Reiki And The Process Of Reiki Healing

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Like Pranic Healing, Reiki is the practice of healing by means of Universal Energy. Reiki is not usually taught in the usual sense. The ability to practice Reiki is rather “transferred” from a “Reiki Master” to the Reiki student by a process known as “attunement” after the necessary preparations and knowledge have been attained.

Reiki is considered to be a Spiritually guided form of healing, with “Rei” the Universal Consciousness, or “God Consciousness”, Mind, guiding the “Ki”, the Universal Energy of which we are all an integral aspect.

People treated by Reiki healing by a Reiki master afterwards often describe a glowing radiance surrounding and within their entire body, an effect of the healing not only the physical body but also of the inner, subtle, Energy or Etheric, Astral and Mental bodies. In addition to healing, the extent and speed of which are often considered to be miraculous, recipients of Reiki treatment often describe feelings of peace, security and well-being.

During the process of a Reiki healing Energy flows through and around the affected part of the Energy Body and aura charging them with positive Energy under the control of the Reiki master. This raises the vibrational level of the entire Energy field of the Energy Body in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and feelings are attached, thereby causing negative Energy, a source of physical illness, to break and fall away. In this way Reiki clears, straightens and heals Energy pathways within and around the Energy Body, thus allowing Energy to flow in a healthy and natural way.

Reiki can be directed at any problem area within the Energy Body, thus holistically bringing about the cure in the corresponding aspect of the physical body.

The question often arises about what sort of ailment can be healed using the Reiki healing process. Reiki is used to heal almost any ailiment that originated within the Energy body, being an Energy based healing method. 

If anyone is considering Reiki, or indeed any form of healing that relies on another person, it is extremely important to ensure that a genuine, recognised and verifiable practitioner is found; I cannot emphasise this strongly enough.

Health is not something to be taken lightly at any time, and particulary when placing your health in the hands of a Reiki healer you may never have encountered before.

There are may excellent and dedicated Reiki healers all over the world, but unfortunately there are also many people who call themselves a "Reiki master" without any formal attunement. The same situation exists with so called "psychics" in that no offficial qualifications are necessary or available, and there is really no way for most people to determine the true practitioners from the charlatans. 

Before seeking Reiki healing, or indeed any sort of healing, always obtain as many details from the Reiki healer as possible including years of experience, successful healings with proof in the form of letters from healed people, and testimonials. Never take such proof or testimonials at face value, always follow them up directly with the people that provided them originally if possible in order to be absolutely certain they are genuine.

 As previously mentioned, most Reiki healers, practioners and Reiki masters are geninue, dedicated, sincere people, with a deep sense of service to others providing a valuable service, but unfortunately there are enough charlatans around to make a costly mistake, both in terms of health and money.

Howver, this is the most profound truth; every single person without exception, has the natural ability to heal any disease in their own body, however serious doctors tell you it is, and it does not require Reiki or any other healing technique; only the infinite, limitless, power of your own Mind. 


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