Fundamentals Of Health

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Together with Abundance, perfect Health is one of the most highly prized and sought after conditions desired by humans, which, taken together, contribute towards that ultimately sought after life of Joy, Happiness and Fulfilment - the birth right of every human being.

Perfect Health though must always come before Abundance.

We can experience a joyful and successful life on Earth if we are blessed with perfect Health, even if we are not what humans define as "wealthy", but if we are "wealthy" and experiencing poor Health, then the wealth clearly cannot be enjoyed and becomes meaningless.

Abundance does not always imply wealth. Abundance is in realising and experiencing all of our physical needs from the infinite Abundance of the Universe, and need not be measured in material terms.

While Abundance to one person might mean living in a mansion, with homes all over the world, fast cars, several vacations per year and more, Abundance to the next would be a humble home with a meal on the table each day for the family.

Divine Providence, Source, God, never denies us anything. We are always given whatever we believe we need for our experience on Earth - all we have to do is ask.

This is true because if God were to make "decisions" for us, then God would be influencing the course of evolution of the Universe.
Perfection can only be achieved by an infinite number of aspects of God, each with freewill, striving for perfection through experience.

Health on the other hand always implies a perfect physical state of Being - we cannot for example strive to be "semi-healthy".

So wealth is a subjective experience while health is an objective experience, and therefore health must always precede wealth.

Many people today still turn to their doctor, pharmacist, therapist etc for a solution to all their ailments.

The truth is - all that any of these "professionals" can offer at very best is a solution that masks the outward manifestation of a disease that always, without exception originates from within.

Even if a surgeon surgically removes a cancer, the underlying, inner cause of that cancer, the real disease, still exists, and therefore has the potential to exert its influence again.

"As above, so below" or more accurately "as within, so without".

No disease, ailment or affliction, or indeed any aspect of our physical experience can manifest without first existing within, and what manifests within must also manifest without - by immutable Universal Principle.

Yes of course bacteria, viruses, poisons, toxins and other organisms and agencies can bring about disease, but these are only the outer manifestations and agents of an unseen inner origin.

In materialising in the outer, physical world that which already exists within, in the non-physical realms, the Universe will make use of physical means such as bacteria, viruses and other entities.

A classic example of this are the wide variety of cancers that afflict humans today.

It is no coincidence that cancer was almost unheard of in ancient times, or that cases and varieties of cancer are dramatically increasing today along with other "modern diseases" such as HIV.

So why then is this?

Cancer is not even the result of an infection by a bacteria or virus, and therefore cannot be contracted from another person.

As humans we are not simply a physical body. The physical body is rather the outermost manifestation on an infinite number of subtle bodies of Energy and Light, existing at increasing Vibration, extending all the way back to Source, First Cause, God, from Whence we came in the beginning at the very highest Vibration of All.

Although all in creation, including our physical body of matter is still comprised of pure Energy, Energy at this level is at an extremely low vibration, so much so in fact that it differentiates into the gross physical form that humans call "matter".

Beyond the physical body, each of our subtle bodies forms part of a continuum of Energy and therefore Vibration, each seamlessly merging in to the next, extending all the way back to Source, God.

However, due to the fact there is such a relatively large difference in Vibration between the Astral Body, the Soul, and the physical body, an intermediate body becomes necessary - the Energy Body, also known as the Etheric Body.

The Energy Body acts as an "interface", effectively a "step-down transformer" between the physical and Astral bodies and maintains the relationship and Energy flow between them.

To provide you with an analogy - you cannot plug a portable device such as an MP3 player that normally operates on a 5 volt battery supply directly into a 110v or 240v mains supply - it would be instantly destroyed.

In this context our physical body represents the MP3 player while our Astral Body represents the mains supply that feeds it.

As humans we have therefore also been provided with an Energy body which acts as both the charger and step-down transformer.

Our Energy Body, constituted of Energy at a much higher frequency than our physical body is very sensitive to the Energy of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, which will instantly influence the Energy body in direct accordance with the nature of those thoughts, feelings and emotions.

So each and every thought will have a corresponding effect on our Energy Body, just as each and every thought is a cause with a corresponding effect over our entire experiential reality of which our physical body is an integral and inseparable aspect.

In order to enjoy perfect physical health, in addition to a perfectly balanced Energy Body, our physical body must receive a constant flow of Energy from the Energy Body, which takes place through Energy Centres mystically known as the Chakras, which we discussed last week, and which act as a conduit as well as distribution centres for the Energy circulating around our physical body and corresponding organs.

To use another analogy - we can take any electrical or electronic device that previously functioned perfectly, but if a circuit or silicon chip of that device becomes damaged or malfunctions in some way, the operation of that device will be compromised accordingly.

The same applies to the Energy circuits and storage centres within our Energy Body.

And to provide you with a further analogy that we have used previously - the Chakras can be likened to the battery of a car. If the battery is healthy then it will start the engine and maintain the electrical circuits and functions of the car efficiently.

If on the other hand the battery is nearing the end of its life, and no longer "holds its charge", even if plugged in to a battery charger, then it will increasingly struggle to turn the engine over to start it, or to maintain the electrical components of the car.

And so it is with the Chakras. Chakras that are in poor condition will not store and forward Energy efficiently, and any individual Chakra that is not performing properly will restrict the flow of Energy to and from the other Chakras - a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

So how then does this relate to health?

Due to the "modern" lifestyle and an increasingly outward, materialistic and in some cases selfish focus, thought Energy is projected outwards towards material things instead of inwards.

The self-inflicted stresses of "modern living" with all the resultant, often negative thoughts, feelings and emotions associated with it have a profound influence over the Energy Body, both in terms of balance and ability to store and forward Energy to the physical body.

Last week we discussed the implications of this lack of Energy in terms of lethargy, motivation, activity etc.

In terms of health though there are other, much more serious implications.

During the course of experiencing stress, anxiety, negative emotions and other adverse thought patterns, these are absorbed and assimilated by the Energy Body which then becomes unbalanced due to the characteristics of this low vibration, unbalanced thought Energy.

Any imbalances manifesting in the Energy Body must, by immutable Universal Principle sooner or later - often sooner - manifest outwardly in the physical body as a physically experienced disease.

Again - this process is certain by through immutable Universal Principle.

Although doctors may endeavour to "treat" the outward "symptoms" of the disease in various ways, then can never actually heal it.

In fact there has never been a disease in the history of humanity that has ever been healed purely through physical or chemical means.

This is why, in reality, diseases such as cancer can only be healed at the point at which they originate - the Energy Body - and by the same source of influence - Mind - and this is the reason why, in reality, cancer is one of the easiest diseases to heal.

This is also the reason why there have been so many "miraculous" healings of "inoperable" cancers and tumours. The Mind can destroy rogue cancer cells and restore the body to perfect health with absolute ease, simply because all it is doing is to restore the body to its natural state from the "blueprint" it holds of the body - a blueprint of perfection provided by our Creator, God, in Whose perfect Image we are made.

So what then does all this mean in real terms?

It means quite simply that if we are to experience a healthy and balanced physical body we must also maintain a healthy and balanced Energy Body.

This then involves three fundamental factors:

1. Maintaining a healthy, balanced and vibrant Energy Body

2. Maintaining healthy, open, active Chakras

3. Avoidance of all destructive thoughts, feelings and emotions, and in particular stress, worry and anxiety.

Joy and laughter is high vibration, healthy and constructive, whereas misery, stress and anxiety is low vibration and destructive.

Of course I realise that this might seem easier said than done, but I assure you it is within the capacity of everyone reading this newsletter. Healthy Mind and healthy thoughts, feelings and emotions equates to a healthy body.

We are free thinking Beings with the same infinite powers as our Creator. We can chose our thoughts, feelings and emotions - they do not arrive or are inflicted upon us against our will.

It is true that our feelings and emotions can and are influenced by the vibration of those around, because in reality they are part of us, but nevertheless we still have the power not to participate in those low vibrations, instead raising our own vibration.

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