Attitudes Towards Money

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One of the most frequent type of messages I receive relates to money; or rather the perceived lack of money or perceived difficulty in acquiring it.

First of all I should mention that it is much better to focus on "things" you desire rather than the money to "buy" them with. The Universe is like the ultimate store which stocks absolutely everything you can imagine and more; but everything in this shop is free. If you want something from this shop you only have to ask for it and you shall receive, every time, providing you ask and receive.

However; many people wish for money, and cannot understand why they can never acquire it, or they are always "broke".

The reason for this is almost always the same; focusing on lack instead of focusing on abundance. Wishing for money will not attract money if you are focussing or thinking about "debt" or "lack".

People are conditioned from an early age to believe that "money" is hard to get, that you have to "work hard" to acquire it, or those with money must have obtained it by dishonest means.

These are very powerful beliefs and vibrations that are guaranteed to keep a person holding those beliefs "broke".

Money; like everything else in the Universe is Energy which flows into your awareness and out of your awareness like a stream.

And like a stream, if you place obstructions in the stream the flow of water will be slowed, and if you build a dam the flow of water will stop altogether.

Many people are building these obstructions and dams with their thoughts, attitudes and feelings, which are slowing or stopping the flow from the infinite abundance of The Source into their lives, then blaming it on such notions as "luck", "chance", "fortune", or on other people or circumstances.

Everyone, without exception can enjoy an infinite flow of health, wealth and happiness if only they created a stream wide enough a stream with no obstructions or obstacles to overcome.

This means focusing only on infinite abundance. The Universe knows is an infinite flow of well-being and abundance that we either allow or deny.

A great many people for example focus on debt, and the more they focus on debt the more debt they attract and the more they focus on debt and so on, and they become trapped in a spiral of debt.

This is because they have slowed or blocked the natural stream of abundance with vibrations of debt, lack and hardship.

Debt is a very powerful emotion of course, but if the power of that emotion was transmuted into "wealth", then wealth would arrive in abundance. The reason people do not do this, apart from not knowing or understanding The Law of Attraction, is because "debt" is something they believe in due to life-long programming, whereas wealth is something they believe is "hard to get", or "only for the privileged few" or "you have to be lucky" etc., all attitudes guaranteed to keep the person in a state of lack.

Let us look at the reason we are here for a moment.

We are here for one fundamental reason; to evolve through experience and through which experience The Source experiences and therefore expands. Everthing is in a natural state of expansion; never contraction.

In order to evolve, without any restrictions, using our own freewill, we must have access to everything we believe that we need in order to evolve. If we were denied those things the Universe would be restricting our ability to evolve through experience, and would therefore be restricting the Universe to evolve through experience, and that is absolutely contrary to the entire order of Life.

This is like a child who is given toys to interact with in order to learn. If a child were denied those toys, the child would be denied the means to learn.

Eventually just as a child outgrows their toys, having learned from them; humans will outgrow material toys having learned the lessons contained theirein, and, like a child can progress to the next stage of life.

In the context of the Universe, humans on Earth are babies, and the planet Earth is the kindergarten humans attend, and the "things" that humans crave to play with are the toys.

The objective of humans on Earth and indeed in the Astral planes, the "afterlife", is to out-grow the toys having realised them for what they really are, in order to graduate to the next phase of education, which in the case of humans, having graduated from the Astral, are the Mental planes, the world of Spirit which exists beyond form and the illusion of material things, and where we experience our true Spiritual essence.

So getting back to money; if it is the "toy" known as "money" we desire, all we have to do is allow it into our experience.

If you have debts then it is important to forget them; any focus on debt will keep you in debt. Even if you were to focus on "getting out of debt", the vibration going out into the Universe is still "debt", and the toy known as "debt" is what our parent, the Universe will lovingly provide. The Universe makes no judgements.

If you have debt; I don't mean a mortgage I mean debt that affects your ability to live life to the full, then find a voluntary organisation to manage it for you. In the UK for example there are many free services that will manage your debt for example.

Never, ever go to a "debt management company" that has any form of charges or conditions attached whatsoever. Only go to approved organisations with a charity status; these are often government funded.

Do whatever you need to do to put the debt out of your mind completely.

Now you can focus on abundance instead. Think abundance, talk abundance and behave abundance at all times, and abundance wil be your reality.

Countless people who are now multi-millionaires or even billionaires were at one time living in poverty or were bankrupt at least once. They dealt with their debt and started to focus only on wealth, and wealth now flows to them constantly; anyone can do the same.

Never worry about spending money; it sends the wrong vibrations. Spend with joy in your heart and with gratitude, and you will attract even more to spend. When you pay bills be grateful.

Another very powerful way of attracting wealth is by giving wealth, for example to charities.

Giving is such a powerful act at many levels; it says to the Universe that you have so much abundance you can give some away, and that will attract even more abundance.

In giving we also receive by helping others and therefore ourselves.

Above all giving is an act of gratitude, one of the most powerful vibrations of all.

It is a powerful fact that many of the wealthiest people in the world give away vast amounts to charitable and other humane causes.

So in conclusion money is an attitude, a state of mind and above all Energy.

We always receive what we think about, focus on and send out the most emotional Energy to; so only think about, focus on and send out vibrations that are in absolute harmony with your desires.

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