Clairvoyance And The Third Eye Or Brow Chakra And The Pineal Gland

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Clairvoyance quite literally means “clear seeing” and can be defined as the ability to view within and beyond space and time without the need for physical eyesight, and therefore beyond the limitations of the five physical senses. There are many levels of clairvoyance and those with clairvoyant abilities might experience the entire range of such levels or simply just one or two of them.

In general terms clairvoyance includes the ability to view things at any distance beyond the scope of the eyesight and other physical senses, and also to “see” beyond the confines and limitations of temporal space and time, in particular to view the Astral worlds and the people and beings living there. The images “seen” by a clairvoyant might range from a still image or even an impression, to full motion pictures in vibrant colours appearing every bit as real and lifelike as actually viewing the physical world through the physical eyes if not much more so. The Astral worlds and beyond exhibit colours, sounds and vibrations way beyond anything perceivable by means of the five physical senses, and a clairvoyant can often view these in all of their splendour.

Clairvoyance is often known as the “sixth sense” and is associated with area of the forehead known as the third eye or brow chakra. At the location of the third eye there is a corresponding physical gland known as the pineal gland located slightly above and between the physical eyes, approximately mid-way between the eyebrows. This is also the same location as one of the main Vital Energy centres of the Etheric Body often known as the “brow chakra” as discussed earlier. It is the brow chakra that is actually the “third eye” and which is therefore responsible for the ability of clairvoyance. The physical pineal gland itself has steadily atrophied during the course of the evolution of mankind, particularly in recent millennia, progressively shrinking from its original size of approximately equivalent to a ping-pong ball, down to approximately the size of a pea as it exists in most people today. This atrophying of the pineal gland is mainly due to its lack of use, not only from a physical point of view but more particularly due to the lack of its intended Spiritual use, thereby gradually shrinking as mankind has forgotten how to recognise and fully utilise its latent psychic and inner abilities.

The pineal gland has also shrunken due to breathing habits that became progressively less centred on Vital Energy and more centred on the inhalation of ordinary air through the mouth and nose. Of course humans need to physically breath, but the breathing of Vital Energy throughout the entire body is also vital for to the existence of life in all spheres of the multi-dimensional Universe. In many respects the pineal gland resembles an eyeball, and indeed it still has many of the same characteristics as an eyeball except that of course it cannot physically see in the same way as physical eyes.

The biological pineal gland actually functions in conjunction with the brow chakra of the Energy Body in order to bring Spiritual or higher visions to the Mind rather than the physical visions of the three dimensional world of matter as provided by the senses of the two physical eyes. As previously mentioned however, due to the progressive lack of use of the Spiritual vision over the course of thousands of years as mankind has become increasingly obsessed with materialism and its focus on the five physical senses, the brow chakra has progressively succumbed to disuse, and the associated pineal gland has accordingly steadily atrophied as would any organ which is no longer used for extended periods of time.

The decline in use of the pineal gland, coincident with a progressively more material outlook on life and the associated decline in understanding and knowledge of Spiritual realities and of the true destiny of mankind, has resulted in people ceasing to consciously breath Vital Energy through the entire body including the chakras, in this case the brow chakra, and to focus exclusively on breathing through the nose and mouth. This in turn has resulted in mankind progressively seeing things in a totally different and limited way, and only in accordance with the perception of the five physical senses. This is a major contributing factor as to how mankind has progressively lost contact with the inner spheres of reality and therefore of his own Spiritual nature, true purpose and ultimate destiny. This same lack of inner Spiritual awareness is also a major reason why most people now perceive themselves to be located within the confines of a physical body, completely separate from everything and everyone else around them and from the Universe generally, looking out on the world through physical eyes, interacting with the surroundings by means of the eyes and the other four physical senses.

When mankind eventually turns its back on materialism, creed, dogma and all of the other insidious negative factors affecting humanity today, and once again begins to know its true and ultimate destiny, people will once again begin to live their lives in accordance with true Spiritual values arising from the full realisation of our true Spiritual nature, and in the certain knowledge we are all children of the same Prime Creator, The Source, God, to whom it is the ultimate destiny of everyone to eventually return as perfected Spiritual beings.

Those people now following the true path are already beginning to regain their true Spiritual faculties including clairvoyance. As this process continues those people will progressively experience raised vibrations of the Energy Body, Soul and Spirit, in turn facilitating the reconnection with and realisation of inner abilities such as clairvoyance, which will in turn strengthen and become progressively more profound as time progresses.

Children up to the age of five years old or so having only relatively recently arrived back from the Spirit worlds and not having yet been fully indoctrinated into the material world of the five physical senses, still have very strong clairvoyant connections to the Astral worlds and can still “see” beyond space and time. As mentioned earlier, very often children appear to their parents to be fantasising or playing with “imaginary friends”; if only parents knew these friends are in fact very real indeed. Young children are still very much a part of the world of Fairies, Gnomes, Mermaids and other such delightful and very real beings of the Astral worlds. Clairvoyance, as naturally enjoyed by young children brings the ability see distant places, view things happening in those places in both the physical and Astral worlds, and even to see into the past, present and future; there really are no limits.

Anyone can work towards activating the brow chakra, the third eye, and therefore clairvoyant abilities. First and foremost however must come a sincere and true Spiritual recognition, and the true determination and commitment to evolve and progress. Without this level of recognition, commitment and sincerity, no true progress can or will be made.

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