Ennoblement Of The Soul

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One of the most fundamental aspects to genuine progress, as well as true peace, harmony and happiness in your life is not only to know yourself, but also to achieve full equilibrium of the Soul, the Astral body. Without such equilibrium true progress cannot and will not be made in your current life towards the true meaning of life, our ultimate and most sacred potential of perfection and Unity with our Divine Creator, The Source with God. True progress to, and within the inner spheres of life, the ongoing destiny of all mankind, is therefore immediately dependant upon personal ennoblement.

Ennoblement will result in higher vibrations, and it is these vibrations that will largely influence the level of the Astral worlds and ultimately the Spirit worlds in which a person will reside after physical death; your own place in “heaven”. Only when the Soul has been fully balanced and cleansed can the cycle of reincarnation be transcended, and the journey continue within the glories, splendours and magnificence of the inner spheres of life and reality; the Mental planes of the Spirit worlds.

Those who make the most sincere efforts towards ennoblement and perfection, which includes harmony now, will be the leaders of humanity on the path of the great ascent back to The Source, The First Cause, back to God, and will be among the first to reach and enjoy the profound glories and splendours of the inner worlds; worlds far, far and away beyond the comprehension of Earthly man, indeed far beyond even the concepts Earthly man might have of “heaven”.

Those who do not devote time and effort towards this important objective will find themselves occupying the lower to mid-levels of the Astral and Spirit worlds after passing on, and will need to continue to reincarnate on Earth time and again until ennoblement has finally been achieved; earthly lessons learned and karma equilibrated. This is not of course a race, but no time at all should be lost in the ascent to the inner spheres of reality, and ultimately back to God, thus fulfilling the true meaning of life.

Ennoblement includes transcending the ego and also includes complete balance of all personal characteristics an aspect of which is the Soul. Ennoblement is not, in and of itself an easy process and neither can it be; there can be no true progress without full realisation, effort and commitment.

This process fundamentally involves two main stages; full recognition and acceptance of all imperfections, and the removal or conversion of those imperfections into the opposite noble characteristics. This is also a solution to the true meaning of “alchemy”, including the legends of the “philosophers stone” which most people will have heard of. Alchemy includes, and is analogous to the transmutation of base metals into Gold. This is symbolic and in turn is analogous to the transmutation of base, course human characteristics into the gold of perfection and ennoblement.

As previously mentioned, in order to progress with this most important task of ennoblement, it is absolutely fundamental to completely “know thyself” in every possible respect, and in the finest detail. Without this true progress cannot be made. This might well prove to be a painful proposition for many, as most people harbour aspects of themselves which, to greater or lesser extents they particularly dislike and find most unattractive. Nevertheless, absolutely every negative characteristic, no matter how bad, small or seemingly insignificant, must all be realised, faced and transmuted in the process of enoblement of the Soul. Of course, an equally important aspect of knowing yourself is also to recognise the positive, good and noble aspects of your Soul, characteristics that can and should be fully and joyfully embraced.

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