Materialisation Mediums Or Full Spirit Materialisation

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Materialisation mediums, sometimes spelt "materialization medium" are a less well-known type of medium, but might certainly seem much more impressive to the sitters present during these sessions than voice channelling alone. Materialisation mediums are able to allow the Spirits with whom they are communicating to draw large quantities of ectoplasm from the body of the medium and to a lesser extent the other sitters present while in semi-darkness, thereby facilitating a means by which Spirits could actually become visible and therefore materialise either completely or in part.

Unlike the Spirits channelled by some trance mediums, these Spirits tended to be low to mid-Astral level Souls who were not therefore able to impart much information of value to mankind generally. Only low to mid-level beings can lower the low vibration to the level of vibration of the Etheric body required in order to interact with ectoplasm thereby facilitating a complete materialisation. Entities known as “ghosts” have such a low level of vibration and correspondingly higher density, the reason they are so often “seen” as apparition. Materialised, channelled Spirits did nevertheless provide considerable evidence of the continuity of life after physical death to the sitters present, many of whom were also seeking, and indeed achieved communication with deceased relatives.

One of the most famous of all materialisation mediums was Helen Duncan who carried out numerous successful séances whereby Spirits of the deceased would materialise completely in ectoplasmic form, and in such a form were able to communicate with all present on a one to one basis. Many of séances of materialisation medium Helen Duncan took place in the 1930’s and 1940’s during the time of the second world war, and therefore not surprisingly many of the Spirits who materialised were people who had been killed during the fighting. The services of Helen Duncan often provided very great comfort to bereaved relatives, many of whom were actually able to see, communicate with and hold conversations directly with their loved ones.

Throughout the war years materialization medium Helen Duncan reunited many grieving relatives with servicemen who had lost their physical lives in action. At one particular séance in Portsmouth a sailor materialised and was reunited with his mother. The sailor said that his ship, HMS Bahrnam had very recently been sunk. Maurice Barbanell, the editor of “Psychic News” and the medium for Silver Birch heard about this and made enquiries at the admiralty as to whether this sinking was in fact true, and if so why had the relatives of the deceased crew members not been officially informed. The admiralty was furious at this situation due to the fact that the sinking of HMS Bahrnam was still considered to be classified information and accordingly should not have been public knowledge. The military authorities became very concerned that a medium of the capabilities of Helen Duncan could so easily obtain further classified information from deceased army personnel, and in particular sensitive information regarding the forthcoming D-Day landings. This of course was not the intention of Helen Duncan at all.

The authorities subsequently however reacted in the most appalling possible manner by arresting Helen Duncan who was by that time a frail lady with six children and a disabled husband to support, and sent her to jail for nine months causing her husband and children to be evicted from their family home as a direct result. The authorities then needed to find a suitable law under which to charge her, finally deciding to make use the extremely outdated, misguided and often highly barbaric witchcraft laws that were still in force in Britain at the time. Helen Duncan was later visited in jail by Winston Churchill who was absolutely appalled by the situation. As a direct result Winston Churchill subsequently promised to repeal all such laws at the very first opportunity.

During the subsequent trial of materialization medium Helen Duncan forty one highly credible witnesses swore under oath they had been present when their loved ones had materialised and communicated with them during her séances. One such witness was a high-ranking wing commander who stated under oath he had met his dead mother, father and brother at a Helen Duncan séance. Not a single one of these highly credible witnesses was broken under cross-examination.

The court also tried to make the case that all of these materialisations must have been the work of accomplices wearing false beards, wigs, white cloaks and other such items, but no such evidence was ever found and of course ever could be found. Helen Duncan did not charge money for her services therefore such an elaborate deceit would not have made any sense whatsoever.

Some years later a team of stage magicians headed by William Goldston, the founder of the magicians club, carried out an experimental materialization medium sitting with Helen Duncan. He and his colleagues were apparently completely astounded when during the sitting a deceased famous stage magician, “The Great Lafayette”, materialised and spoke to the group in his own voice. Goldston later reported in Psychic News that Helen Duncan must most certainly be genuine, and that no magician could possibly duplicate the phenomena he and his colleagues had witnessed that day.

In 1956 police in Nottingham raided a séance being held by Helen Duncan. Despite the police knowing very well, due to their investigations into Helen Duncan that materialisation séances need to take place in semi-darkness due to sensitivity to light of ectoplasm, they apparently nevertheless made a grab for the medium and took flash photographs of the surroundings. Needless to say nothing was ever found, and the photographs revealed no evidence whatsoever of any sort of malpractice. However the shock incurred by the sudden withdrawal of ectoplasm due to exposure to the lights was sufficient to very seriously injure Helen Duncan, and most sadly she passed on within five weeks of the raid.

Helen Duncan was most certainly one of the worlds most gifted materialization mediums and it really is truly horrendous that the life of this frail, well meaning lady should have been terminated in such a brutal way, for no other reason than the continued ignorance of the authorities. Her legacy however continues to this day, and few would doubt the services of Helen Duncan were gifted, genuine and most valuable in helping numerous bereaved people, including during the time of the second world war where so many people physically lost their loved ones in the fighting, and who where able, through the gifts of Helen Duncan to know beyond any doubt that their loved ones are safe, well and happy within their non-physical existence of the Astral worlds, often known as the “afterlife” or the “beyond”.

The Noah’s Arc Society for Physical Mediumship was formed in England in 1990 and now has a membership of 1700 people and 150 member circles worldwide. It was established to provide a safe haven for materialisation mediums and to protect them from what the President of the society describes as: “the harsh treatment meted out to early pioneer physical materialzation mediums and other types of medim from so-called researchers who insisted on trussing up the medium, demanding endless tests, and inflicting grave harm physically through violating the laws governing physical phenomena”.

There are three materialization mediums still providing invaluable services to humanity today in this most pivotal era in human history.

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