.

Human beings often fear "germs", the fear of germs having been ingrained in human consciousness for many years, particularly since the marketing of "disinfectants" and so on.

However, while humans are worried about what "germs" might be lurking in their kitchens and other places, animals are eating foods covered in soil and other natural materials from the ground, and even, in the case of rats, birds and other scavengers from garbage bins, garbage dumps and other such places.

Yet these animals never, ever become ill as a direct result.

If a human were to accidentally touch such things they would be terrified of contracting "food poisoning" and accordingly this would become their reality.

Between 1843 and 1846 a surgeon by the name of James Esdaille, long before anaesthetics, antibiotics, disinfectants etc. performed over 400 complex operations including cancer removal, amputations, major abdominal surgery and more. His patients experienced no pain or discomfort, and most fully recovered without complications or infections.

What did he do?

He simply placed his patients into a state of hypnosis, and suggested to them they would feel no pain and would recover completely - which they did.

This is an impressive illustration of the power of the Mind over the body.

So plain and simple, everything experienced in the physical body originates first within as a result of the activities of the Mind.

One disease where this is particularly true is cancer.

Everyone has the latent potential to contract cancer which is simply the outward manifestation of the activities of the conscious Mind, and particularly of stress.

Experiencing stress over the course of time will exert its low vibration influence over the Energy body, before inevitably manifesting as an experienced physical disease.

So what is the solution?

The image Source, God holds of us is Perfection. All we need to do therefore is to know, beyond doubt that Perfection, to realise and express that Perfection as an aspect and expression of Perfection, God, and who realises and strengthens the connection with Universal Life Energy, and we will always experience perfect health.

I will conclude with these words of wisdom from Eugene Fersen.

"Until human beings have learned to understand this clearly, they will continue deliberately to breed the devastating hosts of diseases and ills which assail them on the Physical Plane. The tendency to evil, and the false optimism its easy prospects inspire, are too strong to be lightly discarded and too tempting to let the eye stray beyond to the price that must be paid. Some strength more sure than the faltering Will, some vision more keen than the short-sighted eye of Mind, is needed and is ever at hand for those who will use It--Universal Life Energy.

Against this supreme Essence of all that is Positive nothing of a negative nature can long prevail. Evil passions, destructive thoughts, perverted fancy--all the mental vermin spawned in the dark places of the human Mind lose their grip in the cleansing blaze of that Power and vanish like the shadows that harbour them."

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