Angelic Orders Of Seraphim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues And Principalities,

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Having discussed mankind and the lower forms of life of the Astral and Mental planes we should now take a look at these most Divine Beings of the inner realms, the Angelic Beings, usually known simply as "Angels" and "Archangels".

Almost everyone will have heard of Angels, often depicted with wings and known by such names as Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Auriel. “El” quite literally means “of the Divine” as for example in “Elohim”, and Divine these Angelic beings surely are. Almost all cultures and religions of the world recognise the Angelic hierarchy to some extent.

The Angelic hierarchies dwell in the highest realms of Universal life, never having incarnated into human form in the physical world, having evolved along a completely different evolutionary path to human beings. Although these Beings are often referred to as “Angels”, this is another human perception, Angels being in fact very powerful Spiritual intelligences that are not actually human like in appearance, this being yet another human construct based upon the way human senses perceive the high Energy of these Beings.

Angels are often associated with the astrological symbolism of the planetary spheres. This is yet another human construct, a symbolic representation of the levels of Energy density and vibration in the Universe. It should also be mentioned however that there are no Energy “levels” as such, the entire Universe being a continuum of Energy originating at The Source, The First Cause, God, and extending out to the physical world of matter.

It should be mentioned however that both Angels and humans, like all forms of life and in fact everything else in creation are still all equal aspects of The Source Energy, our Divine Creator, of God. Just as every new human Soul incarnating on Earth for the very first time is brought into being as an individuated Spirit when the Divine spark of Spirit is sent forth from the Logos to descend into the form of a new human being, so too did all Angel life in the beginning, all sharing the same kinship of Spirit between all life and of our Creator. Angels, although never having incarnated into matter and occupying a inner place in the great planes of life, are still very much involved with the well-being and progress of all mankind.

Angels have followed a different but nevertheless parallel line of evolution to human beings and indeed all other such life in the multi-dimensional Universe. Although only dwelling in the Celestial spheres and beyond, Angels can and frequently do descend to the lower spheres of life whenever the need arises in order to carry out specific missions within the Mental or Astral worlds, and even indeed within the physical world of matter. Angels are not usually however able to draw very close to any person in the physical world unless the person has absolute control over all emotions, ego, and all other aspects of character.

The Angelic hierarchy have an extremely important role in the evolution of the Universal grand scheme of things, not the least of which is in assisting the progress of all humans, not only on Earth but on planets all over the Universe. It is the ultimate destiny of every single human being to evolve to such levels of greatness as to be considered “God-people”, working alongside the Angelic hierarchy in assisting life evolving on other planets, just as other such highly evolved beings including Angels are constantly, but often subtly assisting with the ongoing evolution of mankind and life on Earth.

As with all beings of the spheres inner than the physical Universe, Angels have no fixed form or appearance and are always “seen” in accordance with the perceptions of the person “seeing” them in the presence of the very powerful level of Energy and Consciousness of the Angel. For many centuries artists have depicted Angels as humanoid type beings, very often with wings, glowing radiantly from head to foot, wearing long robes and sometimes holding various artefacts. One person for example might see an Angel as possessing wings and another might see the same Angel adorned in a white robe surrounded by radiant white light without any wings at all. Regardless of how Angels are perceived by means of the inner senses however there can be absolutely no mistaking the sheer magnitude of the strength of presence and high level of Consciousness of these beings, radiating power, Love and Light.

Angels have no fixed formal hierarchies or names, all being an integral and equal aspect of the Universal scheme of things. Any level at which an Angelic Being exists will be on exactly the same basis as the level at which any other being exist, and that is in accordance with the level of vibration of Energy of the Spiritual body relative to The Source.

Over the centuries however Angels have been given names and formal hierarchies by human beings simply for the purposes of convenience and better understanding. Man has therefore over the years chosen to define several “levels” or “degrees” of Angels organised in accordance with their perceived responsibilities in the grand scheme of things. These organisations of Angels are variously described as the “Angelic Hierarchy”, “Angelic Hosts” and very often even “Choirs of Angels”. The term “Choirs of Angels” very often brings to the Mind of people the traditional concept of a choir, where Angels are perceived to be holding song books, standing in rank and singing to sounds of heavenly music.

There are various ways in which the Angelic hierarchies have been described over the years by various traditions, which being human constructs are neither right or wrong. A typical human defined Angelic hierarchy might for example be structured as follows:

The Seraphim: These are considered to be the very highest members of the Angelic hierarchy, existing very closest to God. These Beings are considered to be responsible for the radiation of Unconditional love and positive Spirit, and are also associated with Divine holy knowledge and wisdom.

This hierarchy is perceived to include Micheal, Seraphiel, Jehoel, Metatron, Kemuel, Auriel and Nathaniel. The popular perception of the appearance of these Angels is of beings with six wings, two of which would be used for “flying”, a completely erroneous concept in the inner spheres, and the other four for the veiling of their faces for reverence. These Angels are also often depicted standing on winged heels.

Metatron is often considered to be one of the very greatest of the Angelic hierarchy, an Angel who is particularly close to God, a messenger Angel who is also considered to be a Divine link between God and humanity.
The Cherubim: These are considered to be the Angels or Spirits of harmony, and are often known as the “Spirits of the air”; they are also perceived to represent Divine wisdom.

This Angelic hierarchy includes Gabriel, Cherubiel, Ophaniel, Raphael and Zophel who from around the 16th century were often depicted as chubby looking children, “cherubs” with wings and winged heels. Before the 16th century they were often perceived as Beings with the head of a child, and the body of a bird.

The Thrones: This hierarchy includes the Angels of Justice, the Spirits of “will” who live in the essence of the symbolic astrological sphere known as Saturn. This has nothing directly to do with the physical planet of Saturn but is merely analogous to it.

The Thrones supervise judgement for individual karma and for humanity as a whole and are also depicted as the record keepers of the sacred Universal laws representing the “will” necessary to administer Divine justice in the Universe.

The Thrones, which include the Angelic names Orifie, Raziel, Zaphkiel, Japhkiel and Baradiel are often perceived with scales of justice and a bouquet of flowers, standing on red winged heels and seated upon lofty golden thrones.

The Dominions: These are also perceived as Spirits of wisdom and knowledge and also bring teachings by intuition. They reside in the analogous sphere of Jupiter and represent the superior power of wisdom against physical strength and egotistical forces.

This hierarchy includes Zadkil, Muriel, Hashman and Zacharel and are perceived as having human shape and wearing a triple crown to signify their position over physical form. They can also be perceived to be carrying a sceptre and holding a cross and/or sword to symbolise the balance between the Universal active and passive forces.

The Virtues: This hierarchy are responsible for freedom of choice and dwell in the essence of the analogous planetary sphere of Mars. These Angels watch over the centres of freewill and provide the tools needed along the sacred path back to God in order to make choices, learn Spiritual lessons, and to overcome karmic debt.

This Angelic hierarchy works with the thrones to bestow grace and rewards on those who have overcome trials in their physical lives and include Uzziel, Gabriel, Michael, Peliel, Haniel, Babiel and Tarhishiel.

The Virtues are often perceived as having four blue, feathered wings and sparkling armour. They are also often perceived as carrying a sceptre, axe, spear, sword and shield for protection. These instruments are symbolic of the need to move forward in life with Unconditional love, even in the face of fear or battle.

The Principalities: This hierarchy dwells in the essence of the analogous sphere of Venus and are responsible for the protection of people regarded as important on Earth.

This hierarchy includes Auriel, Raphael, Raguel, Micheal, Gabriel and Remiel. These Angels are perceived to have human form and clad in armour. They are also seen to be carrying a sceptre, lily flowers, palm leaves and a cross.

The Archangels: These are the ruling Angels, Spirits of Fire inhabiting the planetary essence analogous to Mercury. These Angels are directly associated with God, standing in readiness to carry out Divine decrees for humans. This hierarchy consists of Michael, Raphael, Raguel, Auriel, Sariel, Remiel and Gabriel.

Since the 14th century Archangels have been seen to be clad in white linen, and sometimes perceived as carrying feathered pens and scrolls.

The Angels: These are the messenger Angels who also govern the nature Spirits. They dwell in the essence of the astrological Moon sphere and are seen as the guardians over all of humanity.
These Angels involve themselves with the everyday life of the planet Earth and are a direct gateway for information, knowledge and communications between mankind and The Source, The Prime Creator, God.

There are literally billions of Angels and who are often perceived to have a human type body with wings, clothed according to the Earthly country, tradition or culture with which they are associated.

In conclusion, all Angels are Divine Spiritual beings of Light who work very closely within the Energy of God, dwelling in the inner realms of life having followed an alternative evolutionary course to human beings, and who are instantly recognisable by their very high and powerful levels of Energy and vibration, existing at levels of the Universe with a corresponding high vibration. Those Angels closest to The Source, The Prime Creator, God existing at the very highest and most powerful levels of Energy and vibration of all.

All Angels work both for the good of all humanity and indeed for the good of the entire Universe, including all life on all planets. Although mankind over the centuries has traditionally felt the need to place Angels into convenient hierarchies and give them names in accordance with their perceived tasks and status, in reality they all work in unison for the ultimate good of humanity on all planets of the multi-dimensional Universe.

The names and hierarchy of the Angelic hosts are entirely notional, and simply a human originated way of depicting these Divine beings. Different cultures and traditions will have different ways of naming and depicting Angelic beings depending on their own perceptions. The above described hierarchy is therefore fairly typical of the perception of the Angelic hierarchy across various cultures on Earth, and should not be taken as definitive in any way.

It should also once again be noted that the symbolic planetary spheres of Mars, Venus, Mercury and the others are directly equivalent and analogous to the various planes of life beyond the physical Universe. They are therefore also equivalent for example to the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah, and also of the planes of correspondence of the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the West, all ultimately being levels of vibration, Energy and density.

At the final analysis, the nature of the multi-dimensional continuum of Energy and vibration that is the Universe is agreed across all cultures and traditions of the world since time immemorial, only the names and perceptions varying in accordance with the many and varied races, customs and traditions of the world, with Angels, like all beings existing at the level of the Energy continuum of the Universe that most precisely matches their own unique Energy.

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