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All life is sustained by means of "Vital Energy", the "Life Force" pervading the entire Universe in all dimensions or planes of life and reality. This unseen Energy, an Energy that has not yet been formally identified or measured by the three dimensional world of science, has many names according to the various cultures, traditions, practitioners, healers, and esoteric orders who are aware of and make use of its presence. Such names for Vital Energy include "Prana", "Chi", "Ki", "Psi", "Ruah", "Breath of Life", "Bioplasma", "Manna", "Life Force", "Orgone", "Odic Force", "The Force" and often, and most appropriately, simply "Vital Energy".

The method of Energy healing known as "Reiki" derives its name from the words "Rei" meaning "Spirit" and "Ki" meaning "Energy".

In fact Vital Energy including the Energy of Energy healing and with all of its many names is still fundamentally the Universal Energy from which all things are made and are integral aspects; the Energy of The Source, The First Cause, of God. Vital Energy is not therefore a different type of Energy, but rather another name for it.

As so many people involved with healing refer to this influence of Energy as "Vital Energy" we will hitherto refer to this life force as "Vital Energy" being a most appropriate and accurate description of the nature of this force in all of its names in the context in which it is applied.

So Vital Energy is still the very same Energy that pervades the entire Universe from which all things originate, but in this context can also be regarded as a "Spiritual substance", the food of all life in all spheres of the Universe.

In the inner spheres, the Astral and Spirit worlds, all life is sustained by the "breathing" and "absorption" of Vital Energy as part of an entirely natural process performed subconsciously, much as humans and other forms of physical life breathe air. In fact all earth life, including humans "breathe" in Vital Energy through the mouth as part of the normal respiratory process, and also, although subconsciously and usually without awareness, through the pores of the skin. Although this is an entirely natural, automatic and unconscious process, it is nevertheless absolutely "vital" for the sustenance of all life, without which, life, including human life simply could not exist being an aspect of the same Universal Energy from which all life originated and is sustained from The Source, The First Cause, God.

Vital Energy has many powerful and sometimes wonderful characteristics when applied in the direction of healing. A particularly important branch of "alternative medicine" is known as "Pranic Healing" which is well-known in eastern countries, and is now becoming increasingly practiced around the world as its healing powers are more widely recognised.

As we have already mentioned, the human body, being comprised of pure Energy, is also dependant on Vital Energy in order to maintain it, and this also applies to the subtle Etheric, Astral and Mental bodies. When a person becomes ill, although the illness usually manifests as a physical problem, for example as headaches, lethargy, pains and many other such symptoms, the origin of these ailments is very often not within the physical body itself but rather within the "Energy Body", often known as the "Etheric Body". Such ailments can be caused by a wide variety of situations as we will discuss later in this book, many of which can respond, often dramatically to Pranic Energy Healing.

The process of Pranic Healing in all of its variations involves the accumulation of Vital Energy by a Pranic Healing practitioner, who then directs that accumulated Energy towards the location within the Energy Body of the ailment of the patient. The Energy Body has several main "centres" which are vitally important. These centres are mystically known as "chakras" in eastern terminology.

There are seven main chakras, each of which has a very specific purpose, and all of which are connected to the wider and vastly complex energetic systems of the subtle Energy Body. Bioplasmic disturbances in any part of the Energy Body and in particular a chakra or other Energy centre, will usually manifest as a physically observable illness. Of course, and quite understandably, doctors will attempt to treat these illnesses by physical means by the use of medicines, surgery, therapy and so on, but in fact the only real and enduring cure is entirely non-physical in nature, being firmly rooted in the Energy Body of the patient. In these cases, no amount of medicines or surgery will bring about a cure. We will discuss Pranic Energy Healing in more detail later in this book.

Another "alternative", well-known and often highly effective form of treatment is Acupuncture. This is an ancient but increasingly popular Chinese procedure whereby sharp, very fine needles are inserted at critical points of the physical body, but which points actually correspond to important Energy points within the Energy Body. The needles are not therefore affecting physical nerves as some doctors might suppose, but are rather acting upon the balance and flow of Vital Energy within the invisible Energy Body, thereby bringing about relief or often a complete cure.

Acupuncture is a highly skilled profession whereby a detailed knowledge of the Energy Body, its balancing points or "meridians", and of Vital Energy itself, known as "Chi" in China, is required. Acupuncture also makes use of the principle of polarity, where Energy points can be subject to opposite poles of balance know as "Yin", the negative polarity, and "Yang", the positive polarity.

Another well-known and extremely popular exercise in Chinese cultures involving Chi, pronounced "chee", is known as "Tai Chi". Tai Chi exercises balance the flow of Vital Energy around the body, thereby facilitating a better state of health and well-being.

Yet another form of healing making use of Vital Energy is known as "Reiki"; a Japanese word meaning quite literally "Universal life-force"; "Rei" meaning Universal and "Ki" meaning "life force". Reiki, like most forms of Energy based healing, can either take place with the patient in the same physical room as the Reiki practitioner, or at any distance. Distance is most certainly no barrier to any form of healing making use of Vital Energy, as it fully conforms to the Universal laws as previously discussed, and accordingly neither time or space are relevant to, or form any sort of barrier to the use of Vital Energy for healing.

Vital Energy is also the force behind many esoteric and psychic abilities. These abilities are not functions of Vital Energy in and of themselves, they rather conform to the Universal laws relevant to the plane upon which they manifest as Energy vibrating in harmony at that level. Vital Energy is literally the Energy or driving force that adds "potency" and therefore effectiveness to the operation involving Universal Energy.

Generally speaking, the more Energy behind an energetic operation, for example Energy healing, the more instantly effective it is likely to be, although always in complete accordance with the Universal laws, principles and planes relevant to the operation, as well as the abilities and experience of the practitioner.

Energy is not only the basis for Everything that is, it is Everything that Is. As humans we are individuated Energy fields within the great Energy field of God.

By learning what Energy is, how it works and above all how to control Energy using the Mind, absolutely anything and everything becomes possible; there is truly nothing you cannot be, do or have.

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