Energy, Vibration And The Law Of Attraction

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Every week I receive many messages from people asking about how they can attract something specific into their life, heal a specific ailment or generally enjoy a happier, healthier, wealthier life than they are experiencing right now. Often people ask this question in the context of The Law of Attraction.

An important thing to keep in mind at times like this is that there is no "past" or "future"; these are simply human constructs based upon the perceptions of the conscious mind based upon observation of the space-time continuum in which we we are focussed for the time being.

In reality there is only Now. You create your reality Now, so whatever has happened in a notional "past" or a perceived "future" is irrelevant except to the extent you believe it.

Our Ultimate Reality describes the process of attracting your wishes, needs and desires in the predent moment of Now in detail, using Ther Law of Attraction processes. However, as we have discussed in previous newsletters an absolutely fundamemtal preqrequisite to attracting your desires is
your ongoing level of vibration. By this we mean the vibration of your physical, Astral and Mental, i.e. Spiritual bodies.

Quite simply; the higher your vibration, the more quickly you will attract all your needs, wishes and desires whatever they might be.

Conversely, low vibration results in attracting more of the things that are not required, desired or wished for, and worse this can be and very often is a self-perpetuating process, and the reason your life can very quickly seemingly spiral out of control, resulting in exactly the things you do not want to experience.

In previous newsletters we have discussed various ways of keeping your vibrations high, particularly in the northern hemisphere where the dark, cold and wet days of winter can easily affect vibrations.

One of the most important things we need to be aware of and practice is positive thinking which is an important aspect of the Law of Attraction that quite simply cannot be underestimated or overemphasised.

In accordance with Universal laws and in particular the Law of Attraction, the way in which we think and the thoughts that we hold most strongly in our Minds have a most profound effect on our lives in almost every way, and indeed much more so than most people might realise or believe. To many people a thought is something intangible in that it cannot be seen or even measured as a thought by scientific instruments. Nevertheless, thought, like everything else in the Universe is Energy, and Energy influences other Energy.

Just because thought Energy exists far behind the measurement of current scientific equipment being a very high frequency form of Energy, does not make it any less real or profoundly important to everyone.

All thought is vibration, Energy, and therefore a cause will always in turn, without any exception always yield a corresponding effect upon the appropriate causal plane in accordance with The Law of Attraction. When a person is feeling worried or negative about something they will often be told to "think positively". Neither the well meaning person who proffered these words or the person for whom it was intended or the recipient of
those words will usually truly appreciate the very considerable significance and profoundest importance of this excellent advice, which are often simply dismissed as mere sentiment.

In my book, Our Ultimate Reality we look at the structure of the Universe and how we can all affect our own lives, those of others and indeed the Universe as a whole by the way people think and apply the imagination and other powers such as emotion. This is because everyone without exception is an integral aspect of the Universe, The Source, of God, and also most importantly in this context of the Energy of the mental plane of the group human Mind.

The Laws of Attraction and Law of Correspondence are always in operation whenever we project thoughts, ideas, emotions and anything at all involving our imagination. In all spheres of life, including the physical world, like always resonates with like; if you therefore focus on something negative it will result in the resonation of the corresponding negative Energy, in turn resulting in the attraction of more of the same negative Energy and corresponding negative circumstances, in other words negative effects. Of course, the very same principle also applies with positive thinking; positive thoughts will always result in the resonation of positive Energy, in turn attracting the corresponding positive results.

Many people can and unfortunately frequently do become trapped within a vortex of negativity due to perceived negative things happening in their lives. For example, they might have lost their employment, feel stuck in an unhappy relationship, physically experiencing a lack of money or any one of numerous other such possible adverse circumstances of the sort faced by millions of people every day. Many people are for example understandably worried about a lack of money for the provision of basic daily needs. What most people do not realise is that by dwelling on these perceived problems, constantly thinking about them and imagining the worst, thereby influencing the corresponding Energy, they are automatically bringing more of exactly the same problems into their lives thereby compounding the problem even further as it becomes self-perpetuating.

Thinking about lack results in more lack, thinking about abundance results in more abundance, such is the way of the Universe; the power of thought should never, ever be underestimated. It is for these reasons that the wealthy often become even wealthier and the poor often become even poorer; everyone is constantly creating their own reality in exact accordance with the way they think and perceive their own existence and reality, whether it is from a positive or negative perspective.

Everyone without exception is a creator in the microcosm, the physical world which is our main focus of existence for the time being. This is a "God given" aspect of all human beings; we all have the freewill and the power to determine the content of our own individual lives, destiny and evolution. The way in which we think and the Energy we put behind those thoughts are therefore extremely important. It is particularly important, no matter how difficult circumstances might seem to be, to think as positively as possible at all times. For example, if you were to attend a job interview with negative feelings about the prospects of being awarded the position you applied for, then you will most probably not receive the position. If on the other hand you go to the job interview knowing beyond any doubt whatsoever that you will be offered the position, then the chances are you will indeed be awarded the position you sought and emotionally wanted so much, while never doubting for a moment that you would achieve it.

Your positive thought Energy will, through the level of the group human Mind, influence the Mind of the interviewer in your favour. This is why many successful business people almost always succeed in consistently winning large business deals; they always know beyond any doubt in their own Minds, even before they enter into the initial negotiations that they will certainly win the deal without question. The thought of not winning such a deal never even once enters the Mind of the business person, they simply know it as a forgone conclusion.

Exactly the same principle applies within life in general; only by thinking the most positive thoughts while excluding all negative thoughts, and by imagining the most positive things happening in your life with as much emotion and positive Energy as possible at all times, will you attract only those most positive things you truly desire by The Law of Attraction

On a more conscious level, if you really need something in particular to happen in your life, endow whatever it is you need to happen with as much positive emotional Energy as you possibly can. Never, ever think even begin to think, even for a single moment that it cannot happen for you, because it most assuredly can; the Universe has infinite abundance, anything and everything is possible, and everyone really can have anything they truly need and desire.

This is all well and good someone might say, but I am genuinely in severe financial trouble and as a result my relationship is genuinely suffering. Difficult though situations such as this surely are, it quite simply cannot be stressed enough that the more the person negatively dwells on their perceived situation the worse it will surely become due to the immutable Universal laws operation, including the Law of Attraction. The more someone focuses on a perceived lack of money, the less money they will receive. The more they focus on a perceived failing relationship, the more that relationship will surely fail.

The solution to these situations is to break out of the self-created vortex of negative thinking and to start thinking only in the most positive terms at all times. It is particularly important to go to bed at night thinking only the most positive thoughts, never dwelling even for a minute on any situation in negative terms. Just before sleep the link to the Subconscious Mind, which in fact is by far the largest aspect of Mind, is particularly powerful, and will in turn influence the Energy of the inner planes of life and reality, which in turn once again will sooner or later manifest into physical reality by The Law of Attraction.

Always therefore think in terms of plenty as if all genuine needs have already been met. As previously mentioned, it is most important to know beyond any doubts whatsoever that whatever you desire and focus on will already become your reality in the inner worlds, and which realities therefore must also manifest into your physical world in accordance with the Universal Law of Attraction and correspondence; "as above, so below, as below, so above".

As with the use of all inner abilities, all thoughts must be in the present tense. For example, never, ever think in terms of "I want more money" or "my relationship will improve" or "I need a better job". The use of the words "want", "will" or "need" will simply make matters worse, the implication being that a problem already exists, and therefore "I want" will place you in a state of perpetual "wanting". The correct way of thinking therefore is; "I have plenty of money" or "my relationship has never been better", or "I have never been more healthy".

Within the inner spheres of life and reality where thought Energy takes shape, there is no concept such as space or time. Our positive Energy will therefore first of all influence the corresponding Energy of the Universe before manifesting, under the influence of thought as a desire in the inner Energy realms of the Universe beyond the limitations of time and space, subsequently, in immutable succession, manifesting into the material world in the same way.

Of course these manifestations will not usually happen immediately, but the more positive Energy in the form of concentrated though, emotion and imagination is placed behind a thought or desire, the sooner the desire will positively manifest as an observable effect that can tangibly experienced in individual physical life within the material world.

It is most important to maintain this positive Energy, charging it with as much positive emotion as possible; any negative Energy will neutralise any positive Energy previously projected into the Universe, thereby cancelling it out.

If a negative thought ever enters your Mind it is very important to be aware of it, and to replace it immediately with a corresponding positive thought, preferably a thought that is totally consistent with your ongoing objectives and desires.

Positive thinking at its most effective is therefore much more than simply thinking positively about a particular circumstance, it should become a Mindset, a way of life. By thinking constantly only in the most positive manner you will ensure only the most positive things manifest into your life. For example, if you wish to always have sufficient money for all your daily needs you must always think positively and with as much conscious Energy and emotion as possible that you already have that money in your possession; never let a contrary thought enter your Mind; if such a contrary or negative thought does enter your Mind, even for a single moment, you must dispel it immediately. And again, never think in the future tense, only in the present tense to the extent that it already exists within your physical reality. In this way you will constantly influence the positive Energy of the inner spheres of reality, which Energy will sooner or later positively manifest into your own physical life.

As space and time simply do not exist in the inner Universe, creating these positive Energy in the present tense where they have their effect beyond the confines of space and time, they must in turn, in immutable succession eventually manifest into your physical world and reality in accordance with The Law of Attraction, and not simply something which might or might not occur sometime in the future.

Again, always know in your own Mind beyond any doubt whatsoever that all your needs have already been met, and are a complete reality in your life at this very time, in the completely certain knowledge that the Universe is infinitely abundant and knows no limits, and that as an immortal, Divine Spiritual being, a co-creator of the Universe with the Prime Creator, The Source, God, all of your needs and desires without any exceptions will always manifest into your life and reality. Always remember, there is absolutely nothing that you cannot be, do or have.

As well as knowing beyond doubt that your wishes and needs have already become a complete reality, it will assist this process considerably by projecting as much focussed, positive emotion and Energy behind your knowing and positive thinking as possible.

Recreate the feelings of great joy and happiness surrounding previous events in your life. By recalling and recreating these feelings and emotions, and projecting them with as strongly as possible behind your ongoing thoughts of whatever it is you wish to manifest into your life as if they are already a complete reality, you will influence the positive Energy, thus helping the results to manifest more rapidly and in a more powerful way into your own physical reality.

Your Mind, Consciousness, thoughts, emotions and imagination are all creative powers behind your life and of the entire Universe. The more conscious you are of yourself and of your needs and desires the more powerful you will become. By this we do not mean being conscious of your physical body, but rather being conscious of actually being conscious, a conscious channel for expression of God, the very feeling of existence, the feeling of being alive, not alive from the point of view of the physical body, but rather the total inner feeling and sensation that comes with the absolute knowing and certainty that you exist as an immortal Divine creative being, an aspect of God, created in the true image of God.

In conclusion, always but always think positive thoughts in the direction you wish your life to go, and do so with as much focus of Energy, knowing and emotion as possible. These thoughts, whether specific to a particular need or for an ongoing aspect of your life must always be present in your Mind as if they have already completely manifested into, and are already an integral aspect of your present reality, a fact of which you must be completely certain beyond all doubt.

It really does not matter how dire life might seem to be at any particular moment, it is extremely important during every waking moment to think as positively and with as much Energy and emotion as possible that everything you desire already exists within your life, and that you are now enjoying it to the maximum possible extent. Never, ever let a negative thought dwell in your Mind, particularly before sleep, or give such a thought any Energy
whatsoever; immediately convert any negative Energy into the corresponding positive Energy.

Notwithstanding immediate needs and situations, always think, focus and concentrate positively about everything in your life, and in turn your life will only bring you positive results, this is The Law of the Universe in accordance with The Law of Attraction. Most importantly, always feel the deepest gratitude for how perfect your reality really is, always giving thanks to God with absolute sincerity.

In conclusion, as co-creators in our own Universe, the microcosm, with God, the macrocosm, there is truly nothing at all that we cannot be, do or have. We cannot think bigger than the Universe. What might seem massive to us is trivial to the Universe, so never be afraid to think big, very big.

However, we are what we think; our thoughts create our reality. In order to reinforce the power of our thoughts in creating our reality we need to provide the right "fuel" in order to give our thoughts Energy. There are many forms of such fuel, and again they are all discussed in detail within the pages of Our Ultimate Reality, but such fuel includes positive emotion, a high state of vibration and gratitude. Positive thinking is also an extremely important aspect of creating your own reality so always be aware of your thoughts, emotions and state of mind. Positive thoughts will attract a positive life, and conversely negative thoughts will attract unwanted things into your life.

With discipline and by being constantly mindful of your thoughts you can experience the life of your dreams. It is also worth reminding ourselves once again that a majot ket to success is to bypass the logical, questioning, ego driven conscious mind, to program the subconscious mind, which is sublime, powerful and 90%+ of our total mind power for complete success.

Program your subconscious mind for success and that will be your experiential reality in accordance with the Universal Laws of Energy and Vibration and of course The Law of Attraction.

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