The Consequences Of Committing Suicide - Part 2

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When a person takes their own life by the act of committing suicide it is extremely important for family and friends to realise that grief and emotions can have a most profound and detrimental effect on the transition of the Soul of the deceased person to the Astral worlds, their new home. The greater the grief and emotion projected by those left behind, the more difficult it will be for the Soul to fully transition to their new home. The Soul of the person who has “passed on” will receive the full effect of these emotions and will know exactly what family and friends are thinking and experiencing. Such emotions although entirely understandable will weigh heavily on the Soul of the deceased person, often bringing about intense emotions of guilt and regret. This in turn will sometimes cause the Soul to remain very close to the physical world effectively as a “ghost”, rather than transitioning to the Astral worlds.

Even when the Soul does successfully transition to the Astral world, strong emotions emanating from the people left behind will be felt in an intense and direct way, thereby exerting a profound and usually negative influence, often making the transition very difficult indeed. Bereaved family and friends should therefore always send the most positive and intense feelings possible of understanding, compassion and above all Pure Unconditional Love, in the knowledge their loved one really is “alive”, safe and happy in their new home, and really does love the people left behind.

The need for stability is particularly important for the newly deceased person in the case of committing suicide. Often when a person takes their own life they sincerely believe before and at the time that it is the end of everything. They believe they will escape the physical world forever, together with all of the trials, tribulations and misery they perceived as the reality of daily “life”. In accordance with the religion or “belief system” of the person, they will anticipate either a complete escape into oblivion, thereby ending everything, or they might go to “heaven” for all eternity.

The reality however is very different indeed as the person will soon discover. As we have already discussed, memory is not a function of the organic brain. All memories of all lives past present and future are eternally stored in the causal body of each individual being within causal sphere of the Ether, the Akasha, The Universe. When transitioning to the Astral world there will therefore be full and vivid memory of every aspect of the previous life, memories that will be much more vivid than they were while still inhabiting the physical body. People in the Astral worlds have a full understanding of the meaning and purpose of the physical life left behind and can review the experiences, the lessons learned or not learned and karma balanced, all of which are absolutely necessary in order to begin the process of planning for the next phase of individual evolution including the next physical life on Earth if appropriate.

The next incarnation might take place very soon after arriving in the Astral world as we have already seen from the previous examples, or on the other hand might not occur for many hundreds or even thousands of years as measured in Earth time. The choice is always that of the individual in accordance with the rate at which they desire to progress and Spiritually evolve, but sooner or later evolve everyone must in accordance with the destiny of all mankind.

There will always be people who complete their “kindergarten education” and never need to return to Earth again. This might not however apply to those who took their own lives by suicide if their “mission” on Earth was not fully completed, and therefore the lessons of that particular life not completely learned. The only solution for such people is to return to Earth once again in order to complete the mission necessary for their ongoing evolution.

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