The Consequences Of Committing Suicide - Part 3

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The newly transitioned Soul who took their own life before their mission was complete will be fully aware of this fact, and the fact they have now lost a most valuable opportunity to resolve the very problems and situations causing them to take the decision to “call it a day” on Earth. There is absolutely no escaping these lessons and responsibilities; the Soul who took his or her own life by committing suicide will often feel deep regret for the valuable opportunities missed, lessons they failed to learn and the karma they failed to balance. As one Soul who recently arrived in the Astral world having took his own life said to a person who was visiting by Astral Projection:

“I now realize that I suicided because there were things I couldn't deal with, emotional things, things between myself and others. I was in so much pain. That pain didn't go away after I killed myself, and I now realize that the one thing I need to resolve the pain, is hanging from the rafters in the garage”.

This unfortunate Soul, as with all Souls who terminate their own physical lives by suicide prematurely for emotional reasons, can now very vividly see every aspect of the true purpose and meaning of his previous life, and therefore of all of the valuable opportunities missed. The person quoted above now knows only after it is much too late that there is nothing he can really do to correct this situation from his new home in the Astral world. The Soul who commits suicide before his or her mission has been completed therefore has but one option; to return once again to Earth in order to hopefully completely fulfil his or her objectives next time around.

Although committing suicide seems tragic and causes considerable grief for all those involved, the bereaved left behind can gain much peace in the knowing their loved one is completely safe within the Astral worlds, is contemplating his or her past life, and will ultimately progress onwards in the course of his or her personal ongoing evolution. The deceased person will often visit loved ones frequently although their presence might not be felt, and will endeavour to help by means of inspiration whenever it is appropriate to do so. The deceased person will also often visit loved ones left behind on Earth in their dreams.

People who learn Astral Projection, as discussed later in this section will have the ability to actually visit their deceased loved ones and thereby gain the first hand knowledge and certainty they are indeed safe, well and secure in their new home, and return with messages for those loved ones in the physical world. Above all, although temporarily separated by physical death, it is very important for all concerned to know beyond doubt there really is no absolute separation between people in the physical world and people in the inner worlds, but rather merely different states of being at differing vibrations and density, and one day everyone will be reunited in Love once again in the inner spheres or life and reality.

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