Meditation And Its Practice And Benefits

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Meditation is without question one of the most worthwhile and valuable practices anyone can undertake on a regular and ideally daily basis. Many people however still tend to associate this discipline with a perceived far eastern mystical practice whereby a person will sit on the floor in an impossible looking position, surrounded by candles and burning incense while chanting a mantra. In actual fact this practice for the vast majority of practitioners is nothing like this at all, it is rather a daily habit for millions of people the world over within all cultures and all walks of life, and more people join the ranks of this practice every day as they discover the very considerable values and benefits of this ancient practice.

Let it be said straightaway that there is absolutely no need whatsoever for such notional complicated postures, candles, incense or any other mystical instrument or practice. Meditation can be performed almost anywhere at any time of the day, providing it is in a place which offers the necessary freedom from distractions.

So what exactly are the benefits of meditating? To start with it calms the Mind and relaxes and dissolves tension from the body. In the longer term the Mind begins to experience much higher levels of peace, tranquility and serenity, not only during meditation itself but also during daily life. There is a progressive and profound increase in happiness, tolerance, love, understanding, fearlessness, and inner powers and abilities.

While meditating the powers of concentration increase and the Mind becomes progressively sharper and more under control, including freedom from unwanted thoughts, emotions and influences, and with a much higher ability to enjoy the present moment. There are many further such tangible benefits, but in short this ancient and valuable practice greatly strengthens the body, Soul and Spirit resulting in a higher quality of life.

There are also other important benefits that might seem less obvious. While meditating deeply you are open to the inner realms of reality and Energy thereby making it possible to contact and communicate with beings of the inner realms, including but not limited to Spirit guides, people residing in the Astral words who have passed on from Earth, and even your Higher Self or Holy Guardian Angel. These contacts can be extremely valuable indeed, with information, intuition, insights, advice, encouragement and much more, all assisting considerably in daily life.

Also while meditating you can ask questions, and receive answers on issues of importance to you. Remember, space and time simply do not exist in the inner realms of life and reality, and accordingly the beings and people dwelling there have access to the past, present and future, as well as to vast repositories of information maintained in huge Astral libraries and of course the Akashic record of the Causal sphere of the Universe.

Most techniques have one ultimate objective; to achieve complete silence of the Mind and therefore to reach the real “I” level of pure awareness, resulting in a more direct channel of communication with your Inner Self and a greater, more profound connection with The Source, Our Divine Creator, God.

Again, we must always keep in Mind that when meditating we are focusing inwards to our Soul and Spirit as well as to the inner realms of life and reality. It should be kept in Mind therefore that the inner realms are actually identical to what are often referred to as the “higher” realms; it is simply a matter of perspective.

Most people talk of “higher realms”, higher “levels”, “planes”, “worlds”, “spheres” and so on, but these are actually inner states of Consciousness, vibration and Energy, the physical world being the outermost “shell”, the physical epidermis of the Universe existing at the highest density and the lowest vibration. As the great quantum physicist David Bohm succinctly observed, the outermost layer of the Universe, the physical Universe as observed by science is as “frozen light”. Although Astral and Mental worlds therefore may be considered to be higher relative to the physical worlds, they are in reality all progressively inner worlds with our The Source Energy, The First Cause, God at the very centre. The observable, physical Universe as known to science is merely a very small fraction of the glories of the entire Universe in all its spheres of life and reality.

It is in this state of consciousness experienced while meditating that we reach far beyond the ephemeral, maya, illusion of the physical world of matter and indeed the Astral worlds, to focus far inwards towards the source, eventually realizing a complete oneness with The Source.

When meditating or doing Astral Projection or indeed any other journey beyond the physical world, this is really an inner journey to inner states of Energy, vibration and being.


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