Higher Self Esteem And The Voices from Within

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The inner voice, an extremely valuable and important source of infinite wisdom and guidance in life is unfortunately unrecognised, ignored and suppressed by many people, very often to their very considerable detriment. The origin of the inner voice is usually the Higher Self, that aspect of our Being that is truly Divine, being our direct connection with The Divine, The Source, God.

The Higher Self has access to the infinite Universe in all spheres of life and reality beyond space and time as well as every aspect of your existence, including past, present and future physical lives relative to the Earth concept of time. The Higher Self is most important, both in day to day life and for the ongoing journey along the path back to God, constantly advising, guiding, prompting, inspiring, and alerting whenever appropriate.

The Higher Self manifests in the individual Consciousness as the “inner voice” which can be “heard” by anyone who listens and recognises it for what it really is. Your Higher Self is sublime; it does not have any particular agenda beyond your ongoing well-being, and is completely incapable of misleading or providing incorrect guidance. The Higher Self is ultimately concerned with your smooth, ongoing journey along the sacred path, the ascent back to The Source, The First Cause, God from whence we all originated, and is completely devoted to that most sacred task. The Higher Self can and should always be totally trusted.

The inner voice of the Higher Self is constantly “talking” to you. It is not always a loud voice “shouting” within your Consciousness, but rather a much more subtle voice that only becomes really apparent when you actually listen for it, and learn to recognise it for what it really is. The more you listen and recognise the inner voice, always respecting and taking heed of its wisdom and guidance, the more apparent it will become within your Consciousness, and the more it will become an important source of guidance, intuition and inspiration in your life.

Listening to your inner voice and consulting with your Higher Self is one of the keys to a smooth, harmonious progression through all physical lives, and onwards through the inner spheres of life and reality on the relentless and most sacred path back to God. Everyone experiences the guidance of the inner voice from time to time. If you are about to make a decision or do something in particular you might suddenly receive a “feeling”, or “hear” the voice in your head saying, “yes, do this immediately”, or “no, don’t do that”. If the situation is particularly important or can have a profound affect on your life the Higher Self can make itself known even more strongly by means of other sensations, for example a sensation in the stomach often known as a “sinking feeling” if something adverse is about to happen in your life. This “sinking feeling” in the stomach actually originates from the solar plexus chakra in the region of your navel which is connected directly to the Universe, which is why particularly strong messages are felt in that region of your body. If you ever experience that “sinking feeling” in the navel area of your stomach before making a decision or doing something in particular, then stop, don’t do it, either delay what you intended to do until you have had time to consider the consequences more deeply, or preferably do not do it at all.

Most messages from the Higher Self are more subtle, arriving in a variety of ways, often as that little voice in your head or sometimes simply as a feeling, impression, inspiration, intuition or idea. The Higher Self of course does not only warn about potentially negative situations but is also a most valuable source of encouragement for positive situations. Very often for example when you are considering doing something potentially important you will often know beyond any doubts it is exactly the right thing to do. Again, such knowing will arrive either by means of impressions, intuition, or the little voice in your head providing encouragement, assurance and the confidence you need to proceed.

Many people might regard “voices in the head” as unnatural or even a sign of psychiatric problems, but this is only due to psychological conditioning in physical life and a lack of experience and understanding as to the true nature and importance of the Higher Self, and of the communications and guidance we are all constantly receiving from the inner realms of life and reality. Whenever the Higher Self communicates by means of the little voice, it is in fact a telepathic communication between your lower and Higher Selves in the same way that telepathy is possible between different beings, including people. The little voice should therefore never, ever be suppressed or shut out as being unnatural, unwelcome or undesirable in any way; to do so would be to cut off your most valuable and reliable source of guidance through your lives.

Those who are vigilant to, recognise and act immediately on the guidance of the little voice of the Higher Self will enjoy a considerably smoother, peaceful and harmonious journey through life, and without the problems that will inevitably be experienced by those who choose to shut out the Higher Self. Those who choose to ignore the inner voice usually do so to their own detriment. Ask yourself this; how many times have you ignored the whispers of your inner voice, or the impressions, inspiration or intuition you received, perhaps as a sinking feeling in the stomach, and later regretted it, sometimes deeply? You instinctively knew at the time that it was the right or wrong thing to do but yet you went ahead and did it anyway and came to regret it. This happens to very many people all the time, but alas most people to their detriment fail learn from their own negative experiences. Very often it is the ego that has the upper hand and drives people on to doing all manner of things for purely egotistical reasons, and the ego, working with the subconscious, will do its very best to silence the guidance of the inner voice in order to get its own way.

It should absolutely clear by now then that your Higher Self is your very greatest friend, ally and source of Divine guidance. It is a Divine aspect of yourself and can therefore be trusted above all. Of course it must be pointed out that there are other Divine beings within the inner spheres of life and reality who also have your absolute best interests to heart, including high Spiritual intelligences, Spirit guides, Guardian Angel and many others, all of whom should always be respected, and never overlooked or disregarded.

It is clearly worth every possible effort to create the strongest possible links with the Higher Self and to make the Higher Self your best and most trusted friend and source of guidance. There are many ways of accomplishing this. First and foremost it is extremely important to learn to recognise the inner voice and therefore the promptings of the Higher Self. Whenever you are about to make an important decision or take an important action, stop for a moment and listen to your inner voice. Be vigilant for any intuition, inspiration, impressions or any other feelings you might receive which will be unmistakable for what they are. This should be very straightforward indeed for those who have followed the control of thought exercises earlier in this section and therefore have a clear and focussed Mind uncluttered by hundreds of random thoughts. It is when the Mind is completely silent and focussed that the inner voice of the Higher Self can speak with the highest clarity.

For those who have not yet advanced to the stage of complete Mind control, a serious attempt should be made at important times to silence the Mind, even for just a few moments at first, and be vigilant for the inner voice or other impressions, or signs such as the sinking feeling in the stomach, intuition, inspiration, or of course a knowing in the Heart; these will never let you down.

There will always be situations in life or decisions to be made that were not anticipated and can occur very suddenly without any warning. In situations such as these never do anything impulsively; stop for a moment, relax, quieten your Mind, listen and be vigilant for the guidance of the Higher Self. You might hear or sense the inner voice giving you guidance or you might feel positive or negative feelings, intuition, inspiration or impressions; whichever it is do not hesitate, proceed accordingly with the guidance you are receiving even if your ego strongly protests. Always remember that your Higher Self is sublime, always has your very best interests to Heart, and is never, ever wrong despite how your ego might react to the contrary.

As well as being constantly vigilant for the guidance of the Higher Self during your daily affairs, it is also extremely valuable to consciously establish stronger connections with this Divine aspect of yourself during deep relaxation, or better still during meditation. While deeply relaxed or in an established state of meditation, the deeper the better, start to communicate with your Higher Self. This will not only provide you with a source of the highest guidance whenever you need it, but will also bring additional calmness, peacefulness and resourcefulness into your life. Not only will these in turn improve the emotional aspects of your life, but your Higher Self can also help you to manifest into your life all those things you truly need. Again, we must at this stage stop to consider the most important fact with manifestation; never, but never, ever be driven on by the ego, materialistic desires or under the influence of others to be greedy by manifesting things you simply do not genuinely need in life, and never, but never do anything that will potentially or actually harm others.

By now you should have reached a very good understanding of the true meaning of life, of the Universe, of your own true destiny and therefore of the illusion of the perspective of the five physical senses of the material world. Material things for the sake of them or for egotistical reasons or simply to conform to the expectations of others will dramatically slow your progress, and will most assuredly not make your life any more harmonious, happier, or peaceful. Only focus always on things you need to manifest your basic needs for living in the physical world, to evolve and progress on the sacred path, and most importantly to be of service to Brother and Sister human beings of all nationalities, cultures and traditions.

That said, the Higher Self with access to the infinite resources of the Universe and the Divine Connection to The Source, The First Cause, to God, can assist you to manifest anything you need or desire into your life, and will at the same time advise you whether it is the right thing to do or not. During meditation, deep physical relaxation or just before drifting off to sleep at night, ask questions in your Mind. It is most important to have complete peace and quiet for this exercise, both around you and within your Mind. At first you might have difficulty discerning your inner voice or it might seem very quiet. Be patient and over time your inner voice will become stronger and louder, you only have to listen with sincerity and an open Mind. If you ask your question just before drifting off to sleep, the answer might arrive in the morning as you are awakening, or even during sleep in a dream.

Once you have established contact with your Higher Self you can also make requests for guidance, inspiration and for manifesting the things you truly need in life. Over time, communion with your Higher Self will become a daily joy, and one you will always look forward to. Do not treat your Higher Self as an occasional friend, only when you have a need or when a situation arises requiring guidance, instead endeavour to establish a permanent and strong relationship with your Higher Self in perfect faith, perfect trust and Unconditional Love and you will find that your life, reality and personal evolution on the sacred path back to God will be enhanced dramatically.

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