Mind Over Healing Health And Ageing

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I receive countless messages from people asking for help in all manner of healing and health issues, and of course I do my very best to provide that help as far as I possibly can.

We have already discussed Telekinesis - or "Mind over matter" - but the same Principles apply to all things including, but not limited to Mind over Health, Mind over Healing and Mind over ageing. In other words Mind is Principle over our entire experience, and because we are One, Mind can also influence the experience of "others", or more specifically - others aspects of Self.

There is one underlying factor, which, when fully understood, will greatly assist in all things related to healing and health including the illusion of "ageing" - everything we experience as our body, as with everything we perceive as being "external" to our body, is a direct result of our thoughts, intentions, expectations feelings, including emotions, and observations - without exception.

Many people find it difficult to accept the truth that they are the cause and therefore product of their own health, weight, mental state etc. - but once realised and accepted it is extremely empowering on many levels

No longer is it necessary to accept poor health, "catching diseases" from others, or a "body" that you are unhappy with - we all have absolute control over All of these aspects of Self.

Take "weight" for example - one of the factors that most people are conscious of - body weight is not directly a function of what, or how much we eat, but how we think of ourselves. Most people associate, at some level, eating "fast food" for example, with "putting on weight", therefore every time they go to a fast food outlet they "put on weight" - it must happen - by Mind Principle - because they believe and have faith in that process.

This is why some people can eat as much as they desire without ever "putting on any weight" at all - they simply do not expect to.

That said - if we eat the wrong things - for example animal and dairy products which are proven to be toxic or detrimental to the human system - because the human body was never designed for this type of food - and we have an indifferent mindset towards our nutrition - then these will have a seriously negatively impact on health, simply because the body reacts in a natural way towards these unnatural foods. However, as our Mind always has absolute dominion over our body, we can eat anything without it affecting us in any way - not that I am suggesting anyone does this - I am simply illustrating the Principle.

The Old Testament, the story of creation and of Humans confirms the foods God provided for us:

God said, "Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed, which is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree, which bears fruit yielding seed. It will be your food. -- Genesis 1.29:

"But flesh with its life, its blood, you shall not eat". --Genesis 9.4

As well as the moral considerations of diet:

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way in which its animals are treated." -- Mahatma Gandhi

"Whoever is kind to the lesser creatures is kind to himself". -- Prophet Mohamed

"There is not an animal on the earth, nor a flying creature flying on two wings, but they are peoples like unto you". -- Koran, surah 6, verse 38

People can drink a "fatal" poison or be bitten by a poisonous insect, snake, spider etc. and experience neither "death" or ill effect at all, depending on what they believe will happen.

Plain and simple - our physical body is an aspect of our physical experience, and therefore, as with our external experience, our thoughts always shape our body in every way.

When you get a "stomach ache" for example,your stomach has no intelligence which causes it to decide to ache - it is simply reacting to a bad food combination. Rather than accepting the discomfort, simply remind your stomach that it has no right to behave in that way, and then instruct your Subconscious Mind" to deal with it - which it will.

The same Principle applies to "ageing". As discussed in a recent newsletter, people only appear to "age" because they are taught from birth that as we get "older" changes take place to our body such as teeth decaying or falling out, hair falling out and turning grey, skin wrinkling, and all the other outward manifestations of what people know as "ageing".

The process of "ageing" is very much reinforced by the "vanity industry" who, through TV adverts, bombard people withe a relentless series of products to mask or even prevent the effects of "ageing", often using impressive sounding chemical compound names, thus reinforcing the thought of ageing and vanity itself, and therefore becoming self-fulfilling.

If you go to the doctor and start taking "medicines", you are saying to your Subconscious Mind "I have a disease". Taking that medicine is the same as repeating the affirmation "I have a disease", and the physical action of taking that medicine reinforces the presence of that disease.

This is the true mystical meaning of the "eucharist" as opposed to the theological concept of it as practiced by the Christian religions. The mystical or Magical meaning of the Eucharist is specifically the reinforcement of a Principle on the Subconscious Mind through the action of eating or drinking.

As also discussed in a recent newsletter - it is a scientifically accepted fact that the body of every single one of us, without exception, is completely rebuilt every few years - some parts taking just a matter of hours, some days, some months, but after a few years we have a brand new body.

So why do people age or suffer long-term diseases? Quite simply because the Subconscious Mind is building our body in absolute accordance with the blueprint we provide with our thoughts.

If you think you will "age" and suffer from a life-long ailment, then that will be your experience, every time, by the one fundamental Principle in and of the Universe - Mind.

Likewise with "body building" or "training at the gym". Anyone can attain the perfect body shape and other attributes without even leaving the house, or using any equipment, and probably better results as well. The only "workout" anyone needs is of the Mind, because Mind is Principle and has dominion over the Body. Attending gym etc. does not "build the body" in and of itself - it is the expectation that it will that is the Cause behind the Effect - i.e. Mind.

So - we have absolute control over our body at every level.
Specifically - our Subconscious Mind, over which our conscious Mind has absolute control - has total dominion over our own body.

So what then are the Principle factors for maintaining perfect health and appearance?

1. Love thyself - unconditionally

2. Realise the perfection in which we are made

3. Know the power of the Mind for perfect health at all levels

Let us look at these Principles more closely:

1. Love thyself: God, The Source, The First Cause from Whence we came in the beginning Loves every single one of us - Unconditionally - including those that many humans consider to be "evil".

So if our Creator Loves us Unconditionally, then we should Love ourselves Unconditionally. I do not mean that in a vain, or even narcissistic way, but rather to honour and reciprocate the Love God has for us - to honour God by realising that Unconditional Love within ourselves.

Unconditional Love is the highest vibration in the Universe, and the higher the vibration of Energy we associate with, and assimilate, the higher the effect upon our own body. Unconditional Love is the highest vibration we can honour our body with, and the vibration with the greatest healing power.

If you look in the mirror and dislike what you see, you are effectively disliking God, because you are the Son or Daughter of God in Whose perfect image you are made.

So every time you look in the mirror, regardless of what illusion your physical eyes convey - say to yourself - "I Love you!". And do this as often as you possibly can - you do not have to be looking in a mirror to do this - anywhere and any time is perfect to honour yourself and therefore God.

2. Realise the perfection in which we are made: The First Cause, The Source, Universal Mind knows only absolute perfection.

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them" -- Genesis 1:27

And God's own image is Perfection. So we were all made in the same perfection as God, and it is a sacred duty to express that perfection. God never sent us decay, disease or misery - these are all created by the Mind of humans - God only knows Perfect Life, Perfect Health and Perfect Love, of which we are all channels.

So all we need to do is to realise God within ourselves, as a channel of experience and expression of God, and to realise that perfect image Whence we were made.

If you have manifested a disease in your body with your Mind, rather than accept it, or turn to doctors and chemicals, apologise, and then affirm your Love for yourself and therefore of God. There is a powerful form of healing from the Kahuna's of Hawaii called "Ho'oponopono" who practice this.

So next time you feel less than perfect, apologise most sincerely for your wrongful thought and affirm your Love for yourself and therefore God, and keep doing so until you feel the highest vibration of our Creator flowing through you, knowing you have been restored to original perfect image in which God made you.

3. Know the power of the Mind for health at all levels: It is crucial to know, understand and practice the power of our Mind.

Our Subconscious Mind has total dominion over our body at all levels. It is the Subconscious Mind that maintains our vital functions, breathing, heart beat, blood flow, bodily defenses and everything else at all levels. Likewise the Subconscious Mind responds to our every conscious thought.

Only think therefore healthy thoughts and of your most perfect appearance at all times and that will be your reality. If you see someone sneezing or ill in any other way, do not think to yourself "now I will catch that cold or 'flu", rather think in terms of "I feel so healthy" and "thank you for my perfect health" - never be influenced by those around you.

That said you should not ignore those around you - especially if they are suffering. Because we are all One, you can feel their Love of themselves, and their perfect health, and thereby bring these things into their own reality, which is really a part of your reality.

If your Child or other Loved one or anyone for that matter has manifested an illness within their physical body, place yourself into a state of relaxation where you will not be disturbed, and then feel at one with them, knowing, beyond any doubt that they you are they and they you. Then say "I am sorry for my wrongful thinking" and then "I love You" while feeling that of them Love for yourself and the person being healed. Then visualise that person smiling joyfully, in perfect health knowing the truth of the words of Genesis: "in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them", knowing that image is only one of absolute perfection.

This is the same Principle as Telekinesis as discussed in part one of this newsletter.

The only way to influence "something else" is by knowing that you are part of it and therefore not really "something else" at all.

Everything is Spirit, be it another person or an "object" and therefore the Principle is identical - in order to influence something or someone else, whether to move it or heal them, you must, beyond all doubt, know the truth that they are really you. Once you know this truth, feel this truth, and assimilate this truth into your very Being, a whole range of abilities will open up to you, especially when supported by two of the most powerful emotions in the Universe - true "Faith" and true "Belief" in your own true identity as an inseparable aspect of God, and therefore of the infinite God-given powers of your Subconscious Mind, because -

"Neither shall they say, lo here! or, lo there! For, behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you". -- Luke 17:21

"On that day, you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you". -- John 14:20

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