Communicating With, Channelling The Inner Spheres

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There are numerous ways in which the inner spheres of life and reality ranging from the Astral planes to the much more inward Mental planes be contacted by means of channelling, connected with and indeed visited. Many of these methods, in particular those required to safely communicate with the inner spheres of life beyond the Astral worlds are advanced, requiring dedication, discipline, practice, balance, and a degree of personal evolution in order to accomplish safely and successfully. That having been said, almost anyone can potentially achieve these levels of ability with commitment and dedication, by diligently and honestly applying individual development methods including those discussed in the next section of this book. For those so willing, the rewards can be very profound indeed, and very often life changing for the better.

Again it must be stressed however that despite the numerous articles you may read on the Internet and elsewhere regarding channelling and other such indirect methods of communication with the Spirit worlds, everyone would be very well advised indeed to leave these well alone until such time as your necessary level of development has been achieved, otherwise the consequences could well be very serious indeed for those who choose to dabble without the necessary abilities and experience.

We can now proceed to look in at several distinctly different methods of channeling or otherwise achieving contact with and travelling to the Astral worlds, including methods used successfully over many years. These methods will not only result in a much higher quality and more reliable level of experience and communication with beings in the inner worlds as compared to channelling and other indirect methods, but most importantly are also completely safe. Having successfully accomplished any of the following methods any temptations to interact with the inner worlds by less direct and safe methods such as channelling will be set aside and seen for what they are.

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