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I receive a large number of messages that go something like this:

"What sort of candle should I burn to attract someone to me?". Or "what color crystal should I use to attract more money" Or "what sort of herbs or crystals should I use to protect my home?" "Can I cast a spell or perform a ritual to protect myself" and so on.

I am also frequently asked for "spells" for many purposes.

All of these come under the general heading of "magic". It is time therefore that we take a closer look at the reality of "magic".

The first question we must ask is whether "magic" including the use of herbs, candle magic, crystals, etc. actually do work?

The answer is yes, they most certainly can and often do work.

What we must really ask ourselves however are why they work and is there a better way?

First we must define "magic". Magic is in fact an ancient and sacred science which derives its name from a group of ancient initiates known as the Magi". The Magi, like all initiates were disciplined in the use of natural Universal laws which they used to consciously create their own reality. Magic is not about waving a "wand" around and uttering some form of "spell" except in fantasy books and films.

This is the basis of all "Magic". In fact everything is Magic; every thought we have, without exception is "Magic" in the truest sense, because every thought influences the Energy around us as a cause which must result in its corresponding effect.

Magic is not about the stage illusionists, prestidigitators and other tricksters who are simply entertainers using sleight of the hand; skilled though they might sometimes be at their art.

So how does "magic" relate to crystals, herbs, candle magic and other regalia?

All of these focus, guide and concentrate our thoughts, and it is that that results in the true "magic". The very act of burning a candle, holding a crystal of a certain color or reciting a verse in the form of a "spell", in and of themselves are totally meaningless.
We can illustrate this by taking a look at crystals as an example.

Green crystals such as emerald, jade or aventurine are frequently associated with money, riches and wealth. The reason for this is that paper "money", which is a purely human construct that has only been around for a hundred years or so, is often in the form of green colored notes e.g. the "green back". So "green" and "money" have become synonymous with each other.

However, If we take a look at the logic behind this we find in fact there is no logic at all. Green crystals have been in the Earth for billions of years, created by the forces of nature, whereas money in the form of green notes has only been around for hundreds of years at the most. So why should these ancient and natural products of nature suddenly be capable of attracting money which is purely a human construct, simply by virtue of the fact they are both green?

The same can be said about the use of any crystal and indeed any natural thing such as herbs for example. It should be pointed out however that whereas herbs have no "magical" properties as such, they can have very powerful medicinal properties and can be extremely valuable in that respect.

Human beings were always intended to live from the fruits of nature, provided for us on this planet as an aspect of the supreme act of creation, along with our own Divine powers of creation as aspects of the Supreme Creator. We were never intended to make chemical concoctions known as "medicine" or carve our bodies around in the guise of "surgery" in order to remain healthy.

We all, without exception, have the "God given" powers as creators of our own reality to have, be or do anything at all that we deem necessary for our own evolution.

Going back to "magic", why then do crystals, herbs, candle magic etc. often work? The answer lies in the fact that we are still applying The Law of Attraction, but using crystals, herbs, candles, spells and rituals, among other things, as instruments of focus, emotion and belief; all of which are fundamental in attracting our wishes needs and desires.

When a person carries with them an emerald, or places a piece of jade in a shop till, or a green aventurine crystal under a pillow, they do so in the expectation that it will bring them money. This expectation is based upon belief which in turn is based upon what the person has been led to believe by reading about it or being told about it somewhere. It is this belief and expectation that results in more money arriving into the reality of the person.
As a person experiences success with a crystal or whatever, the more confidence they have in the process and the more success they enjoy as a result.

This process applies to anything be it crystals, herbs, spells, candle magic rituals etc.. The object itself has no inherent "magical power" whatsoever. It is the belief in the process that is the true Magic, because it is the thought processes that are associated with it that influences the Energy around that person causing the person to vibrate in harmony with their sesires, thus causing the need, wish or desire to manifest in accordance with the Law of Attraction.

An excellent natural example of this is the "holy" waters at Lourdes. Every year thousands of pigrims trek to Lourdes in the expectation of becoming healed by the "holy waters". It is not however the waters that often brings about a cure, but rather the expectation of the cure that brings it into reality by The Law of Attraction.

The reason Lourdes water is so successful by comparison with other "holy" places is because over the years, as more and more people have reported "miracles" as a result of contact with Lourdes water, its repution as a powerful healing source has increased, and therefore the expectations of the pilgrims have increased as well.

Therefore, as with anything be it crystals, herbs or spells, the ability of attracting a "miracle" from Lourdes water is directly proportional to the expectations of the person together with their faith, belief and gratitude; this is true Magic as defined by The Law of Attraction.

With this knowledge we now know that we do not have to buy crystals, herbs or burn candles for candle magic , unless of course we enjoy them for what they truly are which is a good reason for having them, i.e. for their natural beauty, fragrance, associations etc., in order to attract all of our wishes, needs and desires, or to trek to distant "holy places". We rather only need to understand and apply The Law of Attraction in order to live a truly magical existence where we can effortlessly attract all of our wishes, needs and desires however seemingly large or small, the process for which is set out in full in my book, Our ultimate Reality.

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