Elements Of Fire, Water, Air And Earth

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The very beginning of the creation of the Universe within the Mind of The One is symbolically identified with those well-known words “Let there be Light”, Fiat Lux! At that point the entire Universe was thus created within the infinite Mind of God, God then became The First Cause for the Universe and The Source of everything that Is. And so it was then that entire magnificent Universe in all of its spheres came into being.

It should also be noted this does not only apply to the physical Universe according to science with its “big bang theory”, or indeed as interpreted by religion as written in Genesis I, but it rather applies to all the Great Planes of life from the very highest vibration of The Source, The First Cause, God, descending all the way down to the physical world of. Matter

This process symbolically began with “The Word”. “The Word” is not the same as a word in the form of physical language as is commonly understood, but rather the sending forth of vibrations of Energy within the Mind of God, in the form of images, giving rise to the constituents of the Ether, and ultimately giving rise to the creation of the entire Universe in all of its glorious realms of life and reality, again, all by imagination in the infinite Mind of God.

Everything is the Universe is therefore an “idea” within the infinite Mind of God, created by the infinite imagination of God in the Macrocosm, just as we, as Sons and Daughters of God, made in the true Spiritual image of God are creators of our own reality, the microcosm in the same way as God created the entire Universe, the Macrocosm. As inseparable aspects of God, there is no difference at all between the creation by God or any aspect of God; Mind, concentration and imagination are Universal creative forces through which everything has its Being.

The Ether is symbolically comprised of the four “elements” from which everything in existence in the entire Universe in all planes of life came into being upon The Word; these are the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, of which the Ether, The Source, Spirit, God, is the very finest, the Quintessence of the others, the primordial Light. It should be made clear from the outset that the elements are not in any way separate from Energy or vibration, but are rather configurations of Energy and vibration, each element having its own unique characteristics in accordance with the Energy configuration of which each element comprises. The elements can therefore be considered to be “building blocks” of Energy.

Each element, as a configuration of Energy, influences corresponding Energy just as all Energy has the capability to influence any other Energy, as with thought Energy for example. In this way the elements, under the influence of the infinite Mind of God, are Energy building blocks configured during the initial act of creation, and in the form of Energy contributing to the sustaining of the Universe in all of its realms of glory.

It must be stressed once again from the very outset that these are not the commonly recognised fire, air, water and earth which everyone is so used to in the material world; in other words fire as in flame, water as in rain, the air we breath or the earth in which we sow seeds, but are rather the Universal attributes of configurations of Energy that are analogous to them, having similar although non-physical characteristics.
Everything that has ever been and ever will be created was as a direct result of the interaction between the Energy configurations, the vibrations of these four Universal elements. The characteristics of each the four Universal Energy elements are as follows:

The Element of Fire: The first element to descend from The Source, The First Cause, God was the element of Fire. The fundamental Universal attributes of the element of Fire are light, heat and expansion. All of creation began with these Universal attributes radiating and expanding from The Source outwards to the very outermost levels of Energy at which point the physical Universe was formed. The Emerald Tablet of Hermes is an ancient account of this process.

It follows therefore that everything without exception in the entire Universe in all planes of life contains the Universal element of Fire. In accordance with the Universal principle of polarity, the Fire element, as with all of the elements is bi-polar, in other words has two poles that are respectively active and passive in nature. The active or positive pole is creative and the passive or negative pole is destructive.

As well as the Universal attributes of the Fire element as relates to the Macrocosm, the Fire element, like the other three elements, has a profound influence over human beings, the microcosm. As already mentioned, everything in the Universe contains all four elements and human beings are most certainly no exception to this reality. These four elements with the fifth, the quintessence of the elements are present in the Energy comprising the physical body of matter and also present within the Energy, Astral and Mental bodies which will be discussed in more detail later in this book.

The action and balance of the elements in the subtle bodies, and most notably the Astral Body, the Soul, has a very considerable influence over the emotions, temperament and all other mental attributes of human beings. In addition, imbalances in the elements will often result in a physically manifesting illness, usually diagnosed by doctors as originating from a physical medical origin. Of course it is not possible to fully cure such ailments by physical means, but rather to only mask the symptoms. In accordance with Universal laws, and in particular the law of Correspondence, all diseases first originate in an inner body before manifesting in the physical body as a physically observable illness. As we will discuss later in this book, this knowledge is used in the process of Holistic healing which brings about the cure in the inner body originating the disease in order for the cure to then manifest in the outer, physical body in the form of an observable physical cure of even the most serious conditions, some of which cures are deemed to be “miraculous”.

The elements also correspond to the five physical senses through which the physical body experiences the physical world. The Astral Body, or Soul, experiences the physical world through the mediation of the five physical senses, and is a primary reason why the Astral Body or its intermediary Energy, or Etheric Body are in turn so fundamental to the balance and well-being of the physical body. The Energy body is the Energy interface between the physical body and the Astral body, the Soul. Again, this is also a basis of most Spiritual and Energy based healing.

In the Mental Body, the immortal Spirit, the Fire element gives rise to the emotional attributes of Energy, might and passion. It is ultimately the Mental Body, the immortal Spirit that actuates the five physical senses through the mediation of the inner senses of both the lower Astral and physical bodies thereby enabling the perception of the senses involved.

The Fire element, in recognition of its fundamental property of expansion is also known as the “electric fluid”. As we will see later, the “fluids” are a very important aspect of the Ether in the propagation and maintenance of the Universe.

The Element of Air: The next element to descend from The Source during the creation of the Universe within the infinite Mind of God was the element of Air. Air is not a true element in the same way as Fire and Water, but is nevertheless fundamentally important to the balance of the Universe.

The function of the Air element is to act as a Universal Energy mediator between the elements of Fire and Water element. In the course of this mediation the Air element acquires characteristics of both Fire and Water, and in particular the attributes of warmth from Fire and moisture from Water. These are Universal Energy attributes, configurations of Energy present in all planes of life.

The Element of Water: Water was the third Element to descend from the The Source, The First Cause, from God. The element of Water has exactly the opposite properties to those of Fire, its Universal Energy characteristics being principally those of contraction and coldness.

As with all of the elements Water also has its two polar opposites the actions of which are vital to the great Universal scheme of things. The active, or positive pole of the Water Element is nourishing, preserving, and life giving, while the negative pole is decomposing, fermenting and dispersing. The Fire and Water elements are inter-dependant on each other, being equal and opposites from a Universal polar perspective.

The Water element represents the Soul, the Astral Body. Just as the Fire element is also analogous to the Electric fluid, the element of Water is analogous to the “Magnetic fluid” in recognition of its fundamental property of contraction.

The Element of Earth. Like Air, Earth is not a true element but is rather the result of the interaction of the other three elements, Fire, Air and Water. The main characteristic of Earth is the property of solidification. As this occurs the Earth element assimilates the other three elements from which it is constituted thus providing them with a solid form. It is due to the activities of the elements during this process that the material Universe of physical matter came into being during the great act of creation, along with the physical world attributes of measure, space, weight and time as they are known to science and people generally.

All created life came into being then as a direct result of the interaction of Energy analogous to the properties of Fire, Water and Air expanding from The Source, The First Cause, God, eventually resulting in the physical, solid Universe analogous to the element of Earth.

Again, the Earth element has, like the other elements, unique characteristics of vibration or Energy, and is not therefore merely the actual physical Earth of solid matter as constituted by the elements at the lowest level of Energy vibration and highest density. It is also important to note that we are not merely referring to the planet “Earth”, but rather to the entire physical Universe as known to science, the creation of which is analogous to the “big bang” theory of the astrophysicists.

Science is constantly seeking the origin of the “big bang” in the physical Universe. However, as we will discuss later in this book, science will never find a single origin within the physical Universe for the “big bang” and therefore the origin of the start of creation, because in the beginning the Universe was created out of and by The Source, The First Cause God beyond the confines of space and time, a place where all exists in the “Eternal Now”.

So the descent of the elements occurred beyond space and time, expanding through the Ether with progressively lower vibration and increasing density, until finally resulting in solidification in the form of the physical Universe as observed by science and everyone else by means of the five physical senses. As previously mentioned, quantum physicist David Bohm very aptly referred to the physical Universe of matter as “frozen light”, which indeed it is; the primordial Light of the Ether, The Source, God, “frozen” in the density of the lowest vibration of Energy and manifesting as the physical Universe.

It should once again be noted that the elements are all components of the Ether and therefore also of vibration the characteristics of which they still retain, so the solidification process analogous to the Earth element is still subject to the laws of vibration, which in turn is why all matter is ultimately constituted of sub-atomic particles, atoms and molecules of unique properties, together giving rise to the chemical elements and compounds as recognised by science. In the beginning it was when Universal Energy including that represented by the elements expanded outwards to such an extent that the vibrations slowed to form the sub-atomic particles, atoms and molecules of which all physical matter comprises.

Again however, chemical elements should not be confused with the Universal Elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, and neither should they be confused with the physical fire, air, water and earth of the same name. The Universal elements, like the entire Universe in all spheres of life and reality are configurations of Energy influenced by the power of Mind, either the infinite Mind of God during the great creation, or of human and other beings in the microcosm.

The “big bang” theory is to scientists as Genesis I is to religion. The story of Genesis, like almost all of the biblical accounts is very deeply symbolic, intended for those who would understand its true meaning. Unfortunately, over the millennia, these accounts have all been interpreted and translated in material terms, and the true meaning has long been subsumed by creed and dogma. Genesis is an account of the greater act of creation in all planes of life, and not merely of the physical planet Earth as is generally supposed by orthodox religion.

This concludes our analysis of the four Universal elements and of vibration, Energy, of which everything and everyone in the Universe in all spheres of life and reality without exception is constituted. One of the key principles in the health and well-being of all tetrapolar life, that is to say life which is constituted from all four of the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth is in the maintaining of a fine balance of the Energy and vibration of the elements.

In the Astral worlds there are various degrees of beings existing in the form of a configuration of Energy comprising a single Element, some of which beings are fairly advanced in nature including such creatures as are more commonly associated with “fairy tales”, and some of which are much more basic in nature. The more basic beings of the single elements are known as “elementaries” when they exist in the Astral planes, and “elementals” when their principle habitat is within the Mental planes. Despite their comparative simplicity, these beings are nevertheless very important in the grand Universal scheme of things.

Our Ultimate describes these "Fairy Tale Creatures" in great detail.

In summary, the Universal elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth are configurations of Energy that are analogous to their Earthly recognised counterparts, and each of which exhibit unique characteristics, forming Energy building blocks within the Universe. These elements not only exert a profound effect over human beings at all levels, but also within the Universe as a whole.

Many human diseases are a direct result of an imbalance of the Energy of the elements within the inner Energy, Astral or Mental bodies, and which in turn manifest in accordance with the Law of Correspondence within the physical body as a physically observable ailment.

The elements also have a profound effect on human characteristics such as emotion, and many other attributes at the mental level, and give rise to psychological imbalances and sometimes an observable mental illness. Equilibrium of the elements within the human body is a fundamental aspect of the ongoing process of evolution and perfection that is the ongoing mission and destiny of every single human being without any exceptions. Like all Energy, the elements are influenced by Mind, and therefore full elemental equilibrium, harmony of the elements at all levels of a human being can be controlled and maintained by the Mind.

Balancing of the elements comprising the human being at all levels is therefore extremely important for progression, a fact that everyone should not only be fully aware of, but also to integrate into ongoing life.

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