Communicating With The Subconscious Mind

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By now many of you know the importance and sheer power of the Mind in creating, or more accurately attracting our reality, a process known as "The Law of Attraction".

"Thoughts are things", and therefore every thought, however small, has its corresponding effect. In terms of The Law of Attraction this means every thought will attract to you whatever you predominantly think about.

Unfortunately most people are still not aware of The Law of Attraction, and therefore focus on the negative things in life. When they attract those negative things they ascribe them to such erroneous concepts as "luck", "chance" or "fortune".

Those who know The Law of Attraction can consciously create the exact reality they wish for with immutable certainty. Increasingly more people are doing exactly that, including many readers of this newsletter judging by the many emails received detailing these successes which are wonderful to read.

One of the questions that most often arises goes something like this:

"In order to attract to us the reality we wish for, is it necessary to focus on it constantly, to the exclusion of all other thoughts?

The answer is absolutely not. The important thing to keep in mind, and of course to practice, is to never allow thoughts into your Mind that are contrary to your wishes, including those particularly destructive thoughts; fears, doubts and uncertainty; thoughts that ensure that many people who might have succeeded with The Law of Attraction never do. Any negative thought should be immediately cancelled by saying to yourself, either aloud or in your Mind; "cancel!, cancel!, cancel!", until the negative thought dissipates.

Our objective therefore is to allocate time each day to find a quiet place, fully relax and focus on our wishes by using a Law of Attraction technique as detailed in Our Ultimate Reality.

Afterwards we put the object of our focus out of our Mind, and then ensure no contradictory thought including doubt thoughts enters our Mind.

Another comment I frequently see is from busy people who claim not to have the "time" or opportunity for one reason or another to focus on attracting wishes or using a Law of Attraction method.

Well the good news is that one of the most powerful times to focus on practicing The Law of Attraction is just before sleep. At this time we are much more connected to the subconscious Mind as our brainwaves slow down from the normal waking state to sleep state.

The higher the frequency of our brainwaves, the less consciously connected we are to our subconscious Mind. This is why brainwave entrainment, as with Abyss, our own powerful binaural brainwave entrainment track, is so valuable for practicing The Law of attraction and much more.

Why is the subconscious Mind so important in The process of The Law of Attraction? These are the main reasons:

1. The subconscious Mind is around 90% of our total Mind Power.
2. The subconscious Mind is sublime; it never, ever questions
3. The subconscious Mind is in permanent communication with our

Higher-Self, or more correctly Inner-Self, and most importantly also with the Superconscious Mind; The Universe.

It is evident therefore that the route to attracting all of our wishes is to communicate those wishes to our subconscious Mind, and indeed this is the basis of almost all Law of Attraction teachings.

We can take advantage of these facts by communicating our wishes to our subconscious Mind just before sleep with the following

1. No special time needs to be set aside during the day
2. Our connection to our subconscious Mind is strong
3. We take thoughts into sleep so they cannot later be questioned

So after retiring to bed and just before sleep is one of the very best and most convenient times to practice a Law of Attraction method for achieving literally anything you can possibly imagine with the help of the infinite power of the subconcious Mind

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