Money And The Law Of Attraction

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I receive countless messages from people who, having decided to use the Law of Attraction in their lives, have focused on attracting just one thing - "money", on the basis that given the money they could simply go out and purchase absolutely anything they desired.

Many of these messages for example focus on "winning the lottery".

The truth is this - the Universe does not recognise "money", which is a human construct. The Universe rather recognises "things" in the form of images formed through powers of the imagination of the Mind.

Everything in the Universe was brought into Being and continues to be brought into being by Mind influencing Energy to create Thought Forms, the imagination being fundamantal to this process.

When applying the Law of Attraction, we should instead be focusing on precisely what the money would be used for rather than on the money by which to buy it. For example, if you desired a new car, you would focus on the precise car desired, rather than the money with which to purchase it - after all, how can we imagine a specific amount of money except as perhaps a pile of notes?

Even if we were to imagine a pile of notes, to the Universe it would simply represent a pile of green paper with numbers on it - only humans attach "value" and significance to those paper notes.

That said - while humans have constructed and abide by this system based upon "money" it will continue to be used in the context of the "human system", which is fine as far as it goes - it works for humans - for now.

There is nothing wrong with money per se in and of itself. Money simply "is". We should never hold negative thoughts about money otherwise we will repel it instead of attracting it to us. Those who hold negative thoughts, such as "money is the root of all evil" will never experience money for that reason. Those on the other hand who enjoy money, and spend money with joy, will always attract even more money.

This is the reason why those with money and spend it lavishly always attract even more money, while those with little money, who worry about spending every penny will always experience lack.

Money must however be regarded in a proper context, particularly in terms of using the Law of Attraction and attracting our own reality. The most important point being, as previously mentioned, we should never excluisively focus on money in preference to the actual "things" we wish to purchase with the money. Focus and attitude are different Energies in this context. We should always have a positive attitude towards money without regarding money as our source of supply which is an entirely different matter.

Understanding these truths really is absolutely fundamental to success with the Law of Attraction, and one major reason so many people fail to achieve the success they hoped for, often giving up altogether, while others amass great fortunes effortlessly.

This week therefore we will take a closer look at the role of "money", so we can see precisely why it is not the way to directly experiencing our wishes needs and desires. Before doing so however there is one caveat to this that I should mention. In imagining something tangible, such as a new car, the means by which to purchase it might well arrive in the form of money which is fine - but that is for the Universe to decide, not us.

So what then in reality is this thing we call "money"?

As previosuly mentioned, the Universe is pure Energy and simply does not recognize the concept of "money", which is an entirely human construct. Our distant ancestors were manifesting everything they required relative to their specific needs at their stage of evolution, long before "money" was even conceived by more recent humanity. Cave paintings, for example, found all around the world, are scenes depicting the wishes of those people such as a successful hunting scene. By focussing on these images they know they will attract what they are focussing on, and will thereby gain the food they need for survival. This is why so many of these cave paintings are depict ancient humans hunting animals with spears.

The only reason "modern" humans are so dependent on money is because they believe that money is an absolute necessity, required in order to realize their wishes, needs and desires. If everyone in the world ceased focusing on money, the illusion of money could no longer be perpetuated and would accordingly cease to exist altogether as a concept, which is all it is, along with the misery it causes to so many people.

While people hold this erroneous belief about money it will always be a self-perpetuating aspect of their experience, and such people will remain a slave to money for the duration of their entire physical life.

From a human perspective, money somehow is supposed to represent value. The question being what precisely is "value"?

Value is a purely notional concept relative to the perception of each individual. The notion of value fluctuates dramatically as the "economy", "rate of inflation", "foreign exchange rates" and many other such human constructs, change. The irony is that even these factors, in and of themselves are simply human ideas, which can and are often manipulated by the world governments, institutions and in particular the so calkled "central banks" for their own agendas.

No one really understands how or on what basis the "central banks" quite literally "print" money. In the USA for example the amount of money in circulation was supposed to be "backed" by the equivalent in reserves of gold, but of course there is no way for most people to verify this is actually the case. In any case the notes of the US currency no longer state that gold is the standard, rather now stating that the note is simply "legal tender".

In any case, only a very small percentage of the money in the world tangibly exists in the form of physical coins and notes. Most "money" is in the form of electronic data, bits and bytes held on a vast network of computer systems that can simply move money around at the touch of a computer key.

So, even "money" itself is an illusion existing only to perpetuate the human concept of "value", but which for many people, businesses and governments has long since become an obsession at the expense of everything else important in life, not the least of which is compassion, service to others, Love and the needs of the majority.

As mentioned before, it is not, never has been and never will be within the sphere of human Beings to decide how things should be manifested into physical reality where they can be experienced. It is this erroneous belief that is one of the greatest sources of all misery, with people making money the centre of their priorities.

Again, "money" is at one level simply a human construct, a notional method of exchange, and at the most basic level most money does not even really exist in a tangible form except for the few percent that remains in circulation in the form of notes and coins that people can "spend" in exchange for products and services.

The realisation of our needs is, always has been and always will be a natural function of the Universe and of the Mind by, The Source providing our every need unconditionally, if only humanity knew how to realise this powerful truth instead of relying on intangibles.

Money is the fuel of materialism and the basis for the enforcement of human power over what is perceived as "others" - one of the main reasons that humanity has been heading away from its own true purpose and destiny and towards potential but very real disaster.

While so many people focus on money as an object of power, control and means of obtaining goods and services, it will be associated with the Energy that perpetuates that same power, and so the association of money with power and control will be perpetuated, thereby allowing the dark factions that seek power and control over humanity to use money as an instrument of control, just as they have so many times in the past and continue to do so today without most even realising it. Every "boom" and "bust" cycle, including the stock market crashes, depressions, recessions, and most recently the so called "sub-prime" crisis has been engineered, ultimately to place people under a burden of debt through which they can be controlled.

Universal Principles work with absolute, immutable perfection, have always worked with absolute, immutable perfection, and always will work with absolute, immutable perfection. So, all humanity needs to do is to cease to focus on the Energy of money and start to focus on applying these immutable Universal Principles and therefore the Energy of that which is desired. When this happens the world will become a vastly happier place, and the adverse consequences of money, such as poverty, control and oppression will become a thing of the past along with this thing called "money".

Health, wealth and abundance is a state of Mind. Everyone was born wealthy, and all anyone needs to do is to realise that health, wealth and abundance by aligning with the Universe and Source, thereby coming into vibrational harmony that it may be received.

Again, we must never shun money, or hold a negative image of money. Although Money is a human construct human society is based around money at this time, although this could chance soon. Accordingly there is nothing at all wrong with attracting and making use of money in the context of the human society providing that it is available, and is appropriate to do so - but not as a primary consideration for gaining abundance.

The most important point, and the one that I hope I have conveyed in this newsletter, is that, in the context of applying the Law of Attraction, we should always focus directly on the "things" we wish to attract, thereby being in harmony with the immutable workings of the Universe and therefore of Universal Principles, enabling us to be powerful attractors of our own reality.

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