Importance Of a Raw Vegan Diet

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My newsletters usually focus on the Spiritual or "inner" or Universal aspects of our eternal existence and evolution.

However; while we live on Earth the quality of our physical existence is of crucial importance, and none more so than the health and well-being of our physical body which includes our diet; specifically, as we will see later, a vegan diet or better still a raw vegan diet.

As Spiritual beings currently experiencing a physical existence, who we are is the total of every aspect of our Being; Body, Soul and Spirit, all of which should be maintained in perfect balance.

If one aspect of our Being is unbalanced, then it will be reflected in the aspects of our Being, our other other "bodies", manifesting in many different ways, in the case of the physical body as a physical "dis-ease".

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus teaches us:

"As Above, so Below, as Below, so Above"; which can also be expressed more accurately; "as Within, so Without".

This is the basis of holistic healing; looking after the "whole".

If we abuse our physical body then it will be reflected within our inner bodies, the Soul and Spirit, with many negative consequences, both immediately felt, and relative to ongoing Spiritual evolution.

There are few aspects of our physical life therefore that are as important as nutrition, our diet; the foods we eat, which has profound implications in every way and at every level.

In previous newsletters we have discussed the implications of choice of diet from an ethical, Spiritual and Universal perspective inclding the importance of a raw vegan diet.

We can summarise the motivation for choice of diet briefly by noting that the human desire to satisfy the sense of taste is resulting in the most terrible abuse and slaughter of animals such as cows, pigs, sheep, hens and other sentient Beings on a horrifically massive scale.

Plain and simple; animals are equal to humans, differing only in form and abilities. Every animal, like a human beings is an equal aspect of The Source, of God, and accordingly whatever we do to animals we equaly do to ourselves in accordance with the immutable Universal law of cause and effect, and which actions will accordingly be reflected in Spiritual progress and other ramifications that can manifest in an infinite number of ways.

Even if a person does not actually kill the animal they are eating for dinner themselves, the fact they are in fact eating that animal makes the person a part of the chain of causal events commencing with the birth of the animal, and ending on the dinner plate.

An extremely important aspect of Spiritual progress is to understand these profound truths, and to treat animals, and indeed all life with equal respect.

My book, Our Ultimate Reality, includes a chapter on "Respect for All Life" for this very reason. It is crucial to progress.

The animal and dairy food industry itself is horrific in every way. Countless millions of animals are being horribly treated, tortured and murdered in order to satisfy the human sense of taste and for no other reason. The creature that provided the "Happy Meal" for a child was very far from happy with its "life", and those vibrations continue even after death and on to the dinner plate or fast food box.

Again; we have discussed this aspect of eating animals before, and there is no better proof than this short documentary which everyone should watch:

Meet your meat

In this newsletter therefore I wish to address the more fundamental issues of the effects of the so called "modern diet" on the human body, and therefore, in accordance with "as above, so below", the Astral and Mental bodies, the Soul and Spirit, and the importance of a raw vegan diet.

Before addressing the consequences of diet, specifically eating animal and dairy products on the human body, it is necessary to ask why people eat these things in the first place.

Babies do not arrive in the physical world as avid meat eaters with an inherent taste for animal flesh, so why do people eat meat at all?

The reason is simple; because, as with many things, a child is programmed from an early age by parents, relatives and teachers that it is "normal" or "expected" of a person" to eat meat along with all of the other conventions, expectations and indoctrinations of "modern society".

From a young age a child is fed a wide range of meat products, often made into shapes the child can identify with, taken as a treat to McD's for a happy meal, or KFC for "nuggets", and that child grows up believing that eating meat and products based on milk intended for baby cows is the right thing to do.

As with many things, that child, thus programmed, is running on that program for the rest of his or her physical life, never thinking to question it.

However, the consequences of eating meat and dairy products are clear for all to see. Obesity, in particular child obesity, diabetes, colon and other cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure and countless other ailments have never been higher.

Health services spend literally trillions of dollars each year treating diseases that are directly attributable to diet, and this situation is getting worse, much worse.


Because plain and simple human beings are not "designed" to eat meat. At the same time we are seeign more and more "fast food" and other junk food outlets, the food sold by which is increasingly processed and mass produced to satisfy demand.

Children are taken to these fast food outlets by parents as a "treat", not realising that every fast food meal is adding to a shorter, less healthy life; some treat.

It is a fact that almost all burgers are made from dairy cows who could no longer produce sufficient milk to mak ethem "economically viable", and almost all "nuggets" are made from hens who no longer produced enough eggs to make them "economically viable".

It is true that our ancient ancestors ate meat; but this was due to the need to survive under very adverse conditions where there was often no other choice. These ancient people were fortunate to live to 25 years, and 35 years was considered old, so the consequences of their diet would never have been known.

The truth is, the human body is designed to thrive in maximum health on harvestable, uncooked whole foods such as nuts, pulses, berries, fruits, fungi etc., in other words those foods that would be found in a raw vegan diet.

Even when people eat vegetables, for example peas, carrots, broccoli etc., which are not the same as the above, they cook the vegetables by boiling them in water, thereby destroying most of the nutrients and all of the enzymes, thereby rendering them almost nutritionally worthless and that is a fact.

The vast majority of food displayed on supermarket shelves is surrounded by brightly colored packaging designed to attract the eye of the shopper, while concealing the much darker origins of the "food" and the countless chemicals and artificial ingredients that have been added to enhance the taste and extend the shelf life.

You might find these facts difficult to believe after a life-time of living in a society where eating meat and dairy products is considered the "norm", but conclusive, absolutely indisputable proof is at hand in the form of a book called "The China Study" by Dr. Colin Campbell.

Dr. Campbell, who is widely recognised as the greatest nutritionist alive today, and almost certainly the greatest nutritionist that has ever lived, is known among his peers in the nutrition and medical professions as "the Einstein of nutrition".

The China Study itself is the result of 20 years or intensive, meticulous and extensive research involving three major international Universities.

Plain and simple, if you are eating meat and/or dairy based products you are shortening your life and exposing yourself to all manner of preventable, often extremely debilitating diseases.

In particular, if you are feeding your children meat and dairy products you are exposing them to very serious health risks which I know, as a loving parent, you would never, ever knowingly do.

I realise that this will come as a shock to many people. I realise also that many cannot imagine life without meat or dairy products.

But with knowledge comes power and progress.

We are are all here to learn by experience and to learn from others. If anyone fails to learn the lessons the Universe delivers to them, that person should not be surprised if they pay the price both physically and Spiritually.

The desire to eat meat and dairy products is, as with everything, entirely in the Mind due to long-term programming from childhood. Using the power of the Mind anything is possible, including the switch to a healthy diet, ideally a raw vegab diet.

It might be "easier" in the short-term to take the path of least resistance, disregard the truth and disregard your Higher-Self, but in the medium to long-term the price will be paid in terms of health, longevity and Spiritual progress and that is a proven fact.

Those who will make the most progress Spiritually, which is why we are here after all, are those who have the courage to resist the expectations of society, relatives, friends, neighbours and others to conform, and to bravely use their own freewill to do what is right for themselves and in particular their children.

Ask yourself this; do you want to be taking your son or daughter for hospital appointments in a few years time, condemning them to a life of medical treatment, insulin injections and therapy, simply because you ignored the facts about proper, healthy nutrition?

I realise my message will be extremely unpopular with some people, but I make no apologies. If this saves the health or life of just one person, especially a child who is too young to make their own decisions, then it will have been worth it.

Have the strength to ignore what others might say and become free to break away from socio-economic pressures and programming and the expectations of others to conform, and go on to shape your own destiny at all levels; Body, Soul, Spirit and quality of life itself.

There is one additional factor I would like to mention. Eating meat and dairy products requires considerable Energy. By eating the correct harvestable whole-food type diet you will retain much more Energy for inner pursuits such as Astral projection, healing, and using The Law of Attraction to attract those things you really wish for in life, and you will have the health to enjoy them.

It is a fact that vegans, especially raw food vegans live on average 7 years longer, and usually much more, and are far healthier in every respect than meat and dairy eaters.

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