Five Steps To Beating Depression

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I receive messages from all too many people who believe they are suffering from "depression", feelings of "hopelessness" or even "life is not worth living" often as a result of a perceived lack of something in their experience.

It is a powerful truth that such feelings, as with worry, fear, and feelings of lack for example will create a self-fulfilling vortex that can only ever result in more of the same, until alas sometimes a person will reach the stage where they feel that "life is not worth living anymore", often with an unhappy ending.

It does not matter how your life "seems", the important fact to grasp initially is that whatever we are experiencing now we have attracted to us by our thoughts - every single time - no exceptions.

It is absolutely crucial to accept responsibility for your perceived situation, and to never, under any circumstances, lay the blame on anyone else, or ascribe it to such superstitious notions as "chance", "bad luck" or "misfortune". From the moment we arrive and start our conscious thought processes, even as a baby, we are creating our own reality.

So the very first thing to do is to accept the responsibility that you are blessed with as a conscious, intelligent, perfect aspect of God and that you have created your situation through wrongful thinking. Here are the 5 steps to turning your situation around:

Step 1: As part of this crucial first step, apologise to yourself by saying "I am sorry". It is extremely important not to state what you are sorry for, because that will attract more of the same, rather simply, time and again, say "I am sorry".

Continue to do this until you actually feel sorry, and have thereby accepted the fact that you have indeed created your reality with your thoughts.

Step 2: The next step in turning your life around is to stop allowing negative thoughts.

Every time you sense a negative though that is not consistent with your objectives entering your consciousness, immediately say "Cancel!, Cancel!, Cancel!..." and for as any times as is necessary until the thought dissipates. It is better to say "Cancel!" aloud, but saying "Cancel!, Cancel!, Cancel!" in your Mind is adequate.

Keep practicing this for as long as it takes to cancel all negative thoughts, or at least until you can cancel them instinctively.

Step 3: Next decide what you do want in life - this is extremely important. When you have decided write it down in the present tense in as much detail as possible, for example "I have a beautiful........" and write down everything you desire and provide the date or year you wish to see this by, while making it believable. At the end of your letter to God say "thank you God for delivering this to me" or words to that effect. Then put your paper away somewhere and forget about it.

Step 4: Next start focusing on your desire as if you have it now.
Take time each day, just before and after sleep is an excellent time, to remain totally relaxed and play your desire in your Mind like a movie with you as the central point of focus - never from a "third party" perspective. At the end thank God and know that you have it Now - beyond any possible doubt. And then go about your daily routine. If ever a negative thought enters your Mind, say "Cancel!, Cancel", Cancel" immediately.

Step 5: Search the Internet or catalogues for pictures that represent your wishes and print them and cut them out if on paper.
Get a large sheet of cardboard and stick these pictures on your board, and then place a picture of yourself in the centre. Write under the pictures - "my new home", "my new car", "my exotic vacation" etc. and look at your board as often as possible - again particular just before or after sleep. This is called a "Vision Board".

Never attempt to decide how your wishes will be delivered. Your own Subconscious Mind is infinitely powerful, and communicated directly with Universal Mind, and together can bring any experience into your experience.

Know, beyond all doubt, that The Source, of all Creation, the Universe in all its realms, including the physical Universes each with there multitudes of galaxies, suns and planets, many of which support life or every possible kind, all with incredible abundance, variety and perfection, has no issues in delivering your wishes, which are nothing by comparison because:

"For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things. But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you. Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom" -- Luke 12:30-32

The Master is saying - do not look without for your needs. Realise God within, and know God is the Source of All that Is. Know that God knows that you have "needs" in your physical experience. So seek your needs within, and all those things "shall be added unto you" by the Pleasure of God, The Source of All that Is.

Never look to the ephemeral, transient illusion of the physical world to supply your needs. Have true "Faith" and "Belief" in your own Divine nature, and your intimate connectedness with The All.

And never confuse blind faith, or an abstract belief of religion, with the true Faith and Belief as taught in the Bible. True Faith and true Belief are not theological, they are Spiritual.

During the day do high vibration things such as playing your favourite music, releasing your favourite fragrances, looking at happy photos etc, as well as your Vision Board" and feel Unconditional Love for everything - be happy and joyful.

Follow these 5 steps, and know, beyond all doubt, that whatever experience you have created for yourself will turn around completely, and you will know that there is nothing you cannot be, do or have. During the day do high vibration things such as playing your favourite music, releasing your favourite fragrances, looking at happy photos etc, as well as your Vision Board" and feel Unconditional Love for everything - be happy and joyful.

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