Quantum Physics And The Universe

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Quantum physics can be, and indeed often is an extremely complex subject that many books would not do justice to.

My book, Our Ultimate Reality covers in great depth and in an understandable form, those aspects of this vast, complex and important subject that we need to understand from the persoective of both our understanding of the Universe and of our lives.

This is an introduction to what is covered in my book in much greater, but understandable depth.

From the second half of the seventeenth century until the very late nineteenth century, the mechanistic model of the Universe, largely in accordance with the work and theories of Isaac Newton, dominated most scientific thought and direction, and in particular the various branches of physics. This Newtonian view of the Universe was accompanied by the general and popular orthodox concept of an archetypal, patriarchal God, Who is completely separate from the Universe, ruling from above by the imposition of Divine laws in accordance with the various world religions and their books or bibles.

It is this strictly inflexible, mechanistic, three dimensional view of the Universe, a very popular and convenient view of everything, that suited the concepts and aspirations of most people very well indeed, and which accordingly completely dominated all scientific thought until the early twentieth century, and indeed still dominates scientific thought even today.

The Newtonian model of the Universe and the popular perception of “God” was indeed so convenient for all branches of science, religion and for the population at large, to challenge it was largely unthinkable; the popular consensus being if it appears to work it is best to leave it well alone.

Over two centuries of such thought has unsurprisingly and progressively resulted in the principles of most sciences through to today being rooted firmly in the Newtonian three dimensional, mechanistic model of the Universe and its functions, which became the basis and driving force behind all scientific thought. Many areas of science, even now in this early twenty first century, still think exclusively in terms of atoms, molecules and perhaps sub-atomic particles as forming the basis of solid three dimensional matter, which in turn is generally believed to constitute the physical world and physical Universe so familiar to everyone, and as is perceived and experienced by means of the five physical senses.

The first three decades of the twentieth century began to witness radical challenges to the hitherto traditional basis of science, and herladed the beginning of what we would later come to know as "quantum physics". Two emergent theories, those of relativity and atomic physics began to shatter the traditional Newtonian view, and therefore the basis for the prevailing scientific view of the Universe. The fundamental concepts of absolute space and time, of solid particles, and the causal nature of physical phenomena could no longer be sustained by the new emergent theories of physics, and in particular those of one particular man, Albert Einstein.

In 1905 Einstein published two articles, one of which was his special theory of relativity, and the other, most significantly, was a new way of looking at electromagnetic radiation, which was most importantly a pre-cursor to what would become the quantum theory, ultimately arrived at twenty years later by a team of physicists, and quantum physics was born.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, space is not three dimensional and time is not a separate entity, both of which are extremely important realisations, and also unbeknown at the time confirms the true nature of the Universe as has always been known and taught throughout the ages.

Einstein postulated that both space and time are connected by a fourth dimensional continuum known as “space-time”. Accordingly space and time could no longer be considered to be separate from each other as was previously commonly believed in accordance with the then well established Newtonian concepts of absolute space and absolute time.

The theory of relativity arrives at the extremely important realisation that mass is a form of Energy. Again, this realisation is in full agreement with the wisdom of the ages, which has always taught that the Universe in all of its dimensions, or spheres is in fact pure Energy, or more specifically Energy in the form of vibration at progressive degrees originating from The Source, and progressively descending down to the physical world of matter.

During the early part of the twentieth century scientists were observing atoms as they were affected as a result of being bombarded with x-rays. This in turn led to another famous scientist, Ernest Rutherford, bombarding atoms with alpha-particles which led to the then astounding discovery that rather than being solid, as traditionally believed, atoms were in fact comprised of vast regions of space in which extremely small particles known as electrons moved around the centre of the atom, the nucleus, bound by forces.

Soon after the discovery of this “planetary model” of the atom, it was further discovered that the number of electrons in the atoms of an element determined the chemical properties of the element. This later became the basis for the periodic table of elements as is still used today in modern chemistry.

It also came to be understood how interactions between atoms resulted in chemical reactions forming molecules and therefore the many chemical compounds known to science today. This resulted, very significantly and importantly in the realisation that the principles of chemistry could be entirely explained in terms of the laws of atomic physics. It would later also become apparent, as the ancient wisdoms of the world have always taught that matter, whether in a form which is readily apparent to the five physical senses, or in the form of molecules, atoms or sub-atomic particles, is at the final analysis ultimately pure Energy in the form of vibration, the very same vibration of which everyone and everything in the entire Universe in all spheres are an integral and inseparable aspect, integral and inseparable aspects of the very highest vibration and manifestation of Energy of all God, The Source, The First Cause.

In the 1920’s an international group of scientists came together to progress these discoveries. This eminent team included Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, Erwin Schrodinger, Wolfgang Pauli and Louis de Broglie. This group of distinguished scientists worked together on the then emergent field of the exploration of sub-atomic particles.

The work of these physicists in the area of sub-atomic particles was faced with paradox after paradox as they came to realise from their experiments that nothing could be explained in terms of traditional physics. The real breakthrough eventually came when they eventually set aside their traditional knowledge and way of thinking, and viewed these recently discovered phenomena in a completely new way. As Werner Heisenberg said, “they somehow got into the Spirit of the quantum theory” and quantum physics was well and truly established as a new branch of the physical sciences.

These revelations initially came as quite a shock to these distinguished scientists because the concepts of quantum theory were not at all easy to accept after years of high-level involvement with the Newtonian inspired traditional principles of physics. This was particularly evident when the realisation came, due to the work of Ernest Rutherford, that atoms actually consist of vast regions of space in which extremely small particles move. The physicists were now able to further postulate that even these sub-atomic particles were not solid in and of themselves. This led to the beginning of the extremely important realisation that molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles far from being solid, are actually pure Energy vibrating at extremely high but varying frequencies. This further led to the realisation that sub-atomic particles have no meaning whatsoever as separate entities, but rather displayed an intrinsic oneness with the entire Universe.

By the 1930’s, scientists were reaching the position of believing they had finally discovered the building blocks of matter, and in particular that atoms consisted of protons, neutrons and electrons; the sub-atomic particles. As experiments proceeded and became progressively more sophisticated, more and more sub-atomic particles were discovered. By 1935 six such particles had been discovered, and by 1955 eighteen particles had been discovered. Modern science has since identified the existence of over two hundred sub-atomic particles.

The theory of relativity of Albert Einstein also had a profound effect on the concept of matter around the time of the early discoveries of sub-atomic particles. The relativity theory clearly demonstrates mass is not related to substance, but is rather a form of Energy in and of itself. Energy however, being dynamic in nature, is associated with activity, vibration. The mass of a particle being directly equivalent to a certain amount of Energy proves the particle cannot be considered to be a static object, but rather involves Energy, or vibration, which in turn constitutes the mass of the particle.

These discoveries and theories have been pivotal to the entire understanding of quantum mechanics to the stage it had progressed, and formed the basis for considerable future ongoing work in these important areas, which are taking the entire range of sciences to new levels, and in turn to a new understanding of the true nature of the Universe.

A further and extremely important breakthrough in the quantum sciences arrived due to the work of physicist David Bohm, a protégé of Albert Einstein. David Bohm is the physicist who first realised the entire Universe can be metaphorically likened to an infinite, magnificent hologram of which everyone and everything is a constituent component. It is worth noting as this point that any fraction of a hologram also reflects the totality of the hologram as a whole, which also accordingly reflects the reality that everyone and everything in the Universe is an integral aspect of the whole, of God. As previously mentioned, David Bohm also most aptly referred to the physical Universe of matter as “frozen light”.

David Bohm attended Pennsylvania State College where he became fascinated by quantum physics and began to study the work and discoveries of the pioneers in this area. One of his most important discoveries is that an individual electron can manifest either as a wave or a particle, a characteristic of all subatomic particles, and also includes frequencies that were once thought to only manifest as waves, such as light, gamma rays, radio waves and x-rays, all of which can alter form from waves to particles and back to waves again.

Physicists came to believe these particles should not be classified simply as waves or particles but as a single, all encompassing classification, which came to be known as “Quanta”. Most importantly, scientists came to agree the entire Universe is made of Quanta. “Quanta” constitutes the primordial Light as has always been known and taught by the wisdom of the ages.

It is very interesting to note how the various pioneers in this field, even by this stage, inexorably arriving at a wide range of conclusions confirming the integral and inseparable nature of the Universe, facts that have been taught around the world for many thousands of years by the teachers of the most ancient knowledge.

One of the discoveries that proved to be most astonishing to physicists was the observation that the only time Quanta ever manifest as particles is when people are actually looking at them. The significance of this realisation alone is extremely profound in terms of the understanding of the material world and of all creation. The wisdom of the ages has always maintained and taught the physical world of matter is nothing but an illusion, only perceived by most as “reality” due to observation and experience by the mediation of the five physical senses. Quanta, now an established scientific fact, clearly demonstrates the sensory illusion of the physical world, which is in effect only the reality of the people actually experiencing it through the mediation of the five physical senses, and is not the reality of the inner spheres of life, or indeed of ultimate reality.

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