Instrumental Transcommunication Or ITC

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Instrumental Transcommunication, “ITC” for short, is a particularly fascinating extension to the work of EVP. World ITC, an organisation specialising in this field and from which the following is referenced has this to say in introducing their cause:

“For thousands of years mediums and shamans have been in contact with a type of communicator that we don’t see and we cannot touch. These types of communicators can’t be perceived through our five senses. And the so called “normal” people (who are not aware that they might have mediumistic capabilities), often say that they feel that they are in contact with something/somebody in a way that other people cannot understand or believe. We define: Transcommunication takes place with partners we cannot perceive by use of our five senses. That is, partners inhabiting realms beyond our perception” – World ITC.

Note: again, the “realms beyond our perception” is a reference to the Astral worlds, the “afterlife”, the “beyond”.

Instrumental Transcommunication, ITC, is a range of technologies and means by which communications arriving from the Astral worlds can be received and stored by technical equipment. Unlike Electronic Voice Phenomena which largely focuses on audio tape recordings, ITC greatly extends the range and sophistication of equipment used to include tape recorders, TVs, radios, computers, telephones, mini-disk recorders, video recorders, the psychophone and all other devices already being used or will be used in the future in order to obtain these contacts from the Astral worlds. Examples of such devices also include microphones, video cameras, amplifiers for microphones, noise generators, mixing desks, lasers, ultrasonics and many other technical devices with the intent of obtaining meaningful information from the Astral world in the form of voices, as well as images and text.

The big advantage of ITC is the possibility to prove to others in more compelling ways than traditional channelling, often viewed with cynicism and scepticism, that something out of the ordinary “paranormal” is indeed taking place. People generally have more faith in scientific evidence that is often believed to be more physically tangible.

The entire field of Instrumental Transcommunications has been evolving for a number of years. In the 1920’s Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of the electric light, the motion picture camera and phonograph was busily at work in his laboratory building a machine to achieve Spirit communication “with the dead”. His assistant Dr Miller Hutchinson wrote, “Edison and I are convinced that in the fields of psychic research will yet be discovered facts that will prove of greater significance to the thinking of the human race than all the inventions we have ever made in the field of electricity.” This was a most profound and important observation relating to the work of one of the greatest innovators that has yet physically lived.

Edison himself wrote “If our personality survives then it is strictly logical or scientific to assume that it retains memory, intellect and other facilities and knowledge we acquire on Earth. Therefore, if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected by our personality as it survived in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, should record something”. – Thomas Alva Edison

Around 1925 Oscar d’Argonell wrote a book entitled “Voices from Beyond by Telephone” in which he detailed long conversations with his friends from the Spirit world. His book also gave details of how the calls were actually accomplished from the Spirit worlds.

In 1936 Atila von Szalay started experimenting with record cutting equipment and achieved success in recording Spirit voices on phonograph records.

In 1949 Marcello Bacci began recording voices using an old vacuum tube radio. A team of Spirits subsequently developed around his work speaking to him through radio sounds. It should be noted there are large bands of Souls within the Astral worlds whose self appointed task it is to make and maintain contact with people still living on Earth. The primary reason for this is to conclusively establish the truth, reality and importance of the continuity of life after the death of the physical body, thus assisting the advancement of mankind. People would visit Marcello Bacci at his home, and deceased relatives would often speak with them through the equipment.

In 1959, a Swedish film producer, Friedrich Juergenson captured voices on audio-tape while recording bird song. Listening more intently to his tapes he heard his mother's voice say in German; “Friedrich, you are being watched. Friedel, my little Friedel, can you hear me?” During the next few years he continued to record hundreds of voices from the Astral worlds. Friedrich Juergenson went on to publish two books on his work called “Voices from the Universe” and “Contact with the Dead”.

In 1967 a researcher, Franz Seldel, developed an instrument known as the “psychophone” for recording voices from the Astral worlds.

In 1971 a very important series of experiments took place involving the chief engineers of Pye Records Limited when they invited EVP pioneer Konstantin Raudive to their sound laboratory, installing special filtering equipment to block out noise from radio waves. Raudive spoke into the microphone for eighteen minutes, during which time no other voices were heard in the studio. When the tape was played back the researchers heard over 200 different Spirit voices from the Astral worlds. This well-known experiment led to a large number of independent people using home tape recording equipment to collect Spirit voices.

During the late 1970’s considerable progress was made when USA based Spiritual researchers George and Jeanette Meek met a gifted psychic William O’ Neil. The Meeks provided the resources for an advanced project in direct Spirit communication with Spirit friends of Willam O’ Neil being invited to participate. One of his Spirit friends was Dr George Jeffries Mueller, a deceased university professor and NASA scientist who simply appeared in O'Neil's living room one day as a semi-materialized Spirit and announced he was there to assist in the project of Meek and O'Neil.

This became a remarkable collaboration between the Astral and physical worlds with Dr. Mueller assisting Bill O’Neil to design a new piece of equipment that could convert Spirit voices into audible language. The device designed as a result of this remarkable association between the two worlds became known as the Spiricom comprising a series of tone and frequency generators emitting 13 tones spanning the range of the adult male voice.

By late 1980 the Spiricom had evolved to the point where the Spirit voice of Dr. Mueller was loud and easily understandable. The pioneering work of the Meek’s with their friends Bill O’ Neil, and Dr. Mueller in the Astral world became the catalyst for many similar experiments and research, carried out all over the world.

Between 1982 and 1988, Hans Otto Koenig developed a new type of Spirit communications device utilising extremely low frequency oscillators as well as ultra-violet and infra-red lights. In 1983 he appeared on the popular Radio Luxembourg where his equipment was set up under the close scrutiny of the radio station engineers. One of the engineers asked if a voice could come through in direct reply to a question, and a voice quickly replied, “We hear your voice. Otto Koenig makes wireless contact with the dead.” . Stunned, Rainer Holbe the radio show presenter addressed the millions of listeners across Europe saying, “I tell you, dear Listeners of Radio Luxembourg, and I swear by the life of my children, that nothing has been manipulated. There are no tricks. It is a voice, and we do not know from where it comes.”

Between 1984 to 1985 Ken Webster received some 250 messages on his computers from a Spirit named Thomas Harden who had passed on in the 16th century. The Spirit claimed he had owned the same property four centuries earlier. Thomas Harden appears to have remained in the Etheric region of the Astral planes closest to the physical world and was therefore what is commonly known as a “ghost”. Thomas Harden referred to the computer as a “light box”, and sent information accusing Ken Webster of stealing his house. The many messages that followed in an old English dialect contained much information about the life of Spirit and of that era generally, all facts that were confirmed later.

And so ITC has progressed over the years with many seemingly amazing “phenomena” involving Spirit communication from the “beyond”. In 1985, Klaus Shreiber began to receive the images of Spirits on his television set including Albert Einstein and deceased Austrian actress Romy Schneider, as well as various deceased family members; another of numerous such incidences of ITC, both intentional and by design, whereby residents of the Astral worlds are able to make direct communication with physical people still living on Earth.

In 1985 the science of ITC entered a new phase when Mark Macy of the World ITC organization and web site where many of the above examples of Spirit communications can be found, began to work closely with scientists and researchers on both sides of the Atlantic. Mark Macy said:

“Sixteen of us met in England to discuss this modern day miracle, its tremendous possibilities for our world, and the obstacles that stood in the way. We formed new friendships, and by the end of a long weekend we also formed INIT; The International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication. In the coming months Ethereal beings told us that they were observing our efforts closely and would provide guidance and support. We began to observe unprecedented miracles in our research. Many of us received phone calls, from Spirit friend Konstantin Raudive, and the Harch-Fischbachs; note: radio based ITC equipment of Maggy Harsch-Fischbach and her husband Jules Harsch of Luxembourg; received astounding pictures and messages through their computer, all as a result of resonance among INIT members. It was clear that a new phase of ITC research on Earth had begun. Our Ethereal friends told us that the greatest strides would be made by individuals from different countries who committed to work together in harmony with pure intentions”.

As these aging researchers passed on to the Astral worlds themselves, they very soon began to communicate with their colleagues still remaining on Earth. These researchers turned Spirit communicators from the Astral worlds included Konstantin Raudive, Friedrich Juergenson, Klaus Schreiber, Bill O’ Neil and George Meek, all of whom wished to continue their earthly research from their new side of the veil in the Astral worlds.

The World ITC site sums up this remarkable research with equally remarkable results thus: Ethereal beings told INIT on more than one occasion that simply opening the door to the Spirit worlds can be dangerous; but researchers who work together and dedicate their efforts to inner human principles will receive Ethereal guidance and protection.

As years passed the Ethereal friends of Mark Macy along with a team of more than one thousand Spirit beings who had once lived on Earth shared vast and astonishing information with INIT members through computers, telephones, radios and other technical media. The advanced Ethereal beings said they had accompanied our world for many thousands of years and had come close six times when Earth had reached a crossroads leading either to a dark age or a period of enlightenment. This they said was the seventh time and they wished to establish a lasting bridge with their formless realm of wise, loving Consciousness.

ITC research would be the means by which to establish that bridge. Through the work of INIT it became evident that the more miraculous forms of ITC contact were made possible by such Ethereal beings who also provided protection and guidance for ITC researchers and their Spirit friends. Mark Macy has been a leading researcher in ITC for many years. In 2001 he is was experiencing “miracles” in his laboratory including colour images of Spirits on a reliable basis, and the steady improvement of radio contacts towards a loud and clear dialogue.

It is clear the field of Instrumental Transcommunications is proving to be very important in proving the continuity of life after the death of the physical body and of the inner realities, information that really is so important to the future of mankind. As the years progress, the work of people like Mark Macy and his World ITC, together with the numerous scientists and researchers both within the physical and Astral worlds will become progressively more important as one of the main routes of inner level Spirit communication.

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