The Consequences Of Committing Suicide - Part 1

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Commiting suicide is without doubt one of the most tragic situations, not only for the shocked and bereaved love ones left behind, but also for the person who felt so compelled to take his or her own physical life. When a person takes their own life, contrary to what they might believe at the time, they do not escape from anything at all except the physical world, at which point any chance of resolving the problems from which they sought refuge are lost. The actual problems in all of their original magnitude are still brought with the person to the Astral world where they will be fully remembered, and still have to be fully faced and reconciled.

Bereaved friends and relatives, while coping with the grief of their loss, are left agonising and confused as to why their loved one felt so compelled to undertake this seemingly final act. Frequently they will feel guilt, believing they might have been able to do something to prevent the tragic situation if only they had been more diligent, listened, and watched for the “signs”.

However a Soul who takes their own life has done so of their own freewill regardless of the circumstances prevailing at the time, and often the focus of the deceased person might well have been on suicide for quite some time. When a person focuses sufficiently on something, anything as we will see later in this book, the focus will sooner or later inevitably manifest as a reality unless the focus is changed which it can be at any time. Only the person involved can change their own individual focus, emotions in situations such as this, especially where their intentions and wishes are unknown to everyone else.

Tragic though these situations are, unless it is known beforehand a person is thinking in terms of taking their own life, and has been so for some time, there is usually nothing at all that friends, relatives or anyone else could have done to prevent it.

The reasons for committing suicide are many and varied, but as already noted these events have been mostly sadly increasing in frequency over the last few decades due to the current state of the world and humanity in general. Only when mankind understands the true meaning and purpose of each life on Earth and of his or her true destiny and the true destiny of all mankind, can these tragic events such as suicide cease to occur.

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