Mental Projection

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When most people think of "projection" they automatically think of "Astral projection" or OBE. Astral projection is a projection of consciousness into the Energy level the Astral body and an OBE is a projection of consciousness into the Energy level of the etheric or Energy body. These inner bodies then become the main centre of focus while "travelling" out of the physical body.

There is another form of travel and that is by the process known as "Mental projection". Mental projection is a projection of consciousness in the form of pure Spirit, in other words to the level of the Mental body. The Mental body, of which there are an infinite number, is the finest level of Energy vibration, beyond the relative density of the Astral body and the gross density of the physical body.

There are many benefits to Mental projection over Astral projection or OBE. With Astral projection or OBE converted to an Astral projection, travel is limited to the Astral worlds, and even then only to the level of the Astral worlds that are anaologous to your level of perfection and therefore Energy vibration and density.

With Mental projection you are not resticted to the Astral worlds. You have the ability to travel beyond the Astral worlds to the glories of the Spirit worlds, but again only to the extent of the level of perfection of your Mental body. Also within the Mental planes are to be found great Spiritual
intelligences whos task it is to oversee and facilitate the evolution of mankind. These same intelligences or Spirits, which have never incarnated within the physical world, can also be evoked to appear in the physical world by the process of "evocation".

An important aspect of this process is to travel to the Mental planes first and to seek the permission of these great Spiritual intelligences before proceeding with the evocation. These Spirits reside at many different levels of the Spirit worlds, often symbolically represented by the planetary spheres. Planetary spheres however are really levels of Energy vibration and also equate to, for example, The Tree of Life of the Kabbalah.

With Mental projection you can travel anywhere within the physical, Astral or mental worlds at will. However, the vivid physical type senastions experienced during Astral projection and OBE, which sensations are usually far more vivid then those in the physical body, do not for the most part exist. With Mental projection there are no senses of touch, smell, or taste, only of sight and hearing, although both of these of course are at an Energy level and not a physical level.

The advantages of Mental projection are that it is easier to learn than Astral projection and OBE, and has the flexibility of you being able to visit any part of the physical world or Universe at will. You can for example easily visit relatives anywhere in the world and know beyond doubt what they are doing by confirming it later. You can also visit the Astral worlds and perceive what is occuring there, but the residents of the Astral worlds will likely
not perceive you due to the fact that your Mental body is on a much higher level of Energy vibration. Therefore just as physical people
cannot usually perceive others in Etheric or Astral body form, people within the Astral cannot usually perceive those in Mental
bodt form. It is all relative.

Although the sensory feedback is not as vivid as with other types of projection, it is nevertheless very real indeed and can be confirmed. Mental projection is often confused with remote viewing, which actually usually has no visual feedback at all, being entirely by means of impressions.

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