Autosuggestion For Self Hypnosis

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Autosuggestion is a very powerful form of self hypnosis and is an extremely effective method of not only transmuting negative attributes into their opposite positive attributes but also for achieving anything in your life relating to the Mind, or more specifically under the influence of your subconscious Mind.

Very damaging habits such as smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol or indulgence in any other Mind-altering or addictive substances, over-eating, over-indulgence in sex or any other physical activity would fit into this category for example.

As we already know, everything in the Universe has its polar opposites and human characteristics are no exception. These characteristics are not always direct opposites, but in accordance with the Law of Polarity are degrees of the same thing along the same polar axis, and where there is a point along that axis where negative human attributes, notably those that prevent progress, become positive human attributes, those that facilitate progress.

Consciousness is an extremely important example of this, with the subconscious being the polar opposite of waking Consciousness while being degrees of the same thing.

The subconscious is also the origin of every unwelcome thought, causing negative attributes to appear and to accordingly influence normal waking Consciousness including all weaknesses, passions and other detrimental influences.

It is the subconscious Mind that might for example encourage people to smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, eat too much food and to generally over-indulge in many other perceived pleasures of the physical senses. These and all similar negative attributes are only considered to be pleasurable under the influence of the subconscious Mind. This equally applies to all negative attributes and human characteristics. The origin and driving force behind everything people do not want to do or should not be doing is therefore the subconscious Mind.

The subconscious Mind however can not only be tamed and its effects neutralised or transmuted, but can also be trained to realise only our most positive wishes and objectives by using autosugestion or self hypnosis. It is clear therefore that the subconscious Mind should ultimately and most rightly be considered to be our friend, but only after it has been brought under complete control of the conscious Mind by means of the will. Aligning the conscious and subconscious Mind at all levels by means of focus, will and concentration must therefore be regarded as a top priority, the benefits of which will be profound.

In the physical world the subconscious Mind requires space and time in order to exert its influence. If however time and space are withdrawn from the sphere of the subconscious Mind it can no longer operate effectively and therefore exert its influence within the physical world. The way to influence the subconscious Mind therefore and to bring it under the full control of the will is to disengage it from space and time where it cannot influence the physical aspects of the Mind, and where it can then be favourably influenced in the direction of the desired positive attributes; self hypnosis is an excellent way of accomplishing this, or using autosuggestion which as mentioned before is very closely related.

This is exactly the same reason as to why manifestation, healing, Astral projection and many other such exercises are so effective just after awaking and just before sleep. Contact with the subconscious Mind at these times is much closer than during normal waking Consciousness, and accordingly the subconscious Mind is much more conducive to accepting the will of the conscious Mind.

The withdrawal of space and time from the sphere of the subconscious Mind is therefore the most effective time to utilise autosuggestion or self hypnosis in order to remove negative characteristics or to transmute them into their polar opposite positive characteristics. Without this withdrawing of space and time, whichever method is used to impress upon the subconscious a particular desire, for example to avoid smoking tobacco, or drinking alcohol, or an over-indulgence in food, the subconscious Mind would have all the time it requires in order to place obstacles in the way of the objective and to thereby generate and perpetuate the adverse desires.

If for example you decided to stop smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating particular foods or to cease any other negative habit you wish to remove from your life, and intend to start doing so from a particular time the following day, the subconscious Mind then has all the time it needs in order to place obstacles before you. The subconscious will form all sorts of reasons why you should not cease smoking, should not cease drinking alcohol, should not cease consuming a particular food or eating excessively, and will generate physical urges in the form of passions, cravings and other physical and psychological effects in order to support its actions. Unfortunately in many of these cases the subconscious Mind will prevail, particularly where a person has weak or under-developed willpower, concentration, and general self-control.

As previously mentioned, the most effective times to employ autosuggestion are at night just before going to sleep, and first thing in the morning just after awaking but before arising. At these times the Mind is more tuned into the inner spheres of Consciousness where space and time do not exist, and therefore the subconscious Mind cannot exert its influences to the same extent as it can during full waking Consciousness within the sphere of space and time. During these times the conscious and subconscious Mind will be much more coordinated and self hypnosis at its most effective.

The use of autosuggestion or self hypnosis involves the repetition of a short phrase stating the desired objectives. The construction of this phrase is extremely important for success and should, as with affirmations which function in a very similar way, always be stated in the present tense as if already a complete reality. For example it is incorrect to state, “I will stop smoking” or, “I will stop drinking”, or “I will no longer over-indulge in food”. Statements phrased in this way will merely serve to impress upon your subconscious Mind the fact that you are already a smoker, or a drinker, or eat too much, and it will further exert its influence accordingly, thereby perpetuating the problem rather than eradicating it.

As with affirmations, the correct phrase while using self hypnosis or autosuggestion must be in the form:

“I am a non-smoker”, or “I am a non-drinker,” or “I eat healthily”, or alternatively, “I have no desire to smoke”, or “I have no desire to drink,” or “I have no desire to eat very much” and so on.

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