Respect For All Life

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We already know that each and every one of us is an integral aspect of the Universe, of The Source, of God. Nothing whatsoever in the entire infinite Universe, in any sphere from the very highest to the very lowest is separate from anything else in the Universe, and accordingly everything is an integral aspect of everything else; this applies to all beings, Energy and life without any exceptions. Nothing exists outside of The Source. We also know that The Universe, The Source, God is Energy in the form of vibration, and accordingly everything in the Universe is an integral aspect of the very same infinite, living Energy field of vibration When we know and understand these truths beyond any possible doubt, the realisation brings with it new and extremely important responsibilities; whatever we do to anything or anyone we also do equally to ourselves and therefore also to everything else, to Universe as a whole and to God. Everyone should think about the implications and consequences of this reality very deeply indeed because it can and will have a profoundly positive effect on your own reality.

Everything in the Universe including all animals, plant and mineral life is therefore an integral, inseparable aspect of every single one of us. Those who hurt or kill animals, plants or indeed any living organism, however small, also equally hurts or kills a part of themselves. This is an extremely important and profound truth that everyone must fully understand.

Whenever mankind thoughtlessly damages the environment by for example mining, building development, pollution, and in many other destructive ways, those responsible are equally damaging an aspect of themselves at the same time. This is one very important reason why the Earth and humanity simply cannot withstand the current levels of wanton destruction by mankind over the environment for very much longer.

This is particularly evident when considering the rain forests of the world and the global, wide-scale building and agricultural developments that are being continuously carried on in the name of materialism, mostly in order to satisfy the relentless greed and satisfaction of the physical senses of much of mankind, and also the ongoing craving for bigger and better material possessions, possessions that are totally meaningless in terms of ongoing progression, possessions that are completely irrelevant within the inner spheres beyond the physical world, to which everyone is ultimately destined.

A single physical life is but a temporal moment in the context of the great path, and to grasp, crave and become a slave to material possessions during this moment is to not recognise these fundamental Universal realities. Only when mankind as a race fully understands the implications of all of these actions and of their complete futility and irrelevance in the context of the entire Universe and the individual path of evolution, will this terrible and needless destruction cease, and the Earth finally have the opportunity to recover.

Hopefully, in the fullness of time, Earth can be restored to its former glory of before the days of so called “civilised man”. This can only occur however when mankind finally understands the complete and utter futility of the constant demand for temporal, meaningless, material possessions, acquired for no other purpose than for the gross gratification of the five physical senses and the uncontrolled demands of the ego.

Everyone should be Mindful of these Divine responsibilities during every waking moment of every day. Whether at home, at work, in the garden, in the countryside, on vacation, we should always view and treat everything around us as an integral aspect of ourselves. When out in the garden, walking in nature or indeed anywhere else, we should always be sure we do not harm any living thing, either accidentally or deliberately, by for example plucking flowers or treading in places where other wildlife might be peacefully established. We should never, ever harm any living creature, however small; each and every creature without any exceptions whatsoever is an equal aspect of ourselves and therefore of God, and all have an equal right to enjoy its rightful place in the Universe and to live without unnatural interference from others while following their own path. Everything and everyone in the Universe is constantly evolving, and therefore everything and everyone has a path. All creatures, like everyone and everything else in the entire Universe in all spheres of life and reality are a Divine creation, expression and aspect of God, and no human being, no Son or Daughter of God should ever forget these realities and the Divine responsibilities accompanying them.

People often refer to some small creatures as “vermin”; again this is simply a derogatory human concept arising out of a complete and total lack of understanding and respect for the position which every creature or being without exception, however large or small occupies within the Universe. A lack of understanding all too often motivated out of gross selfishness, materialism and the uncontrolled demands of the ego. These creatures are only considered to be “vermin” because they happen to be perceived as interfering with the selfish material existence of people. In fact these creatures are really on their own path of evolution, involved with their own natural existence in the grand Universal scheme of things; these creatures are living their lives on their own path, and in no way trying to be vindictive.

These small creatures are only “vermin” as perceived by the selfish ego driven materialism of mankind. Every single being without exception, as with all life within the infinite Universe, has an absolutely equal God given right to exist and to live life without any fear of unnatural interference, harm or persecution from others.

If you are privileged to have smaller creatures in your home such as mice, spiders, insects etc., they are not in your home with the idea of being vindictive, or to cause a “nuisance” or to annoy you, they are simply aspects of yourself seeking shelter, food and a place to breed and raise their offspring just as human beings do. People might claim that these creatures are harmful in some way, for example in the spreading of diseases, but as compared to mankind these creatures are extremely clean and advanced; and much more perfect than many humans in many respects.

If you destroy the habitat of a small creature, for example a spiders Web, you have destroyed a part of yourself equally. It is no different at all to someone arriving at your home because they do not like the look of it, or believe it is in an inconvenient location, and levelling it to the ground with heavy machinery. How would you feel? Every aspect and expression of The Source, The First Cause, God has feelings by virtue of the same Consciousness, life-force, Energy that we all share, and that applies equally to animals, plants and other expressions of Universal life.

Fear, hate or worry about the consequences of allowing these creatures, these same aspects of yourself and of God to share your home will attract to you the very consequences of your worry in accordance with Universal laws and in particular by The Law of Attraction. If you believe that sharing your home with other creatures will result in disease, damage or other undesirable, from your perspective consequences, then you will attract that same reality for yourself and it will become self-fulfilling.

The way to proceed is simple and unambiguous. If you honoured to share your home with other creatures, other aspects of yourself and of God that have chosen of their own freewill to live with you, then welcome them with complete sincerity and if necessary provide them with food, and anything else they might require. Above all send them Unconditional Love in the knowledge they will return that Love unconditionally, and never cause any problems for yourself, family or home.

These same truths apply to plant and even mineral life. In a previous chapter discussing the plane of the animal Mind we saw conclusive proof that plants are indeed intelligent and fully capable of thought, even though they do not have a physically observable brain. This is no surprise considering plants and minerals, like animals are all expressions and inseparable aspects of the same infinite intelligence and Consciousness of The Source, The First Cause, God. In that particular case, as we discussed, the plant was connected to sophisticated lie detector equipment, and a series of experiments proved that the plant could readily think and rationalise as well as recognising danger and correctly identifying different human beings.

Again, it is erroneous to equate any form of intelligence with the presence or size of a physical brain. The physical brain is simply an organic interface of non-permanent physical matter interacting between the Energy level of the human body at a low level of vibration, and the much higher level of vibration of the Energy and other inner bodies. Without such a physical interface, the much higher Energy vibrations of the inner spheres of life could not be mediated with the much lower Energy vibrations of the physical human body. A plant has no need for a physical brain due, but still requires the same Energy interface between its physical presence and its inner existence on the plane of the plant Mind. Beyond the illusion of material observations everything in the Universe is life, intelligence and Consciousness, all integral and inseparable aspects of, and within the supreme Mind of The Source, The First Cause, of God.

To destroy an animal, plant or mineral is to equally destroy a part of yourself and of God. Plants do have feelings; they know when they are about to be hurt or destroyed and do not differ from human beings or animals in that respect one iota. The grand Universal scheme of things does of course recognise that the Earth life system and all that participate in it require food or sustenance and that plant life is a major part of that sustenance. However, motive is everything and is always fully accounted for by the laws of karma, an aspect of the Law of Cause and Effect.

If the primary motive for destroying a plant is to eat for basic survival, then that, being in keeping with the great processes of Universal life is acceptable. If however a plant of any kind, or even vast areas of plant life such as the great rainforests of the world are wantonly destroyed for greed or other motives then there will always be a karmic price to pay. The pre-meditated destruction of any expression of The Source, The First Cause, of God, be it animal, plant or mineral is against immutable Universal laws, and the Law of Cause and Effect will always prevail. It is quite simply not possible as a cause to wilfully destroy any aspect of God and therefore of all creation without equally experiencing the same effects.

Just because mankind egotistically perceives itself to be the dominant form of life on Earth does not render the lives of other living beings any less important or any less significant. Every living creature without any exceptions whatsoever has its own part to play in the grand Universal scheme, and all should thus be equally respected. Everyone should know therefore that deliberately damaging the environment or hurting any form of life in any way whatsoever will inevitably yield karmic consequences in accordance with the Universal Law of Cause and Effect; there are simply no escaping these laws. Anyone who believes that they are beyond these Universal laws are deluding themselves and will in due course discover these realities by experience.

Just because someone can rationalise the destruction of the environment, or the hurting or killing of other living creatures, usually motivated by material and very often highly egotistical interests as is the case of fox hunting, deer hunting, big game hunting and other forms of “blood sports” for example, does not make it right in the eyes of God or the flow of the Universe.

The perceived need for material possessions often exclusively for the purpose of the gratification of the ego and of the five physical senses, the often blatant disregard for non-human life, and indeed sometimes in fact blatant disregard and disrespect for even fellow human beings are extremely serious human weaknesses which are never excused by the immutable laws of Cause and Effect which exist to maintain balance and harmony in the infinite Universe of which we are all an integral aspect.

It should be known that by comparison with the highly evolved beings of the inner spheres, mankind of the planet earth are as the most basic life forms on Earth. To these beings mankind is little more than a single celled organism barely capable of thought processes. And yet the beings of the inner spheres always view mankind with Unconditional Love, and do whatever is necessary to assist the progress of mankind along the sacred path.

One day every human being will evolve to these same levels as these inner beings, and further still, the inner always assisting the outer along the great path back to God. It is incumbent on mankind therefore to view and treat all life, however apparently primitive they appear to be t the perceptions of man, as sacred, and just as the inner beings selflessly assist mankind, mankind should also selflessly assist and live in harmony with all creatures on Earth in the certain knowledge they are just as much brothers and sisters before God, all striving for progress on their own path in this great Universe that we share in which we all live, breath and have our being.

These important facts should also extend to the fundamentals of eating for sustenance. Food is a requirement of every form of physical life in order to maintain its existence. It is perfectly natural therefore to obtain food from the Universe in order to live and exist healthily. This is all a completely natural aspect of the natural Universal scheme of things. Most animals, except usually human beings, normally consume only those foods and in those quantities required in order to survive in a healthy state of being. In the case of humans however a trip around any supermarket will instantly reveal how the requirement for basic, necessary sustenance has grossly degenerated into a materialism inspired food-fest designed for the most part only to satisfy the demands of the ego and of the human physical senses, and in particular the senses of vision, taste and smell.

In most parts of the world where a reasonable standard of living can be enjoyed, the average person will consume very considerably more food and drink each day than is actually required for healthy survival. This fact alone is a major cause of health problems of numerous types including obesity, which is becoming increasingly prevalent in many so-called civilised countries of the world. Food manufacturers and supermarkets always endeavour to ensure food is packaged in brightly coloured, tempting wrappings and containers in order to tempt people to indulge in even more excesses, that in turn material profits may be further increased in order to satisfy the pockets, ego and demands of shareholders. It is no wonder therefore we are witnessing ever increasingly serious health problems as a direct result of these gross excesses, problems of the sort that are increasingly evident in the world today, and which should accordingly not need to be explained to most people.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of these excesses is the effect on the heath of children. From a very early age children are fed all manner of unhealthy foods with high sugar, fat and chemical content. These foods not only adversely affect the metabolism and body of the child, but also considerably boost the production of fat cells, which once produced will be with the child for life. These fat cells are then utilised by the body to store fat, and as a direct result the child becomes obese from a very young age, and is then fighting obesity for the rest of the child’s physical life. Unfortunately parents are still for the most part oblivious to this as they fee their children ever more sugary and fatty foods, and in particular “fast foods” which are currently one of the biggest nutritional issues facing mankind.

People generally, with the exception of vegans and many vegetarians usually view meat products on supermarket shelves as mere food, an object, a meaningless commodity to be cooked and eaten, usually without any thought whatsoever for the suffering of countless creatures on Earth dying each year for reasons going far beyond the need of basic sustenance; creatures dying mostly in fact in the interests of the gratification of the human physical senses. Again, not much more need be about this sad state of affairs; it should be totally apparent to anyone and everyone who takes the time to think about it objectively, and with complete honesty.

Introspection in these matters is an extremely worthwhile exercise. Suffice it to say, shelves upon shelves of meat products equate directly to suffering and physical death on a massive scale of innocent creatures throughout the world. As the most true and highly appropriate expression goes, “man should eat to live, and not live to eat”. The appalling treatment of animals is a cause that will always have its corresponding effect according to immutable Universal laws. Those that participate in the harming of any life form, any expression or aspect of God, will pay the price in accordance with the immutable Law of Cause and Effect of which karma is an important component.

Another aspect of progression and lessons to be learned in the physical world, lessons everyone will have to learn in this or a future lifetime, is the need for treating the physical body properly and eating only those foods and only in those amounts strictly necessary for a healthy existence. As we have already observed, most people consume many times more food each day than is actually required for healthy living, much of which consists of food of low nutritional value, but at the same time high in components harmful to the body including both natural substances such as fats and manmade chemicals such as preservatives.

Eating should be about healthy, natural living, and always with complete conscious respect for other living creatures and for the environment. Any human being can live very healthily indeed on a very modest daily diet of natural foods, just as The Universe and evolution intended, and none of which require fancy packaging designed to stimulate the physical senses. Such sensible, natural, healthy diets are beyond the scope of this book but there are plenty of information sources available on the subject of healthy eating and natural foods.

In conclusion, everyone can live extremely healthily in the way The Source, The First Cause, God intends, on a modest diet of natural foods that are not specifically designed to appeal to and satisfy the demands of the senses and often of the ego. Everyone can and therefore should do so with an absolute respect for all creatures and for the environment of the physical world of which we are all integral and inseparable aspects with God, and accordingly share a collective and equal responsibility to everyone and everything in the Universe.

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