Differences Between Abundance And Wealth

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I have often spoken about the negative influence of materialism over our primary reason for being here on Earth - Spiritual Growth.

The more people are focused upon gathering the material possessions of the material world, the more isolated they become from our Source, God, and Spiritual progression suffers as a direct result.

Many people have noted however that much is spoken about "The Law of Attraction", which of course I write about in my book, as well as within these newsletters and on my website, and especially since the outstanding success of the movie and book "The Secret".

It has been often pointed out, quite justifiably, that The Secret focuses extensively on attaining material wealth, with many of the people featured in The Secret flaunting their wealth and achievements and encouraging others to replicate their success.

While this may be true, I believe one motive was to provide inspiration as to what can be achieved with the right mindset rather than to encourage wealth for wealths sake.

Notwithstanding that, countless people have viewed "The Secret" as an alternative to, or in some cases even a means by which to win "the lottery". In other words materialism, or sometimes even greed has supplanted the real message, that we all create our own reality with our thoughts, emotions and expectations.

While all this is understandable, the paradox is that a superficial level of understanding about The Law of Attraction can lead to the very opposite of what people should be focusing on and achieving on Earth, leaving the Higher Self of such a person unfulfilled in its mission this time around, thus necessitating a further incarnation under similar circumstances to "get it right" next time.

So how then should we approach and reconcile this apparent enigma?

To do this we must first look at the differences between "wealth"
and true "Abundance".

This is the dictionary definition of "wealth":

"A great quantity or store of money, valuable possessions, property, or other riches"

Dictionary synonyms for wealth include:

"Richness, amplitude, fullness, possessions, assets, goods, property, money, opulence, fortune".

"Wealth" is usually associated with "money" and the material possessions that people buy with money as a statement of wealth, often in the hope of impressing friends, relatives and neighbours, whether they actually need such possessions or not.

Wealth is therefore often of the Ego rather than out of necessity.

There is nothing wrong with owning nice things per se, providing the motive is appropriate - that it results in genuine, lasting joy and happiness, and above all is positive for your own well-being and evolution. If such possessions also make others happy, then so much the better.

Service to others before service to self is also a primary aspect of evolution.

So what then of Abundance?

The dictionary definition of "Abundance" is:

"A great or plentiful amount".

We can see immediately that this is not the same as "wealth".

I can summarise the main difference thus:

"Wealth" is often an unnatural human state.

"Abundance" is a natural state of nature and of the Universe.

So let us now then take a closer look at Abundance.

It should be readily apparent to any conscious person that the Universe manifests infinite abundance without compromise.

From the countless trillions of stars, their planets, and the diversity of Abundance on those planets - each in its own way.

We must keep in Mind that the human concept of "Abundance" is relative to experience on Earth - not the Universe as a whole. Only Source, God, First Cause knows the complete extent of Abundance.

If we look at our sphere of Abundance on Earth, we see vast, uncompromising diversity in the form of millions of living creatures of all shapes, sizes and colours, trees and bushes, flowers, mountains, fields, rivers and lakes - all gloriously abundant.

Even if we were to examine individual aspects of Abundance such as a flower - an Orchid for example - we immediately see a vast Abundance of beauty and complexity constituting that flower.

Consider for a moment the enormity of Divine Intelligence that imagined and then created such Abundant beauty, and in such infinite proliferation.

Again - Abundance is a natural state of Being and Principle of the Universe. "Wealth" is not - at least in the way humans define it.

In Universal terms - Abundance is expansive, while "wealth" can be, and very often is contractive.

Abundance can be associated with the Universal Element of Fire.

Wealth can be associated with the Universal Element of Water.

So why is this?

Abundance is a natural state of Being. We all, every single one of us, have Abundance as a natural state of Being. Poverty, rife and sad though it is - is no less than a disease of the Mind.

If we open ourselves up to the infinite storehouse of riches within, and thereby be channels of expression of the infinite flow of Abundance originating from Source, God, then infinite Abundance must be our reality.

The more we realise Source, God within, the more open is our channel of Abundance, and the more Abundance we will experience- and it will be Joyful, meaningful, enduring Abundance.

"Wealth" on the other hand is frequently a forced condition - the result of people focusing entirely on "making money" or "gaining material possessions" in any way they can often regardless of others.

Wealth thus gained is not Abundance, and rarely gives rise to true joy, happiness and fulfilment, because it is against the flow of these factors from within.

These are reasons why wealthy people, "film stars" for example are often extremely unhappy, some eventually even taking their own lives, or becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol and other substances, notwithstanding their huge wealth and "Hollywood" lifestyles.

This even applies to lottery winners. Often people become almost obsessive about "winning the lottery" to the point it makes them miserable.

It is also a powerful truth that many who win millions in a lottery not only lose all their money within a few years, but actually end up worse off than before they won the lottery.

The reason is they are not focused on Abundance, which is a natural state, they are focused on material wealth which is a unnatural state. We can only retain what we feel and therefore vibrate.

So what does this mean in practical terms?

How can we enjoy true Abundance with the Joy that inevitably associates with it?

The truth is real Abundance should be and is effortless. If it is, or becomes an effort then it is not true and will not bring Joy.

One way to proceed of many is as follows:

Take some time each day to find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, sit down and relax by breathing in deeply through your nose, and breathing out slowly though your mouth. Your objective is to achieve a deeply relaxed, meditative state.

Now recall the events of the past that made you feel most joyful, feeling and retaining those emotions.

Once you have those feelings instilled in your Being, next meditate anf focus upon the situations that would make you feel most joyful deep within your Soul and Spirit.

Remember that their are no restrictions. Whatever makes you feel the most joyful and happy is fine. If these situations make others around you feel happy and joyful then so much the better.

Your objective is to bring into your consciousness and vibration only those things that ake you feel genuinely joyful deep within your Being, and to reject any thoughts of material possessions that you might "like" for the wrong reasons.

You will instantly recognise the positive, joyful things from the high vibrations of joy, happiness and contentment that well up inside you. Material possessions that do not conform would make you feel anxious and generally "low" - a symptom of low vibration.

Soon you should know, beyond doubt, what things, people and events that would make you feel the most joyful and fulfilled and therefore Abundant.

From that moment onwards attracting those into your reality will be natural and easy. You will already be harmonised with with all of the associated feelings, emotions and high vibrations. All you need to do is to focus on them often, knowing, with absolute Faith and Belief that you have them Now and soon so shall it be.

An excellent way of assisting this process is to create a "treasure map". To do this simply obtain a large sheet of cardboard, and then find pictures in magazines or printed from the Internet that represent your idea of joyful abundance. Place a photograph of yourself in the centre of the boards, and then arrange your other "Abundance pictures" around the picture of yourself.

Look at your treasure map for around 5 minutes just before sleep and just after awakening each day, taking the time to feel joyfully abundant and grateful for what you know, with all your heart that you already have. Also do the same as often as you can during the day. Your desires were instantly fulfilled by the Universe, all you are doing with your treasure map is harmonising, thereby receiving them.

You will soon find that attracting true Abundance is a natural, joyful, harmonious process, that is entirely within the Principles and flow of the Universe.

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