Natural Healing Or Self Healing Sometimes Known As Holistic Healing

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Just as we have the ability to create our own reality by attracting and manifesting our needs and desires into our physical world, we equally have the ability to manifest natural healing or self healing, sometimes known as holistic healing. As we already know, the vast majority of diseases, even the most serious illnesses including those very often considered to be incurable, originate within the inner, subtle bodies. The basis of all self healing, whether it is known as natural healing or holistic healing is that none of our subtle bodies, physical, Etheric, Astral or Mental, can, like the Universe itself be separated from the “whole”, and therefore by influencing the inner bodies in the required way, the outer bodies will be influenced in exactly the same way and to the same degree in accordance with the Universal principle of correspondence, “as above, so below”, or more correctly "as within, so without". Healing is simply another aspect of The Law of Attraction, but in the case of natural healing the infinite powers of our Subconscious Mind heal the body directly.

Holistic healing can also be likened to the quantum physics metaphor of a hologram, where any aspect of the hologram, in this case the human bodies, physical, Etheric, Astral and Mental contain the whole, the whole being inseparable from its notional parts. With the use of creative visualisation we can therefore attract Energy into the inner bodies for complete health or for the cure of a specific ailment, and which Energy must in turn manifest into the physical body where full health is restored. It is not only possible to heal ourselves in this way but indeed to also heal anyone at all irrespective of distance, providing the person can be visualized and there is sufficient knowledge of the ailment.

Natural healing or self healing by means of creative visualisation, or more specifically by the imagination can be very powerful and highly effective; there are no absolute limits as to the level or completeness of natural healing or holistic healing by utilising these methods. There have for example been cases of inoperable brain tumours completely disappearing, resulting in a full and seemingly “miraculous” recovery. There are numerous cases of other, supposedly malignant and incurable cancers being fully cured where traditional medicine has not been successful and had all but given up on the patient. There are many cases of self healing for example where people have dissolved their own gallstones by means of natural healing, and there are many more cases where a person has dissolved malignant cancers and tumors, including inoperable brain tumors.

There are exceptions of course to the scope of self healing, for example in the case of severe physical injury inflicted by physical means such as by a car accident. Clearly these injuries did not originate directly from within the inner bodies although they will in turn be reflected in the inner bodies, the principle of correspondence “as above, so below” being equally applicable in all directions, “as below, so above”. Even in these cases therefore, creative visualisation can be used to speed the healing process, and to often heal at least some aspects of the physical injuries considered beyond the scope of traditional medicine. Natural healing, or holistic healing whichever you prefer, can also assist greatly in easing pain and suffering, and to bring a greater sense of peace to the patient.

There are notable exceptions however. Sometimes before incarnating into the physical world a person will choose a life where they know they will sooner or later contract and eventually contract a terminal disease such as cancer. This might seem somewhat strange or even extreme, and indeed many people would be inclined to immediately reject such a situation, however there is a very real purpose involved in these cases. As we know, everyone is subject to the law of karma; for every negative thought or action there has to be a price to pay sooner or later, and in the same degree. Again; this is not a punishment and reward system, but rather the perfection of the Universe in operation; what we vibrate to the Universe, whether it be positive, negative or neutral, wanted or unwanted, the Universe will provide.

Often, people who contract serious ailments have done so out of choice by choosing to experience this disease before incarnating on Earth. Choosing to suffer and eventually pass on from such an apparently serious disease might to Earth bound humans seem like a very strange choice. It must be remembered however that while living in the Astral and Spiritual worlds the Soul and Spirit have a much greater perspective of reality, knowing beyond any doubt whatsoever that we are all immortal, Spiritual beings who quite simply cannot “die”. Such a choice of suffering is therefore very much in the context of ongoing individual Spiritual evolution, and in terms of infinity such a life spent in the training ground of the Earth life system out of possibly hundreds of such temporal lives over many thousands of years, and in particular in the context of the progression ahead through the inner spheres of life and reality, the most recent life really is nothing more than a temporal moment.

Why might you ask would a person make such a choice?

As you know by now we are here on Earth for one fundamental reason; to learn and evolve through experience. It might well be therefore that the Higher Self, or more correctly Inner Self of a person feels that they need to gain experience by experiencing this sort of ailment, and thereby having the opportunity to overcome all the challenges associated with the ailment.

It should be stressed however that this by no means applies to all cases of such serious ailments, many of which are also caused as a direct result of imbalances in the Energy Body, which in those cases are not the will of the patient. These are the cases that can be completely healed by natural healing or holistic healing and other inner self healing methods, the ailment not having a greater purpose relating to the personal evolution of the afflicted person.

Another class of patient who might not be healed are those who quite simply do not wish to be healed. It is not possible to heal someone against their own freewill. Such people often believe their mission on Earth is complete, and all they wish to do is to complete their current physical life and pass on to the Astral worlds for rest and reflection in preparation for the next stage of their own individual journey back to The Source, the First Cause, God.

An interesting phenomena demonstrating how natural works in principle is by the use in investigative medicine of a “placebo”. A placebo is an inactive substance, for example water, given to a patient who believes it to be real medicine. In numerous cases the patient is cured simply by taking the placebo alone and with no genuine supporting medication whatsoever. This works because the patient sincerely believes, beyond any doubt in the Mind of the patient that the placebo is in fact real medicine that will cure them. In this case the patient has subconsciously used their own imagination upon themselves, but the result is exactly the same, often to the considerable surprise of doctors and all others concerned; a complete cure.

The patient visualised themselves as being cured as a direct result of taking what they believe to be an effective medicine, in turn influencing the Energy of the inner bodies, thereby manifesting as an observable self healing within the physical body.

This natural self healing process works both ways of course and there are people who unwittingly become ill due to the subconscious use of creative visualisation and of the imagination generally and thought processes generally. This occurs when a normally healthy person strongly believes they are, or should become ill for some reason, perhaps out of guilt, or for example as happens in the case of someone considered to be a hypochondriac. This belief coupled with the person subconsciously and very often intensively imagining and believing themselves to be ill, will in turn attract that illness resulting in the manifestation of the same illness that they already sincerely believe they are suffering from.

This in fact is the holistic healing process in reverse, but the principles are exactly the same nevertheless. The Subconscious Mind and the Univers will always, without any exceptions provide whatever is “asked for” in other words what we vibrate, whether it is positive or negative in relation to the perception of the person experiencing the situation. Universal Energy does not “decide” whether any particular thought is “good” or “bad” for a person, the Subconscious Mind or the Universe simply delivers in precise accordance with the thought held within the Subconscious Mind.

The person is in fact subconsciously attracting Energy of illness in their inner bodies, thus creating an energetic disturbance that subsequently has to manifest in the outer bodies and eventually the physical body in the form of a physically observable illness. An excellent example of this situation is where a person comes into contact with another person who is in turn suffering from a serious communicable disease. The person then subconsciously creates within their own imagination a very strong belief that by being in the presence of the person with the disease they will inevitably contract the same disease themselves. This belief in the form of a strongly held thought within the conscious and Subconscious Mind of the person becomes progressively stronger and more focussed, subconsciously imagining themselves as actually suffering from the same disease. This disease must then manifest into their own individual reality in accordance with the Universal Laws of Attraction and Correspondence, “as above, so below”, or more correctly "as within, so without" with the “above” or "without" in this case being the inner, subtle bodies.

Millions of people actually unknowingly do this every year on a less serious level with very common ailments such as colds and influenza. A family member or friend contracts the cold or ‘flu’, and subsequently those around the infected person immediately create the belief in their own Minds they must in turn contracted the disease due to their proximity with the afflicted person. They subconsciously start to visualise themselves feeling unwell, coughing and sneezing, have a fever and other typical symptoms before finally visiting the doctor. This belief process reinforced by the imagination and thoughts held within the Mind ensures they will indeed manifest the disease into their physical existence just as they had imagined and fully believed, and in fact requested whether they know it or not as mentioned previously, the Universe does not differentiate or apply any sort of test to a request in the form of a thought in the Mind, it simply delivers in accordance with Universal laws and the freewill granted by God. “Ask and you shall receive” equally applies to everything in the Universe whether it is perceptually “good” or “bad” for the person who attracted it into their reality.

This can also happen when a person actually wishes or asks to contract a disease in order for example to take time off their employment. The wish and desire held within the Mind, reinforced by imagination and intent of becoming ill in order to facilitate remaining at home will usually be sufficient to ensure the disease is contracted, and the desired time off work manifested as a complete reality. Of course to the person concerned it was probably just “wishful thinking”, but to the Universe all thoughts influence Energy in the direction of the desired effect, whether the thought was within the Mind at a conscious or subconscious level.

Had the person in all of these cases consciously imagined themselves to be in full health, in the certain belief they cannot possibly become ill by being in the presence of an infected person, then they will indeed remain healthy. The power of the imagination and thoughts held within the Mind has a profound effect on all bodies, physical and inner and in all directions from inner to outer and outer to inner, again in full accordance with the laws of Correspondence, “as above, so below, as below, so above and Attraction. Often people say of illnesses, “it is all in the Mind”, and more often than not this is completely true whether they really believe this statement or not.

There is another very important aspect of spontaneously contracting an ailment that must not be overlooked. Very often such an ailment can be a “message” from the Subconscious Mind or Higher Self indicating another problem originating in one of the inner bodies. Sometimes the meaning of this message might be very obvious; for example a heavy smoker might suddenly develop chronic bronchitis or pneumonia. In this case the message is very clear; continue smoking and the smokers health will deteriorate, possibly leading to physical death. A heavy drinker might develop liver problems; again the message is very clear; stop drinking alcohol or accept the consequences.

These are all cases of “wakeup calls” from the Higher Self to the physical self. Very often however messages from the Higher Self are much more subtle. Keep in Mind that every spontaneously manifesting ailment has an underlying cause for which the ailment is the corresponding effect, whether it is due to an imbalance in the Energy Body or by way of a message from the Higher Self.

Please also keep in mind the immutable Universal law of Cause and Effect; nothing ever happens by chance. At times like these the ability of meditation is extremely useful. In deep meditation questions can be asked and answers received regarding the origins and reasons for an ailment. With the benefit of this knowledge the appropriate actions can be taken in order to remedy those aspects of life to which the warning relates. This does not mean however the ailment cannot be healed by natural healing or self healing using the power of the Subconscious Mind, because it most certainly can be. The inner bodies, and therefore the physical body must always respond to your will and the thoughts you hold in your Mind. It is always wise however to be fully aware of the thoughts being held in your Mind at all times, ensuring that you focus on only those thoughts that are consistent with the reality you wish to attract, including of course perfect health at all levels.

Nevertheless, messages from the Subconscious Mind and Higher Self are conveyed for a reason and it is most advisable to discover the meaning behind such reason and to take the appropriate action accordingly. It is advisable however whenever an illness occurs spontaneously, even while curing the illness by means of creative visualisation, give some thought as to the possible meaning of the illness. Should you receive an answer during meditation, or in the form of inspiration or perhaps in a dream, then you should take heed and act upon it immediately; the Higher Self is sublime, and only has your best interests of progression at heart.

Our Subconscious Mind communicating with the Higher Self has complete knowledge of your entire existence, past, present and future as relates to temporal Earth time, and at all levels of the continuum of the Universe, physical, Etheric, Astral and Mental. Always remember however that you should never, ever feel guilty or blame yourself in any way for any illness or ailment however serious, and likewise never blame others. Most illnesses are simply due to imbalances in the Energy Body of the sort that can happen to quite literally anyone from time to time.

Those apparent ailments originating in the form of warnings from the Higher Self are never intended to be a punishment in any way whatsoever, but rather a gentle nudge in the right direction. Should the message from the Higher Self remain unheeded however the nudges will become progressively firmer and more pronounced, eventually, if remaining unheeded resulting in a larger push in the right direction.

The most important thing to remember is that the vast majority of diseases, with the exception of those cases pre-determined before incarnation, will respond to self healing or natural healing healing resulting in a complete recovery. When healing others using holistic healing methods it is always highly advisable to obtain their permission first unless they are in no physical or mental position to grant such permission. Should they refuse your request or not respond to your holistic healing healing, then the right of freewill of the patient not to be healed must always be totally respected at all times as a sacred right. Even if you believe you are doing the right thing by healing others, if it is against there will at any level then you will be effectively acting against the will of another person, although your positive, loving motives will always be accounted for.

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