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While practicing Astral Projection there is another experience that can occur spontaneously and which possibility you should be fully prepared for. Having achieved the Mind awake, body asleep state you might suddenly feel as if some or all of your body begins to “vibrate” very rapidly. These vibrations can steadily increase in intensity to the point where they can seem very dramatic indeed. In addition to these vibrations there is also the possibility that your physical body will seemingly become completely “paralysed” to the extent you simply cannot seem to move any part of your body at all, a state known as “catalepsy”. Do not be alarmed if this occurs, you are in absolutely no danger and the condition is perfectly safe.

A further possibility during this process is for some or all of your Etheric body to start to “float” out of or above your physical body. These are all very common characteristics of the early stages of what is usually referred to as an “Out of Body Experience”, more commonly known as an “OBE”, and again are all perfectly natural and no cause for concern. Out of Body Experience can be consciously initiated by using an effect Out of Body Experience Method. Our Ultimate Reality details the three best Out of Body Experience methods

Should you find yourself in an OBE situation while practicing Astral Projection the first thing to remember is to remain totally calm and relaxed; you are not in any danger. The vibrations will often increase to the point where your conscious awareness will leave your physical body and become centred within your Etheric body. At this point you will be completely free to travel in the Etheric plane beyond the confines of your physical body.

The actual separation process between your physical and Etheric bodies during the vibrational stage can either happen automatically whereby your Consciousness and Etheric body will quite literally be projected from your physical body, finding yourself floating somewhere in your room, or you might have to help along the process of separation; there are various ways to achieve this. A particularly effective method of leaving your physical body with your Etheric body once the vibrations are well and truly established is to imagine with as much realism and certainty as possible that you have already floated some distance above your physical body. As with all creative processes involving visualisation and the imagination you must imagine this situation in the present tense as if it is already an absolute reality; there should be no doubts whatsoever in you Mind as to the certainty of this. If this succeeds you should actually find yourself floating above your physical body.

If separation by means of your imagination does not work, a more direct approach will be required. Move out of your physical body with your Etheric body by “rolling” to one side. It is most important not to actually move your physical body while doing this, indeed if by this stage your physical body has become completely paralysed as frequently occurs in this situation, this condition known as “catalepsy, you will not be able to move your physical body anyway. These are all perfectly normal characteristics of the onset of an Out of Body Experience, so please do not be alarmed; it is most important to remain as calm and passive as possible while going with the flow of the OBE process.

You can also gradually sit up with your Etheric body, and then, if successful, gradually stand up and move some distance away from your physical body. Once again it should be noted it is very important indeed during this process not to tense or move your physical body in any way; all movements should be with the Etheric body only otherwise you could terminate the OBE process suddenly finding yourself in a normal state of waking Consciousness.

Separation from your physical body while the vibrations are in full flow is not as difficult as it might seem. At this stage of the Out of Body Experience process your centre of conscious awareness will be centred within your Etheric body that will as a result feel very real and solid while your physical body will be unable to move. Again, it is most important to absolutely remain calm at all times, ensuring you are in full conscious control of the separation process.

It sometimes happens that immediately after the initial exit from your physical body, your Astral “vision” might seem somewhat dim, or in some cases even non-existent. Should this happen, will yourself to move further away from your physical body by imagining you have already done so, and then with as much emotion as possible, firmly and meaningfully state the command in your Mind, “full clarity now”. Repeat this command with absolute authority as often as is necessary to achieve full perception of your surroundings. Do remember that your Mind, your Consciousness is in full control, and whatever you desire must become a reality.

It is highly advisable to understand the characteristics of your Etheric body and how to maintain full control over it during an OBE. Although the Etheric plane is not on the same level of Energy vibration as the Astral plane it is still nevertheless an outer extension of it, a lower aspect of the entire Universal continuum, and therefore very similar characteristics apply as to the main Astral planes.

The Etheric plane is much closer to the density of the Astral planes than the physical plane and like the inner planes the Etheric plane is therefore also a “Mind world” and highly responsive to thought. Accordingly, one of the first characteristics you will notice is that any thought will instantly become a cause with a correspondingly instant effect. With this in Mind it remains absolutely vital to retain full control over your thoughts and emotions at all times, maintaining an air of passiveness or passive curiosity. If you do not achieve this level of control over your own emotions you have the potential to quite literally scare yourself back into your physical body, by for example becoming frightened of the possibility of meeting an evil being. If you do create such a particular thought within your Mind then it will immediately manifest into your reality and the evil being will conveniently appear in exactly the same the form as you imagined in your worst fears. This being will not be real of course, being rather a product of your own imagination, but it might certainly seem very real and every bit as frightening as you imagined it to be.

Another characteristic you will notice once you are out of your physical body is that you will experience full vision, but rather than being restricted to the normal narrow field of vision of the physical eyes your field of vision will now be better than 360 degrees; as well as being able to see all around you your vision will also in effect be spherical. This might well seem somewhat alarming or even confusing at first; you might for example see a cupboard behind you that would normally be in front of you. This “illusion” is caused by the fact you are used to your normal narrow physical field of vision while confined within your physical body, and your Mind simply cannot at first comprehend and assimilate the characteristics of full, unrestricted spherical vision. It should not take long to get used to this situation however, particularly if you are well prepared for it and fully understand what is actually happening.

Your quality of vision might initially vary between non-existent to crystal clear, and often very much better even than physical vision. As mentioned previously, should you experience no vision or dim, murky vision initially, the best thing to do is to move further away from your physical body by imagining you have already done so, and then mentally state the command with as much authority and Energy as possible, “full clarity now”.

The next challenge to confront you once out of body will be that of moving around. In the Etheric plane you are not confined by gravity or movement on two legs as you are in the physical world, but can rather move around in any direction at all at will, including up through the roof and down through the floor. Similarly, objects appearing to be solid such as walls and doors will now present no barrier whatsoever; you can simply pass straight through them at will. It is worth noting that in your Etheric body you are identical to what people commonly refer to as a “ghost”. The only tangible difference between a ghost and a person in the Out of Body Experience state is that the latter can return to their physical body at will whereas the former, the ghost of course cannot.

A person in the OBE state can often materialise as an apparition before other people, especially in places with a particularly high concentration of ectoplasm. Similarly, with sufficient Etheric Energy and density, both a ghost and a person in the OBE state can also affect objects in the material world by making them move or make sounds; such a person is often known as a “poltergeist”. A person in the Out of Body Experience state can also meet and communicate with deceased humans, and indeed this often happens. Deceased humans can either be people from the Astral worlds “visiting” the lower Etheric plane, or can be “ghosts”, passed over human beings still existing within the lower Etheric planes for some reason.

The newcomer to Out of Body Experience will often, particularly at first find moving around an awkward process at best with a tendency to unintentionally float through doors and walls, or often even up through the ceiling or down through the floor. Although you will initially tend to move around by thinking you are moving your legs as you would in your physical body, ultimately all movement, like everything else in the inner worlds is controlled by the focussed powers of the Mind and in particular will, intent and imagination. You are not in any way restricted by the physical rules of physics and can therefore travel anywhere in the world or even within the physical Universe simply by means of your will, intent and imagination. Once again however, it is most important to understand your travels will be taking place within an Etheric reflection of the physical world rather than within the density of the actual physical world itself.

Again is should be made absolutely clear that while travelling during an OBE you are not actually “seeing” the physical world itself, or passing through physical objects as such, what you are perceiving is an Etheric “reflection” of the physical world. So when you travel through a door or a wall, or visit anywhere in the physical Universe, you are actually in a very close “copy” of that environment. That is why the Etheric environment is so susceptible to the Mind where you can create objects, situations and even complete alternative realities. As previously mentioned however, it is still quite possible for a person in the OBE state, or a ghost to lower the vibrations of their Energy body to such an extent as to be very close to the physical world. There are Masters from the inner spheres of life and reality who can at will match the vibrations of the Energy of the physical world, thereby fully materialising within the world of matter as a “solid” person, every bit as solid as any other human being living on the physical Earth. One day every person will enjoy the same abilities, thereby being able to visit the physical world in “solid” form at will, from any inner plane of the Spirit worlds.

Many people in the OBE state visit the Moon, a nearby planet such as Mars or even distant star systems; there are absolutely no limitations to travel within the Etheric plane where space and time simply do not exist, everything occurring quite literally at the speed of thought. If you wish to move forward then simply imagine you have already done so. Likewise, should you wish to visit a friend or relative then all it takes to do so is form the desire and intent to do so and to imagine being already in their presence, at which point you should instantly find yourself in the presence of the person.

Of course the people you are visiting within the physical world will not usually be aware of your presence in the same way physical people are usually completely unaware of being visited by a deceased person. The people you are visiting will therefore usually fail to respond to any attempts at communication. If however the person you are visiting possesses medium, psychic or clairvoyant abilities they might well be able to perceive your presence and often even to be able to easily communicate with you. A pet such as a dog or cat are very often acutely aware of people in the OBE state just as they are of deceased visitors or ghosts.

The next thing you will need to learn while in the Out of Body Experience state is how to control acceleration, speed and momentum, all of which have no limits in the inner planes of life and reality. You can if you wish accelerate to the speed of a car, a plane, or even beyond the speed of light; all travel taking place at the infinite speed of thought. Remember however that thought is Energy just as the entire Universe is Energy. Having reached such speeds however, it is necessary to learn how to slow down once again or you might suddenly find yourself venturing deep into outer space. Full control of movement simply takes practice. Remember to do everything smoothly and with full focus and presence of Mind and you will very soon get used to moving around. Even if you do find yourself in outer space or some other unfamiliar location, don’t panic, you can always return to your physical body at will at any time simple by forming the intent and imagining that you have already returned to your physical body.

You might also want to fly which is perfectly possible in the OBE state using one of the three best Out of Body Experience methods that you will learn in Our Ultimate Reality with no physical gravity to contend with. As with basic movement, flying is an ability that needs to be learned and controlled. It is for example much easier to blast off into outer space than to soar gracefully over the treetops like a bird. To fly, simply form the will and intent to do so and imagine having already launched into the air and flying like a bird. As always, these thoughts should always be in the present tense and to the extent you know beyond any doubt that you are already flying like a bird. If you wish you may even imagine yourself with your arms outstretched flying like Superman. Or if you prefer you can flap your imaginary wings just like a bird.

At first you might find yourself drifting back down again; this is merely due to your own concept and expectation of the force of gravity as experienced within the physical world; you initially expect not to be able defy the physical laws of gravity and remain in the air and accordingly you do not, always drifting back downwards just as you would expect to happen in the physical plane. Always remember that all of your thoughts and imagination are your reality. As there is actually no gravity whatsoever in the Etheric plane and you need to lodge that reality firmly in your Mind when flying, knowing, beyond doubts in your Mind you will remain airborne at will.

This might well take some time and practice; we all have to live with gravity as a natural aspect of the physical world, and generally do not expect to be able to defy the laws of gravity by remaining off the physical ground while fully unsupported. Once you have firmly planted the thought in your Mind that gravity simply does not exist it will become your reality thereby enabling you to remain airborne. After plenty of practice, flying during an OBE will become second nature, but anticipate many amusing situations in the meantime such as drifting through the roofs of strange homes or blasting off to the moon.

Passing through solid objects might also present problems initially, mainly due to the belief, like flying, it is impossible to do. In the physical world we are conditioned to believe that walls, doors, ceilings and all other material objects are solid; they are only solid of course to the mediation of the physical senses. In the Etheric planes however, being a lower aspect of the Astral planes, belief can be a very powerful barrier indeed to progress. The only way to overcome this obstacle is to know beyond any doubts in your own Mind that while in your Etheric body you can indeed pass straight through any objects that might appear to be solid and with absolute ease. After the first time of passing through a wall, a door, the ceiling or floor you will be left in no doubts whatsoever, and will happily proceed to travel through any seemingly solid objects with complete confidence in future. It is advisable however to avoid passing through reflective surfaces such as mirrors or windows. These can often cause an anomaly by projecting you into a mirror image of your Etheric surroundings, which are in fact in turn a mirror image of the physical world, and all sorts of possible anomalies, illusions and confusions can occur.

Leaving your home by passing through a wall, a door or even through the ceiling will prevent such situations arising. Once outside you can travel at any speed you desire, from a casual walking speed to flying at the speed of an aircraft or indeed any speed at all, thus covering good distances in a relatively short time while still being able to view the scenery as it passes beneath you. You can travel around the world by using normal navigation techniques, following roads, rivers and landmarks, but for travelling great distances it is often better to travel to your destination instantly simply by forming the will and intent to do so, and imagining yourself to already be there. As previously mentioned it is quite possible to travel quite literally at the speed of thought, which is much, much faster than the speed of light.

If you know where you wish to go or who you wish to visit and can visualise that location or person, then you can arrive there in the same instant. There are no limits to such instant travel, travelling from say England to Australia happens in less time than the blink of an eye. This not only applies to places on Earth, but also theoretically anywhere in the entire physical equivalent of the Universe. The main problem with travelling instantly in outer space however is you will not be able to easily visualise a destination much beyond the moon, Mars, or other better known inner planet, simply because there is not sufficient data available to form a proper image within your Mind. Many people in Out of Bodty Travel state do travel to the Moon, and it is certainly worthwhile visiting the moon at least once just for the experience, especially the far side of the moon that faces away from Earth, and therefore cannot normally be viewed by physical means.

If you do wish to explore the physical Universe, remembering of course that it is infinite and you are travelling in an Etheric reflection of the physical Universe as opposed to the physical Universe itself, the best way to proceed is to fly at the highest possible speed you can summon, launching yourself into outer space, heading for whichever star system takes your fancy.

If you do find yourself in an Out of Body Experience situation rather than the originally intended Astral Projection, it is still quite possible to transition from the Etheric to the Astral planes. In theory this is achieved by simply raising the vibrations of your Etheric body until you match the vibrations and density of the appropriate level of the Astral planes. Your Etheric body should then simply fade giving way to your Astral Body as you find yourself within the Astral planes. This is exactly the same process occurring naturally with recently deceased people when transitioning to their next home in the Astral worlds. To raise your vibrations to the Astral planes, as with all inner travel, it is simply a case of forming the will and intent to do so while using your imagination to visualise yourself as already being at your desired Astral destination, or in the presence of the desired person.

A further and often very useful possibility is to mentally request the assistance of a guide. A guide will usually appear and will be very pleased to assist you in achieving your desired destination or objective. Should you not succeed in the transition to the Astral planes in this way, there are other possibilities. One possibility that has been proven to be effective is to fly at the highest possible speed towards a point midway between the ground and the distant horizon. Very often this will result in the increase in the vibration of your Energy body with a resultant “dimensional shift”, and you will find yourself somewhere within the Astral planes.

Sometimes “tunnel” or “tube” like structures might also appear while in the Etheric plane. These are effectively “portals” to the Astral planes and entering such a tunnel will often result in travelling at a seemingly very high speed before very quickly arriving within the Astral planes. This is a similar process to the “tunnels of light” often reported by people during “near death experiences” or “NDE” as they are often called, and are also the same tunnels often encountered by recently deceased people when transitioning from their previous physical existence to their new home in the Astral worlds. You should be fully aware however there is no risk at all associated with entering these tunnels of light; you can always return to your physical body at will.

In addition to experiencing a spontaneous Out of Body Experience situation while practicing Astral Projection, it is also quite possible to induce an OBE by design. As with Astral Projection there are numerous methods for inducing an OBE. Many if not most such methods however can, and unfortunately often have proven to be very difficult to achieve for most people, requiring very considerable dedication and practice, still with absolutely no guarantees of success. Unfortunately many people become discouraged with persistent failure to achieve an OBE by means of these methods, simply believing it to be beyond their capability.

The main reasons for failing to accomplish Out of Body Travel with the many of the methods available today includes the failure to achieve adequate states of deep physical relaxation, concentration and trance, the Mind awake, body asleep state starting from a fully waking state. Fortunately however there are several much more natural methods which, as with Astral Projection make use of the naturally occurring sleep state in order to accomplish these pre-requisite conditions.

Excellent powers of concentration are required to achieve an adequate state of trance if endeavouring to perform an OBE from a fully awake state. However, if projecting from a just before, during or after a state of sleep, the induced trance state is no longer required due to the fact the body will already exist in a state of deep physical relaxation. Methods with which to invoke Out of Body Travel from the natural sleep state are therefore much more straightforward and very much easier to achieve than methods practiced from a fully waking state, and are accordingly much more within the reach and capabilities of the majority of people.

It is simply not necessary to attempt an Out of Body Experience from a fully waking state unless there is a particular reason for doing so. If the desire is to OBE during the daytime it can be much more easily achieved by taking a daytime nap. It is also much more convenient to OBE during the night or very early morning, as most people are otherwise occupied during daytime hours.

Another excellent benefit of performing Out of Body Travel at night is that your physical body will still be asleep and receiving all the rest and recuperation it naturally requires while your Etheric or Astral body is travelling elsewhere gaining valuable experiences; a most efficient use of time which applies to both Astral Projection and OBE projections. Like Astral Projection OBE is a perfectly natural process. There are three different methods for achieving an OBE from the natural sleep state, all of which have proved to be highly successful for a wide range of people. The three times when these OBE methods can be used to the greatest effect are:

• Immediately before sleep, after retiring to bed.
• After awaking 2 hours or so earlier than usual.
• Immediately before or after a daytime nap.

The second of these possibilities, immediately after awaking a couple of hours earlier than usual also relies on drifting back to sleep again. This particular time of the morning, after two or three normal sleep cycles, seems to be particularly effective in invoking OBE and Astral Projection as well as Lucid Dreaming. This is almost certainly due to the fact the body is in a particularly advanced state of deep physical relaxation, and the Consciousness is clear of the mundane thoughts usually present in the Mind after a full waking day. At this time the Consciousness is also much more tuned into the inner realms where it will have been normally focussed during sleep.

As previously mentioned, everyone naturally projects during the physical sleep process and the object of the OBE and the previously discussed Astral Projection procedures is to make use of this fact in order to achieve a fully conscious and therefore fully controllable experience. Early morning is also a particularly convenient time to perform Out of Body Travel or Out of Body Experience or indeed Astral Projection and will not usually result in tiredness after arising in the morning; the physical body will still be in a state of deep relaxation.

All of the following three methods involve programming your Mind before sleep in order to invoke a conscious Out of Body Experience at some stage during the sleep cycle. Using these methods Out of Body Travel often occurs shortly after falling asleep. As with Astral Projection, the more these methods are practised, the more reliable and successful they will be.

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