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It seems that many people can still not quite get their Mind around the fact that Abundance, or at least true Abundance is not necessarily, if at all, related to this thing called "money.

One of the most frequent questions I receive in fact is "how to win the lottery".

Whilst the lure of the lottery is understandable in some respects - the desire to become extremely "rich" for no more effort than purchasing a piece of paper from the local store, this really is hope beyond hope. The likelihood of winning the lottery is millions to one against.

In addition - those who do win the lottery rarely keep their money, and often finish up worse off than before their win. This is because they do not have an Abundance Mindset which allows them to keep their money. If they had an Abundance Mindset they would likely not be buying hope in the form of lottery tickets in the first place because they would already be experiencing Abundance through The Law of Attraction.

In terms of The Law of Attraction - the reason why winning the lottery is not practical for most people, is that millions of others are also hoping to win the lottery, buying a ticket being an act of intent to do so. So unless you have an extremely focused Mind, and deeply understand The Law of Attraction and know how to use it for maximum effect - overcoming the hopes of many millions of people - there is no real likelihood of being able to influence the outcome of a lottery draw.

"Money" is a purely human construct, a symbol, a method of exchange which in and of itself is totally and completely meaningless. To the Universe money is simply Energy in the form of bits of metal, paper and electronic bits and bytes of information stored on a network of computer systems with zero tangible value except for the Universal Energy of which it is composed together with all creation.

From a human perspective, "money" somehow represents "value". The question being what precisely is "value"? Value is a purely notional concept relative to each individual person depending on how an object with "value" is perceived. What is perceived as valuable to one person is a worthless trinket to the next - that is why car boot or trunk sales, or garage sales are so very popular. There are always people that place a value on other peoples junk.

Value can also fluctuate dramatically with such factors as the state of the "economy", the "rate of inflation", the "foreign exchange rates" and many other such human constructs, all of which are only of any relevance at a purely physical level and to those who subscribe to such concepts.

The irony is that most money itself although it might appear to be real is not even very tangible in the physical world where it is exchanged. Only a very small percentage of the money in the world actually exists in the form of physical coins and notes, the rest being in the form of electronic information held on computers, money that is simply moved around at the touch of a computer key and created or removed from the human system at will.

Most money in the world is simply "printed" by the "central banks" whenever they wish to, thereby adding to the "money reserve".

How much value can electronic money have that has been created from nothing, without any corresponding value really have?

The abilities of the central banks to control money supply, together with interest rates, has, not surprisingly resulted in many a financial collapse of stock markets and the economy bringing about recessions, as is happening now, and even depressions. The only winners are the central banks because it is they that control the money supply and interest rates that engineer these situations causing millions of people pay the price and suffer as a direct result.

The latest "sub-prime mortgage" fiasco, is a classic example - everyone loses except for the central banks who are paid vast sums in interest to support the ordinary banks and keep them afloat. Without wandering into the realms of conspiracies, it is certainly reasonable to ask if this situation had a deeper, covert motive behind it, as with the many past financial crises.

So even money is, for the most part notional, an illusion existing only to perpetuate the human concept of "value", doubling as an instrument of control by a few financially wealthy people who crave more wealth and power at all costs.

A main reason most people are so obsessed with money is because of the Energy surrounding money due to the focus of literally billions of people around the world, all perceiving money as a necessity. If everyone in the world were to cease focusing on money, then the Energy of money could not be sustained and the illusion of money would quite simply cease to exist as a concept along with the central banks, financial institutions, and rich and powerful, in physical terms, families that control them.

So what does this mean to humanity in real terms?

Well quite simply that the Laws of the Universe are immutable, and just because money exists and so many people are perpetuating the illusion of money by focusing on it, does not mean that Universal Laws cease to function. The Law of Attraction works with immutable perfection, always has worked with immutable perfection, and always will work with immutable perfection. So all you need to do is to cease to focus Energy on money and start to focus on and ask for whatever you truly desire, and in accordance with Universal Principles so shall you receive - always, every time, no exceptions.

Your ability to receive will depend largely on being in harmony with the vibration of that which you are receiving, rather than focusing on the illusion of money. Providing you focus on your wishes and experience them as if they are an absolute reality in your present moment of Now, then you will vibrate in harmony with the object of your wishes which already exists in the Universe of infinite abundance, and it can then manifest into your physical reality. All without the need for this thing called "money".

Wealth is therefore a state of Consciousness, a state of our inner being. Everyone without exception was inherently born with infinite Abundance, and all anyone should have to do is to focus on that Abundance, be in vibrational harmony with that Abundance and be an open channel of Abundance of Source Energy in order to realise and attract Abundance into experiential reality.

Money is not, never has been and never will be necessary for anything at all. To the Universe money is merely Energy manifested into a physical form just the same as anything else within the physical world. As Energy money flows in to our lives and out of our lives - all we need to do is to facilitate that flow by freely receiving, giving and spending. Anyone who is afraid to spend and allow money to flow will block the flow of money Energy and lack will result.

This is why you see people who seem to always be spending yet always seem to enjoy Abundance, while others who are afraid to spend experience increasing lack.

Ultimately however we should make direct use of The Law of Attraction to attract all our wishes, needs and desires from the Infinite Abundance of the Universe without thinking in terms of "money".

Know at all times that you are already infinitely wealthy and focus with joy on realising that wealth and utilising it for the purposes of evolution, expansion and growth, and thereby a state of Being in perfect harmony with the Universe and therefore Source Energy. Those who are in perfect harmony with Divine Providence will always manifest anything desired into physical reality, joyfully, naturally and effortlessly, and absolutely without the need for this human construct called "money".

Unlike money which is often perceived as limited, there is no limit to your own Abundance.

Money is intangible, unreal, an illusion, whereas abundance is your birthright being a Divine aspect of The Universe, The Source, God Who knows only infinite Abundance, evolution and growth. To be dependent on money is to be out of harmony with the Universe resulting in imbalance, discord and unhappiness. Those who throw off the shackles of money can live joyously, Abundantly and harmoniously, enjoying the infinite Abundance of the Universe, Source, Divine Providence.

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