Fundamentals Of The Law Of Attraction

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I feel really privileged and happy every day as I receive messages from people who have purchased Our Ultimate Reality and are now seeing a great and possitive change in their life, as well as hearing about the "things" that they have been able to attract that previously they might never have thought possible. These not only include the obvious material things, and situations such as new employment, but also to attract other life of the type which can bring great joy.

I am delighted to share with you, with the full permission of the person who sent it to me, the following recent success with The Law of Attraction:

"Anyways, after reading some of your news letters on the law of attraction I attempted to manifest myself a dog I had been wanting for some time. I had been wanting a basenji dog for awhile, but they are very hard to find and can cost around $700. So I started to imagine I already had one and imagined the feelings and emotions of having a basenji pup. I would say affirmations out loud, meditate at night and sort of hypnotise myself into believing I already had one. I did this for roughly two weeks. I had called a rescue shelter in my city just for a long-shot, of course they said they had no basnji pups, in fact the woman on the phone had never even heard of one. A week later I was starting to lose hope but out of the blue alot of strange cousintences started to happen VERY frequently, things like I would think a thought and then the same thing would be depicted on tv seconds later, thinking a name before i read it on the Internet seconds later. And then one morning I got the mail and a magazine had came and on the back a woman was walking a basenji! (this is very unusual because they are considered wild dogs and are very rare to come across). That morning i was in the best mood, and I shortly received a call from the woman at the shelter I had called a week ago. She said " you woulnt believe this but we just got a 8 week old basenji/dingo mix pup. It's so weird you called, we've never had a basenji or any basenji mixs before". I was shocked at this. The odds of a mix between two rare and completely wild dogs ending up in a local animal rescue shelter! So I went and picked the puppy up and she is perfect. Even better than a pure basenji because the dingo gives her a mellow temperament. And now shes sitting on my lap, it was so weird! And she only cost me $65 instead of $650.Even the fact that the woman remembered me and called me back. So that's my story, just wanted to thank you, I cant believe how well it works" --- Ian Grazier.

I would like to thank Ian very much for wanting to share this success with everyone. Like many other messages I receive it shows how your life can be changed joyfully by applying the Law of Attraction in the right way.

I also receive messages from people who are asking exactly what they need to do to be sure of this process working for them. First of all let me emphasise the fact that this is not some sort of "hit and miss" situation where only the fortunate few succeed, the Universe knows no favorites; we are all absolutely equal and have exactly the same God given powers. Indeed as you know we are God and God is us, and therefore God expresses and creates through us in order to expand. The Law of Attraction works with scientific precision and there are never any exceptions to this.

Let us now look at the main fundamentals for successfully applying The Law of Attraction.

1) Knowing what you really want: This is perhaps surprisingly one of the areas where many people struggle. If you do not know what you really want, then you cannot hope to realise it in your life. Some people have a vague idea of what they want, but very often this is simply because it seems like a good idea at the time on impulse, or very often they see others with the same thing and wish to copy them, often out of jealousy. Knowing what you really, really do want and why is the first fundamental for success.

2) Desire: It is not sufficient to merely "want" something; it needs to be a burning desire. If you do not desire it to that extent then you really do not want it. Usually this is the ego talking at a conscious level, but your "inner being" does not really desire it. You cannot manifest anything without true desire from within.

3) Belief, Faith and Expectation: In order for the Law of Attraction to work for you, you must believe that it will work, and have total faith in the process. Without this belief and faith it will not work. This is why "faith healing" works. When people visit a place such as Lourdes and are healed, it is not because Lourdes has any tangible healing properties in its waters, but rather over time people have come to associate Lourdes with healing, and go there expecting to be healed with complete belief and faith.

4) Emotion: It is not sufficient to mechanically go through the manifestation process. You have to apply the emotions. This means becoming totally involved with your manifestation process and above all feeling all the emotions involved with already having the object of your desires. If you cannot raise that level of emotion during the attraction process, then you do not really want it plain and simple.

5) Gratitude: It is extremely important to always feel the gratitude during this process. This is not because The Universe or "God" likes to "hear" gratitude in the same way as dogmatic religions seem to believe God enjoys being "worshipped", "praised" etc., the Universe, God is not a person, does not have an ego, and in any case as we actually are God ourselves, it does seem somewhat counter-intuitive to "praise" ourselves. The Universe benefits by expansion and evolution each time we succeed in attracting things into our experiential reality, and the Universe does not accordingly need to thank His/Her self. I should mention that the Universe, like ourselves is androgynous. "Male" and "female" genderisation are merely physical world conveniences. The religious perception of "God" being male is simply an ego driven, bigotted perception out of historical ignorance and prejudice of the male perception of the "female" which still unfortunately exists today in the dogmatic, authodox religions. So what is the role of "gratitude". When we feel genuinely grateful for something, it emphasises the fact that we already have it in our possession, and we feel grateful for the way it is positively enriching our lives, which in turn bringing about expansion at a Universal level.

All of these 5 factors are crucially important in the attraction process; i.e. when applying the Law of Attraction. Where most people initially struggle it is by mechanically going through the processes without the addition of these 5 important ingredients. In the case of Ian and his manifestation of his dog, he was clearly totally involved with the process. He knew exactly the breed of dog he wanted, he had a deep desire to own that breed of dog, notwithstanding the fact they are very rare, he had the belief and faith in the process with full expectation of receiving, his genuine desire to have this dog resulted in the corresponding level of emotion, and finally he was always deeply grateful to the Universe for bringing him his companion.

It is extremely important to know that by applying the Law of Attraction processed as set out in Our Ultimate Reality according to these 5 factors, there is absolutely nothing that you cannot be, do or have. You cannot possibly "out-think" the Universe in terms of scale. When you look at the magificence of the Universe, and of nature generally, it should be clear that whatever you desire is modest by comparison. Above all never, ever feel guilty for wishing for anything; whatever you attract adds to the diversity, experience and expansion of the Universe, and it is never, ever at the expense of anyone else.

The Law of Attraction is very real and immutable; you too can have absolutely anything at all that you wish for, need or desire.

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