Pranic Healing

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The recognised founder of the practice of Pranic Healing is Choa Kok Sui, and is a process involving the bringing about of the cure of physically or mentally manifesting ailments by the treatment of the Energy Body with Universal Energy, also known in the context of this method of healing as “Prana”, a Sankrit word meaning “life-force”.

Pranic Healing is a simple yet very powerful no-touch method of energetic healing based upon the fundamental principle that the physical healing process is brought about and accelerated by increasing and balancing the Energy of the Energy Body, and in particular in the areas associated with the affected area of the physical body.

Treatment usually commences by a process of cleansing involving the removal of diseased Energy from the Energy centres associated with the affected part of the physical body, and then energizing them with sufficient Energy to bring about the healing process. It is most important to perform the cleansing process before the healing process is commenced, otherwise the diseased areas of the Energy and physical bodies will have negative Energy to overcome first, thus slowing or worse completely preventing the effectiveness of the energetic healing processes.

It is also very important for the Pranic healer to avoid becoming drained of Energy or being contaminated with the diseased Energy from the patient. An advanced Pranic healer will avoid this situation by channelling Energy directly from his or her surroundings from the infinite supply of the Universe directly into the Energy Body of the patient. By ensuring a constant flow of Energy in this way the healer avoids becoming drained of his or her own Energy which would necessitate a recharging period should this occur.

Decontamination is also a very important. Healers can become ill themselves by the absorption of diseased Energy from the patient, not only on a physical body level but also at the level of the inner bodies. Decontamination involves the energetic purification of the healing space, not only for the safeguard of the healer but also for future patients.

Effective Healing includes direct treatment of the main chakras, which as we already know are the seven main Energy centres located at various points within the Energy Body. Different ailments are usually associated with one or more chakras, and by directly treating the chakras involved with Energy in conjunction with treating the Energy Body as a whole, treatment is correspondingly more rapid and effective. More advanced methods of Pranic Healing make use of Energy of the appropriate colour, relating to the type of ailment and the area of the Energy Body or chakra involved. This colour healing process is performed by the use of creative visualisation in conjunction with the projection of Energy by the Pranic healer.

An example of the use of colour is the use of red Energy for sufferers of Asthma, which has the corresponding physical effect of dilating the bronchial tubes of the sufferer, thereby relieving the breathing process. More severe ailments such as AIDS and cancer for example, are often responsive to the more powerful colour frequencies such as violet.

In addition to physiological problems this form of healing can also be used very effectively to treat psychological problems. Negative emotions as well as originating upon the Mental Plane or as a result of psychic attack or other inner origin such as larvae can also originate in the form of negative thoughts and emotions that have become attached to the Energy Body and specific chakras of the patient. Conventional psychotherapy can often take many months or even years to release these negative Energy by conventional means, if indeed they ever fully succeed, and even then they are usually unaware of exactly what it is they are treating and of its true origin. Psychotherapists are therefore usually treating the physically manifesting symptoms of the problem, as if it originated within the physical brain, rather than the true, inner origins of the condition. However, by using advanced techniques involving the isolation and removal of the negative Energy attached to the Energy Body and the affected chakras, traumas, phobias, obsessions, compulsions, addictions and most other psychological problems can be treated and cured much more efficiently at source, and in a fraction of the time required by conventional psychotherapy.

More importantly for the patient, there is no requirement whatsoever to disclose any sort of personal information, such information being completely irrelevant to the healing of the problem. Very often, even after the first session for healing a psychological affliction, the patient feels a sense of great peace and serenity, as if a large weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

Pranic Healing is very powerful indeed. Much more than an alternative to conventional medicine and can very often bring about complete and permanent cures of even very advanced and very serious physical and psychological ailments, most which would have been impossible to cure by conventional medicine. There are an increasing number of Pranic Healing practitioners around the world. The usual cautions apply when seeking the services of a Pranic healer; always ensure that the practitioner is genuine by thoroughly checking their experience and credentials, and most importantly always obtain testimonials and references.

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