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By now most people will know that everything in all existence is "Mind", manifesting as conscious, intelligent Energy from which all things are "made".

This "Mind substance" is the connecting force between everyone and everything in the Universe without exception, and the force that makes such things as "psychic powers", telepathy, telekinesis and much more possible. There is no separation, Mind is all there is.

In order to succeed at developing psychic powers, such as those taught in my suite of Developing Psychic Powers books, it is crucial to know and believe these important truths.

In one of The Matrix movies Neo watches a young boy bend a spoon. The boy points out that the spoon really does not exist, and therefore if he wishes to bend the spoon, he must bend his perception instead. He says that the spoon does not bend, it is him that must bend. And those are words of wisdom as you will see if you read my Telekinesis Power Secrets book within the Developing Psychic Powers course.

But what exactly then is "Mind"?

There are an infinite number of levels of Mind, some of which are more well known than others.

Each "group manifestation" of Mind is an aspect of the whole, and can communicate with the whole, but at the same time has a group aspect specific to the group Mind as well as an individual aspect with absolute freewill.

No individual aspect of Mind is forced to belong to a group, everything in the Universe is a result of harmony and cooperation with all other aspects of Mind at all levels.

Let us look at some of the levels of manifestation of Mind.

The Universal Mind: This is the Supreme Mind; the First Cause, some may call "God" or "the father", in which everything and everyone has Its Being.

The Universal Mind is the Supreme Energy Field, and everything and everyone else resides as an Energy field with Its own unique vibration and manifestation of Mind within the great Energy field.

The Galactic Mind: Galaxies are group manifestations of Mind formed by the next level of Mind groups, the Star and Planetary Minds, and are formed under the instruction of the Universal Mind.

The Star Mind: Stars are members of a group known as "Galaxies", which arrange themselves according to the Galactic and Universal manifestation of Mind to form Galaxies.

The Planetary Mind: Every: The manifestation of the Star arranges groups of manifestations of Planetary intelligences to form a group intelligence known as a "Solar System".

Each Planet, such as Earth is a living Being with Its own unique intelligent, vibrating body of Energy. The body of Earth, often known as "Gaia", includes all mountains, rivers, seas and all other organs comprising the "Planetary Body".

All life including Galaxies, Stars and Planets as well as all life are in a constant state of evolution towards The Source, the First Cause.

The Group Mind: Within the Universal Mind we have the Group Mind manifestation comprising groups of "like Minds" of similar vibration.

Most people will have heard of "channeling" of Higher Beings; as opposed to the many who are not really channeling such Beings or indeed anything for whatever reason.

True Higher Beings channeling to Earth never claim to be an individual. They might have an individual name for convenience, and for understanding on Earth so people can relate to them, and they have individual Mind with freewill, but they always refer to themselves as "We", out of respect for Oneness of the group and all creation.

As people progress, and the human ego loses its grip, and separation is seen to be the illusion it truly is, it then becomes apparent that we are all individual aspects of higher orders of Mind.

For example, we have our individual Mind which in turn is a member of the group Mind of our Higher-Selves, which then become members of a higher group Mind manifestation. It is groups such as these that are channeling information to Earth out of Unconditional Love and Service.

Sometimes individual members of these group Minds choose to incarnate on Earth with a mission; such Minds are often known as "masters" or "prophets" or even "gods". People such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and many others are almost certainly members of such higher level group manifestations of Mind.

Higher Self: Our Higher Self is the sum of all of our individual lives on Earth, throughout all time zones relative to the Earth concept of "time". Each incarnation is a "personality", the total of which constitutes the whole.

The Consensus Mind: Every form of life has a group "Consensus" mind upon the Mental plane of that group. This enables Beings to behave as a Group to fashion Group reality as well as individual reality.

Every man-made structure on Earth is the result of the group mind manifestation focusing on those things "existing". If everyone in the world were to withdraw their focus on the man-made creations of the world, the illusion could no longer be perpetuated and all man-made things would simply disappear leaving only those thing of the Supreme Mind; the natural beauty of the mountains, lakes, oceans

This also applies to the illusions known as the "Astral planes" which are manifestations of group Mind.

An excellent example of a group mind is a massive shoal of fish, or flock of birds, containing sometimes millions of individuals, but yet they move as one, regardless of the distance between them. They are tuned in to the Mental Plane of the group Mind of their species.

The Individual Mind: The Individual Mind controls our individual body as well, as with all manifestations of Mind, being and interacting with the whole. The individual Mind is usually considered to manifest as two aspects of the same Mind, often, erroneously, considered to be separate, these Minds being the conscious and subconscious Minds.

The Subconscious Mind: The Subconscious Mind is immensely, in fact infinitely powerful. The Subconscious Mind communicates directly with both the Higher and Universal Minds as well as the conscious Mind in order to manifest our thoughts into experiential reality.

The Subconscious Mind is sublime, that is to say it never questions an impression from the conscious Mind, rather executing that request with absolute precision, every time, utilising the fastest, most appropriate and most efficient means.

It is the Subconscious Mind that is responsible for our bodily vital systems such as heart, digestive, blood etc., which most people take for granted.

It is the Subconscious Mind therefore that is totally responsible for healing, health, and all bodily functions and conditions without exception and for creating the reality we experience at an individual level.

It is also the Subconscious Mind therefore that manifests by The Law of Attraction by communicating with whatever level of Mind is necessary to manifest the wish, which, being sublime, it does with immutable precision and reliability whether the thought was intended or not.

Whatever thoughts we impress upon the Subconscious Mind with the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind will bring into experiential reality whether it was intended or not. So it is a good idea to only communicate those thoughts to your Subconscious Mind that you wish to see manifest in your individual experience.

The Conscious Mind: The conscious Mind is the normal waking Mind of most people. It is the Mind that experiences through the mediation of the five physical senses, makes decisions, and learns by experience, passing the benefit of that experience through the Subconscious Mind, Higher-Self, Group Minds and eventually The Source Who is the total of all experience in the Universe.

The conscious Mind is all too often driven by such traits as the ego, materialism and selfishness, which results in unhappiness, which in itself is a learning experience.

When the conscious Mind can subjugate the ego, achieve balance, and knows the illusion of the physical and Astral worlds; it can move on. Most are here to learn those lessons through experience.

The organic Mind: Every organ in our body, and the body of every animal, plant, vegetable etc. has a "group Mind"

Most people believe the brain is the Mind which is incorrect. Our entire body is Mind, divided into group Minds, just as all life in the Universe within is a member of a group Mind.

So the brain has a Mind or more specifically "intelligence", but is not the Mind. It is simply a major organ associated with numerous communication processes. The Heart has its own independent thinking processes which it uses to regulate its function, always under the ultimate instruction and control of the subconscious Mind. So to increase heart beat, the Subconscious Mind can send the instruction to the Heart intelligence, which will accept and execute that instruction. This applies to every organ in the body including the skin.

The Cell Mind: As with all "higher" manifestations of Mind, each cell has its own intelligence which responds to instructions from the Subconscious Mind.

When we were developing as foetus and later an embryo, and throughout our physical lives, our body and organs develop or are modified by the Subconscious Mind communicating with the intelligence of individual cells, telling them how to come together to form structures known as "organs" limbs", "skin" etc..

This is how true healing works. We can remain healthy or heal or modify our body in any way we wish by communicating our wishes to the Subconscious Mind, Who will then orchestrate the manifestation of those wishes into experience in the fastest, most efficient and most harmonious way.

Doctors, surgeons and medicines never heal using physical means, it is simply not possible, they simply seek to alleviate the physical symptoms without healing the source of the disease.

The Molecular Mind: Next in the hierarchy of manifestations of Mind we have the group Mind of the Molecule.

Molecules are groups of atoms comprising the physical elements, which come together under the guidance of the higher manifestations of Mind to take the shape of a substance, which may them be fashioned into an object by man or another Being.

The Atomic Mind: Atoms are the building blocks of the Molecules. So higher manifestations of Mind guides the atomic manifestation of Mind to come together to form group Mind molecules of matter.

The Sub-Atomic Mind: Atoms are comprised of many types and levels of sub-atomic particles, which are too numerous and complex to mention here. But suffice it to say groups of these particles are guided to come together to form the group mind of the Atom.

The Quantum Mind: And finally we arrive at the most fundamental manifestation of Mind; the Quantum Mind.

Quanta are individual units of Mind in the form of individual units of conscious, intelligent, vibrating energy.

Quanta have been proved, through the Quantum Mind, to be able to communicate with each other beyond the boundaries of all concepts of "space", "time" or "dimensions", and is the Energy that flows through everything in existence.

As these manifestations of Mind, intelligence and form become "smaller", so they become more responsive to thought, and therefore Quanta can be thought of as the building blocks of all creation.

Although we have spoken about different "Minds" it is important to know that there is ultimately only one manifestation Mind; the mind of and in which we have our Being.

But each individual of Group Mind has been endowed by the Universal Mind with "Freewill", the freewill by which we can create our own reality, and therefore experience, and thereby evolve by that experience.

We absolutely, through the power of our individual Subconscious Mind control our own reality, and our experience also contributes to the evolution of our Higher-Self, and of the Whole.

It can therefore be seen that Mind has dominion over everything at all levels, both group and individual, and all manifestations of mind communicate to form the Whole.

Nothing in creation ever happened or happens by "chance"; everything in creation at Universal, Group and Individual levels of reality, are all intelligent manifestations of Mind.

Once science and medicine come to understand this, and human beings come to understand this, then the World will become "the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and this is indeed a possible outcome of 2012.

No one should wait for the unknown outcome of 2012 to learn and apply this knowledge. We all create our own individual reality though the infinite power of the Subconscious Mind in the Now, and where we will each be before, during and after, relative to the concept of "time" any 2012 event, will be directly proportional to these, and which forms the basis of my book; Our Ultimate Reality.

Remember; your Subconscious Mind is infinitely powerful; we all have unlimited powers, if only everyone would believe it. Failing to achieve anything is always a result of limited thinking.

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